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July 2012 Archive

    1. Take-Two loses $110m on lower than expected sales of Max Payne, Spec Ops
    2. EA Q1 profit dips as Battlefield 3 Premium sells over 1.3 million subscriptions
    3. Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free-to-play up to level 50
    4. App marketing costs could price indies out of mobile market says new report
    5. New Super Mario Bros 2 sells 430k in two days in Japan
    6. EA Sports and Nexon partner to bring FIFA Online 3 to Korea
    7. Zynga hit with first lawsuit over stock sell-off
    8. Sony purchase of Gaikai validates cloud gaming says OnLive
    9. Sony: "You absolutely need to tell a more compelling story"
    10. The Media, Tragedy and Gaming
    11. Former Levi, Yahoo exec joins EA as new chief financial officer
    12. iOS gaining ground on Android in US
    13. Wikipad specs released ahead of launch later this year
    14. Cage wants meaning over fun, to challenge minds not thumbs
    15. Sega returns to profitability in Q2
    16. A small start for the big new 3DS won't hurt Nintendo
    1. Call of Duty lawsuit could be worth multi-millions in settlement says analyst
    2. Game industry "doom and gloom rings hollow" says Ted Price
    3. Ubisoft patches uPlay exploit
    4. Free-to-Play argument is over says Gree
    5. Microsoft Surface tablet to launch October 26
    6. IGDA executive director steps down
    7. OnLive partners with Belgacom to launch in Belgium
    8. Games of Thrones social developer appoints new COO
    9. E3 remaining in LA for at least 3 years
    10. Report: Ubisoft's UPlay DRM contains dangerous security flaws
    11. Codemasters, Creative Assembly among Unity Award finalists
    12. SEGA 1st and 3rd on UK podium with official Olympics tie-ins
    13. Microsoft Durango dev-kit put up for sale - report
    14. Half-Life 2 art director left when Valve "stopped making AAA games"
    15. Mike Hayes joins Caperfly as non-exec director
    16. Capcom notes industry "recovery" as profits spike
    17. Games Invest 2012: Ian Livingstone's 10 games investment tips
    18. Kickstarter And The Wisdom Of Crowds
    1. Insomniac Brings "Strong Console Sensibilities" to Facebook
    2. Irrational Games looks to hire devs with game Metacritic ratings over 85
    3. Tony Hawk HD sells 120,000 units in first week
    4. Blizzard gives thumbs up to Newell's Windows 8 "catastrophe" comment
    5. OnLive coming to Ouya at launch
    6. EA spent $2.75m on Facebook ads for Battlefield 3
    7. Smartphones, tablets drive €50m second quarter for Gameloft
    8. Pearson takes deputy editor role at GamesIndustry International
    9. EA board stands behind Riccitiello
    10. Gary Gygax: The Father of Games Design
    11. New Wave: Jim Ying on 6Waves' new publishing focus
    12. No Respite in Zynga's Decline
    13. Zynga insiders sold stock before the plunge
    1. GameStop considers re-sale of digital property
    2. Google enters cable/Internet provider war
    3. Facebook approaching 1 billion monthly active users
    4. Warner Bros Seattle studio hit with layoffs - report
    5. Apple patents new gaming controller
    6. Zynga hammering continues, stock struggles to stay above $3
    7. Star Wars: The Old Republic grabs six nominations in GDC Online Awards
    8. Stardock considers completely abandoning retail
    9. Jade Raymond calls for developers to embrace non-traditional control schemes
    10. Just Cause 2 developer criticizes DLC and forced multiplayer in games
    11. Crysis 3 still a possibility for Wii U
    12. Zynga pursuing real-money gambling
    13. Roundtable: 99, The Magic Number
    14. Show Me Your Warface: Trion and Crytek Take on the West
    15. 20,000 Eurogamer Expo tickets sold to date
    16. Kirby on top of the Japanese charts
    17. Vita complaints prompt government investigation in Japan
    18. Ubisoft supports new initiative for disadvantaged teens
    19. Enric Alvarez: Mercury Rising
    20. Microsoft lays off employees at Vancouver studio
    1. Arkane's Harvey Smith on Dishonored and Empowering Players
    2. Zynga loses almost $23 million in Q2, shares plunge 34%
    3. Windows 8 is "kind of a catastrophe for everybody in the PC space" says Gabe Newell
    4. Puzzle Quest developer independent once again
    5. Gaming acquisitions in a "frenzy" for 2012
    6. Shadowrun Online offers "Guild Wars"-style payment option
    7. World of Warcraft expansion launching Sept 25
    8. China's Shanda Games takes majority ownership of eFusion MMOG
    9. Popcap leads new Clustering Development Team for Ireland
    10. Activision has "serious intention" to get into mobile in "significant way"
    11. SCEE launches PlayStation Academic Scholarships
    12. Korean Customs identifies Nintendo pirates
    13. Nintendo records $220m loss as DS, Wii sales fall in Q1
    14. 38 Studios spent $133 million before collapse
    15. EA merges IronMonkey and Firemint mobile studios
    16. Tech Focus: Can Sony Make a £99 PlayStation 3?
    17. Words on Play Episode 4: The Road to Independence
    18. Return to the Wasteland: Obsidian's Chris Avellone
    19. Apple patents "5D" technology
    1. AMD console exec leaves for Nvidia
    2. Half of Western mobile players game at home
    3. Gree partnering with Hothead, Soma, and more
    4. iPad sells 17 million but Q3 earnings fail to meet expectations
    5. Big Fish launches new cloud gaming service
    6. 6waves to launch new mobile traffic exchange WaveX
    7. WildTangent to reenter game development, opens new Seattle studio
    8. iPhone 5, iPad Mini planned for September - report
    9. Aeria Talks Expanding from PC to Mobile, Tablets
    10. Yoshida: Family games a "neglected genre" for PS3
    11. New studio for Jagex
    12. Sony shakes-up UK management with new hires
    13. Gameforge opts out of Asia to target Turkey and US markets
    14. THQ avoids NASDAQ delisting
    15. Konami to open London PES production studio
    16. Namco Bandai joins Eurogamer Expo line up
    17. Blow: Consoles handicapped by corporate nature
    18. New CEO for mobile studio Z2Live
    19. Gamigo hacked, 11 million passwords online
    20. Green Man Gaming gunning for core gamers with boxed sales
    21. Winning Mentality: Inside EA Sports
    22. 38 Studios founder felt studio had a "sense of invulnerability"
    23. Failure and pivoting towards success
    1. Dead Trigger set free due to "unbelievably high" Android app piracy
    2. Windows Store offers seven-day trial option to devs
    3. PS3 super slim could "shift the tides in Sony's favor"
    4. Wii U ports cost under $1.3 million for Ubisoft
    5. Ouya console "around size of Rubik's cube"
    6. TreSensa raises $1m for cross-platform development
    7. Amazon opening London creative hub
    8. Nintendo "on track to become primarily a software company" says Gordon
    9. Ron Moravek re-joins THQ as VP of production
    10. Digital retailer Green Man Gaming to sell boxed product
    11. Sony confirms attendance for the Brasil Game Show
    12. Kuju places Vatra studio "under review"
    13. Cook takes news editor role at VG247
    14. Nadeo: ShootMania and the bright future of e-sports
    15. Batman makes it five in a row
    16. Sony shutting old Motorstorm, SOCOM servers
    17. Ubisoft: "We've been penalised by the lack of new consoles"
    18. Game Industry Legends: Bing Gordon
    19. EA signs deals with Spurs
    20. EA settles $27m Madden monopoly lawsuit
    21. Mojang: "Software patents are just plain evil"
    1. Disney SVP admits consoles were "afterthought"
    2. Devil's Third coming to PC and tablets
    3. Microsoft supports "broken patch" fix issued for Fez
    4. Gree to open Vancouver office
    5. GTA V will not be shown at Gamescom, says show promoters
    6. Gaikai deal with Sony "opens a lot of doors" says David Perry
    7. GamesIndustry International hiring US writer
    8. Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft sells 3 million
    9. Iwata: Being first with next-gen "not important"
    10. EGLS agrees to alter game following Runic accusations
    11. Hitfox launches "six-figure" incubator
    12. Google's revenue and profits up in Q2
    13. God of War team "pulling back" from violence against women
    14. Alan Duncan exits SCE UK
    15. Interview: CEO Riccardo Zacconi
    16. EA, Microsoft, Zynga join opposition of Defence of Marriage Act
    17. Zynga gets first female director
    18. Fez, Fish and The Problem with Patching
    19. Seamus Blackley: "The industry itself is undefeatable"
    1. Ouya's first exclusive is Human Element prequel
    2. THQ closes QA facility in Arizona
    3. Ghost Recon pushes Ubisoft up 27 percent in Q1
    4. Xbox completes another profitable year as Xbox Live grows 15%
    5. Vivendi sale of Activision looking less likely, new options considered
    6. BulkyPix to offer $3 million to indie budget
    7. Runescape hits 200 million player mark
    8. Roundtable: Is The Console Cycle Really Too Long?
    9. Blizzard's Morhaime replies to Diablo III criticisms
    10. More mobile games from Ensemble's ashes
    11. Pirate Bay ban ineffective, says UK ISP
    12. Sony's delays Nasne launch due to broken hard-drives
    13. 3DS and Pokemon stay on top of Japanese charts
    14. Bigpoint closes mobile business as part of company shake-up
    15. CSR Racing dev addresses in-app purchasing complaints
    16. Xbox Live upgrades security
    17. Lionhead veterans join HTML5 studio Turbulenz
    18. Fez developer won't fix corrupting patch for financial reasons
    19. Runic claims Torchlight assets stolen by Chinese developer
    20. Capcom confirms layoffs at Vancouver studio
    21. Bigpoint loses the Reisberger brothers
    1. EA CEO says stock dip "makes absolutely no sense"
    2. Intel expects 20 Windows 8 tablets this year
    3. The Last of Us: Naughty Dog On Elevating the Interactive Medium
    4. Dishonored dev: "It's been a poor, poor five years for fiction" for the industry
    5. World of Warcraft film loses Raimi as director
    6. Microsoft Windows 8 hitting October 26
    7. Benchmark's Mitch Lasky: The value of publishers "isn't clear"
    8. Activision sees major banks brought in to broker sale
    9. Android driving majority of mobile ad impressions - report
    10. Epic Games vets license Unreal for triple-A mobile adventure
    11. comScore: Games Media UK Results, Q2 2012
    12. Nintendo drops PR firm Good Relations
    13. 70% of DC Universe Online audience play on PlayStation 3
    14. Japanese Vita top 10 sells less than 1 million units in 2012
    15. Relaunch for social gaming site Miniclip
    16. THQ faces second uDraw class-action lawsuit
    17. Raspberry Pi now available for bulk buying
    18. Foxconn planning $1 billion facility in Indonesia
    19. Ouya, Surface and Nexus 7: The Rise of Tegra 3
    20. Transformers coming to DeNA's Mobage
    1. Zynga Interview: Mark Pincus Part 2
    2. Google Nexus 7 to get OnLive controller support
    3. EA confirms BioWare Austin layoffs date back to May
    4. The Elder Scrolls Online: Reinventing a Franchise in an Online World
    5. Star Wars: The Old Republic producer Rich Vogel leaves BioWare
    6. EA Easy Studios' general manager departs… again
    7. Ouya founder says company is not seeking extra funding sources
    8. Oberon Media changes name to Iplay
    9. Tom Hanks starts developing games
    10. Monkey Island creator says developers should stop worrying about audience expectations
    11. Age of Empires creator launches mobile studio
    12. CD Projekt RED: Industry trending towards over-exploiting gamers
    13. UKIE: Looking Out For The Little Guy
    14. TIGA spent £95,000 on tax relief PR
    15. $99 Xbox 360 could go global
    16. Ouya will be "as secure as any existing Android device"
    17. Zynga devs donate time to charity game
    18. American McGee on the "unsustainable" console model
    19. New awards for industry journalism
    20. A Simple Case of Bad Parenting?
    21. Publishers are "going to try to take" dev IP, says insider
    1. Fable The Journey devs "destroyed" by negative backlash
    2. GameStop PC App gets game discovery upgrade
    3. Steam app adds non-gaming categories
    4. Zynga Interview: Mark Pincus In Depth
    5. EA insists Battlefield and Medal of Honor audiences are different
    6. Minecraft creator on Ouya: "It's basically the Steam box"
    7. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances celebrates 1 million players
    8. Ouya looking for funding outside of Kickstarter
    9. Lionhead: "Milo lives on in Fable. He's now a little wizard."
    10. Sony lost out on Limbo deal over IP rights
    11. Wii U Pro Controller designed to secure Call of Duty?
    12. Nintendo promotes Pearce to UK marketing director
    13. Critical Consensus: The Secret World
    14. BBC Worldwide: Digital now 13% of revenue
    15. LEGO Batman 2 has fourth week on top
    16. 400k in-app iOS purchases bypassed by Russian hacker
    17. Nvidia latest to be hacked
    18. 38 Studios trustee asks to bring in IP specialists
    19. VC investment in Q2 hits decade-long high
    20. GameStop: Mass market gamers slow to adopt digital
    1. Publisher 2.0 - Emergence of Mid-Core
    1. Tomb Raider Reimagining Like Trying to "Redo James Bond or Batman"
    2. Qualcomm reaches for developers with SDK
    3. Verizon brings GameTanium subscription to Android devices
    4. Ouya: Panacea For Console Biz or The Next Phantom?
    5. Google breaks even on Nexus 7 8 GB model
    6. Wii U "definitely" more powerful than current HD systems says 5th Cell
    7. NetherRealm looks to pursue non-fighting title after Injustice: Gods Among Us
    8. Warner Bros to develop web series on upcoming mech-shooter Hawken
    9. THQ was foolish to chase Call of Duty with Homefront says Pitchford
    10. EA still wants to publish a Kingdoms of Amalur 2
    11. Pitchford: Borderlands has "highest attach rate of any DLC"
    12. Lead designer exits DICE
    13. World Of Warcraft server blades raise $330,000
    14. Eugene Evans: A Survivor's Guide To Games
    15. Closed Spellbound becomes Black Forest Games
    16. Xbox co-creator: Gamers "voting with their money"
    17. GamesBeat 2012: Gaming in transition
    18. Social Point raises $7.4 million in new funding
    19. Raising Expectations for Ouya
    20. Ouya could be a "black hole of losses"
    1. Game sales down 29% in US during June
    2. Xbox 360 tops US sales with 257,000 units in June
    3. Amazon adds Game Connect to boost free-to-play gaming
    4. Nintendo 3DS passes 5 million sold in US
    5. Rebellion's Zombie HQ reaches 1 million downloads
    6. Unreal Engine business a "lucky coincidence," says Epic
    7. Epic: "Next gen is here, it's a PC"
    8. David Perry on selling Shiny: "Worst mistake I ever made"
    9. Nintendo clarifies "unified account system" comments
    10. Nintendo: 3D "on the wane again"
    11. PapayaMobile launches cross-promotion network
    12. Ouya console will be "as big as iPhone"
    13. BioWare launches free-to-play Ultima
    14. Rhianna Pratchett is Tomb Raider writer
    15. 3DS software dominates in Japan as Vita sales halve
    16. Clint Hocking joins Valve
    17. Valve: "If Origin can make millions happy too, awesome"
    18. iPhone game marketing costs keep rising to "insane" levels
    1. Xbox "has a shot at owning the living room"
    2. Valve's Source Filmmaker is live
    3. Indie Kickstarter media attention 'like trying to make a sales pitch to a brick wall'
    4. League of Legends named most played PC game
    5. Kickstarter physical backer rewards can add complications
    6. Penny Arcade: "What we're asking for is fair"
    7. Valve defends Steam sales techniques as helpful to IP expansion
    8. Amazon looking into more gaming for Kindle with GameCircle
    9. Tapjoy and Kontagent form mobile-centric partnership
    10. God of War movie signs Saw screenwriters to project
    11. The Witcher franchise exceeds 4 million units sold worldwide
    12. Microsoft rumored among suitors for Activision Blizzard
    13. OnLive and Marvell power Google TV cloud gaming
    14. Konami joins EG Expo roster with PES, MGS, ZOE and Castlevania
    15. Kid Icarus studio Project Sora closed down
    16. Android console Ouya smashes Kickstarter goal
    17. Surface only a "design point" says Ballmer
    18. Tech Focus: Tablet Wars
    19. Zynga's Pincus: Focus on content, not platform
    20. Investors call tablets the "quasi-console" of this generation
    1. Role-Playing: Sony's Kaz Hirai
    2. Penny Arcade launches Kickstarter to wipe out advertisements on site
    3. Wasteland 2 will now include first Wasteland
    4. Microsoft leaving "no stone unturned" in battle with Apple
    5. Wii U Smash Bros a "big priority" for Namco Bandai
    6. Rovio's Amazing Alex coming July 12
    7. 38 Studios' director on leaked MMO trailer
    8. Pachter "kidding" about EA's Riccitiello being worried about job security
    9. United Kingdom to run PEGI as sole game rating system
    10. Deus Ex movie in development with CBS Films
    11. Angry Birds Trilogy to launch on consoles
    12. Japanese game development should be more "Hollywood" says Mikami
    13. Former Codemasters VP launches Caperfly at Develop
    14. The problem with Metacritic
    15. Autodesk launching Scaleform for iOS, Android
    16. Richard Garriott's Portalarium raises $7 million
    17. Gibson returns to Eurogamer as Welsh takes deputy editor role
    18. How Valve's community solves its biggest problems
    19. Kickstarter coming to UK this Autumn
    20. Cowen: PC social gaming is at "evolutionary dead end"
    21. Mind The Generation Gap
    22. Woman Vs. Internet: How Anita Sarkeesian beat the trolls
    23. Rockstar Vancouver closes, shuffles employees to Toronto
    1. Gamevil invests another $10 million in partner fund
    2. Will Wright: "Console guys are running scared"
    3. Activision Leeds working on new Pitfall title
    4. Walking Dead by Telltale coming to retail, Activision publishing FPS
    5. Windows 8 coming late October
    6. Wii U GamePad "distracting", says Tekken director
    7. Valve announces Steam Greenlight for indies
    8. Square Enix on Next-Gen and Why The Uncanny Valley Will "Always" Exist
    9. Assassin's Creed movie will be co-produced by X-Men First Class star Michael Fassbender
    10. Bungie grabs Beatles legend Paul McCartney for music composition
    11. Gearbox Studios pushes Brothers in Arms Furious 4 into 2013
    12. Gamesplanet Lab puts crowd funding focus on gaming projects
    13. Green Man Gaming acquires Playfire
    14. Amazon's Kindle Fire gets development push from TinyCo, Chartboost
    15. Rumour Has It: When Chinese Whispers Become Damaging
    16. Mind Candy Acquires Origami Blue
    17. Batman triumphs for third week on UK chart
    18. GAME steps up as retail partner for Eurogamer Expo 2012
    19. Funcom "committed" to subscriptions model
    20. Neal Stephenson's CLANG Kickstarter hits target
    21. Nintendo confirms "unified account system" for Wii U and 3DS
    22. James Ohlen: Vive la Republic
    1. Zipline adds funding for Moai crossplatform tools
    1. Devil's Third coming to "wide range of digital devices"
    2. Molyneux's first indie game dated
    3. THQ forced Kaos to use North Korea in Homefront
    4. Borderlands 2 for Vita not possible at Gearbox
    5. Activision Leeds working on Call of Duty handheld titles
    6. Develop in Brighton 2012: The Editor's Choice
    7. Western gamers have had "little exposure" to cloud gaming
    8. iPad Mini, Kindle Fire 2 rumored
    9. A Question of Maturity
    1. Battlefield 3 dev says modern FPS setting getting "stale"
    2. Mobile gamers will soon outnumber PC players in China
    3. Games "will die" if industry doesn't do more to innovate, says Cage
    4. APB publisher merges with parent company
    5. New CEO for Women in Games Jobs
    6. Stainless Games join Develop line up
    7. Report: Sony planning super slim PS3
    8. Pokemon sells 2 million to hold top spot in Japan
    9. Club Penguin gives £3m in space to child safety
    10. ACTA denied by European Parliament
    11. Blizzard: Diablo III lacking "long-term sustainable end-game"
    12. Yager Bombs: Rebooting Spec Ops for 2K
    13. Robert Bowling: The Human Element
    14. Console War 2012: Status Of Forces
    15. George R.R. Martin: Disruptor Beam on working with the author
    16. Game of Thrones a good setting for social games, says Disruptor Beam
    1. THQ hands Devil's Third back to Valhalla
    2. Critical Consensus: Google Nexus 7
    3. Sony's Gaikai plans go beyond games
    4. Abertay University launches Dare Indie Fest
    5. Yves Behar designing Android console
    6. Iwata: Wii U graphics can compete with next gen consoles
    7. GMG and industry lawyer react to EU digital resales ruling
    8. UK marketing director exits Ubisoft
    9. Sony's Cloud Platform: The New Gaming Frontier
    1. Wii U is "effectively a 360" says Microsoft
    2. Microsoft sees Xbox becoming "entertainment platform for everyone on the planet"
    3. THQ's "heavy lifting is done"
    4. Microsoft picks up "Xbox 8" domains
    5. Xbox Music service to offer streaming subscription, traditional purchasing
    6. Peter Molyneux to keynote Unite 12
    7. Consumers can resell downloaded games, rules EU
    8. Activision Blizzard partners with Tencent for Call Of Duty Online
    9. Frogster becomes Gameforge Berlin
    10. Sakaguchi: I'm still challenging myself
    11. Little King's Story dev opens new studio
    12. UK is lagging behind says Natural Motion CEO
    13. This Changes Everything: iPhone's Five-Year Gaming Revolution
    14. Funcom CEO steps down as Secret World launches
    15. opens new studio in Barcelona
    16. Sony acquisition of Gaikai: "A genius move"
    1. Activision-Blizzard could be spun off from Vivendi, says Pachter
    2. Apple planning iPad Mini for October - report
    3. Sony Santa Monica snatches up Seth Killian
    4. GameStop CEO: Google's tablet is a "gamechanger"
    5. NPD reacts to EA's remarks that its data is "totally irrelevant"
    6. Shenmue creator announces next title as mobile free-to-play
    7. Zynga CEO: Every employee should feel like an "owner"
    8. Gamers spend $3.4 billion in US during Q1 2012 - NPD
    9. Microsoft reacts to Sony buying Gaikai: "Cloud is a big area of investment for Xbox"
    10. Gem Distribution partners with THQ
    11. Sony and Gaikai: The Cloud's Silver Lining
    12. EA is "going to be a 100% digital company, period" says Gibeau
    13. Creative Assembly: Refocus at Sega is exciting for us
    14. "Bumper year" for games M&A activity continues in 2012
    15. New Euro boss for Reloaded Productions
    16. THQ announces reverse stock split
    17. Lego Batman 2 hold strong in UK charts
    18. DICE: Rise of mobile is good for industry
    19. Apple senior VP of hardware retires
    20. Sony acquires Gaikai for $380 million
    21. Emerging Markets: Brazil