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October 2020 Archive

    1. Sony details PS5 accessibility features
    2. Mike Zaimont hired, fired from Guilty Gear project following abuse allegations
    3. Skate 3 returns to top three ten years after release | UK Digital Charts
    4. Standing on the shoulders of Riot Grrrl: Story Juice and punk feminism in games
    5. PUBG Mobile has ceased operations in India due to government ban
    6. Oculus Quest 2 pre-orders were five times higher than Oculus Quest
    7. Jim Ryan: "We're more than a few minutes from the future of VR"
    8. Everwild creative director leaves Rare
    9. Facebook's cloud isn't for the birds | Opinion
    1. Gears Pop shutting down next year
    2. Gfinity cuts costs, seeks stability following another year of losses
    3. Activision-Blizzard needs to hire 2,000 people to meet production demands
    4. Call of Duty drives Activision Blizzard revenues up 52% year-over-year
    5. Stillfront Group acquires Everguild for £1.06m
    6. CD Projekt attributes new Cyberpunk delay to working with current-gen consoles
    7. Annapurna Interactive launches internal development studio
    8. 2020 is already a record year for games investment
    9. Phil Spencer: "Our motivation is not to turn everybody into a subscriber"
    10. Wasteland 3 passes one million players
    11. EA fined €10m over loot boxes as Dutch court sides with gambling authority
    12. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan on making PS5 more successful than PS4
    13. Capcom's games business rescues six-month results
    14. CD Projekt Red's stock fell 25% in two months amid Cyberpunk uncertainty
    15. Sony to give away adapters to allow VR use on PlayStation 5
    16. PlayStation's Dominic Robilliard added as keynote speaker for next week's Develop:Brighton
    17. Frostpunk board game raises over €2m on Kickstarter
    18. Todd Howard: "The next generation is about access"
    19. Sony expects PS5 to exceed PS4's 7.6m launch sales this fiscal year
    1. SuperData revises yearly and long-term XR predictions for the third time this year
    2. Path of Exile delays next expansion due to Cyberpunk 2077 delay
    3. Genshin Impact made $245m in its first month on mobile alone
    4. All Xbox, 360, and One games playable on Xbox One work on Xbox Series X and S
    5. Watch Dogs Legion | Critical Consensus
    6. Studio director Chris Lee steps back from Halo Infinite
    7. Over 1,500 students attended Live: Academy
    8. Control, Hitman 3 receive streaming versions on Switch
    9. Shotcall closes $2.2m seed round
    10. Tilt Five on working around the pandemic to deliver tabletop AR
    11. Hardsuit Labs appoints Samantha Wallschlaeger as lead narrative designer
    12. Scopely picks up $340 million in Series E funding
    13. Music industry organisations slam Twitch in open letter
    14. From student to professional -- advice for the road ahead
    15. Blizzard veteran Chris Metzen launches tabletop games company
    16. PS4 shipments near 114m as new generation looms
    1. Microsoft quietly closes its final quarter before next-gen
    2. First 12 hours of PS5 preorders match first 12 weeks of PS4's
    3. Cyberpunk 2077's third delay pushes it to December 10
    4. Uplay+ rebrands to Ubisoft+, adding Luna and Stadia support by 2021
    5. Lifting the barriers for Black professionals in the games industry
    6. Ubisoft and Netflix partner on Assassin's Creed live-action series
    7. Wasteland 3 removed "interactive use" of recreational drug for Australian release
    8. Battle of the launch line-ups: What games make for a successful console launch?
    9. Esports Entertainment Group to acquire Helix Esports and ggCircuit
    10. Ubisoft details next-gen improvements for its upcoming games
    11. A tale of two MidBosses
    1. Starbreeze CEO resigns, citing personal reasons
    2. Xbox wants more "E-rated content" to strengthen its portfolio
    3. Destruction AllStars delayed from PS5 launch
    4. Breaking out of the Xbox | Podcast
    5. CS:GO pro players banned for betting on themselves
    6. Facebook enters cloud streaming with free-to-play mobile games, playable ads
    7. Deleting Facebook wipes out Oculus purchases
    8. "The industry has come of age -- we take our responsibilities seriously"
    9. Epic refutes Apple's theft claims as "implausible and deficient as a matter of law"
    10. PlayStation forms creative partnership with Travis Scott
    11. VENN closes $26m Series A funding
    12. Check out our huge line-up for this week's GI Live: Academy
    13. Tencent leads $100m Series B round in VSPN
    14. Call of Duty: Mobile closes first year with 300m downloads
    15. Watch the White Nights Conference Fall 20 right here
    1. FIFA 21 retains No.1 in quiet week before the storm | UK Boxed Charts
    2. Cloud9 signs its first-ever all-woman esports roster
    1. Phil Spencer: "You're going to see lower-priced hardware as part of our ecosystem"
    2. Apex Legends on Switch delayed into 2021
    3. Digital console spending up 40% last month thanks to wave of big releases
    4. Nintendo drops price of single Joy-Cons in the US
    5. FIFA dominates as Sega games flood the chart | UK Digital Charts
    6. The Five Games of Guha Bala | Podcast
    7. Scopely acquires Genjoy
    8. VR lessons from Arizona Sunshine's success
    9. Google distances itself from Stadia creative director Alex Hutchinson
    10. AOC's Twitch stream is a milestone for games -- and for politics | Opinion
    1. Xbox Brazil host says she was fired to protect her from harassment
    2. Nordic Game commits to in-person event next month
    3. The constant tug of war between AAA developers and "the money people"
    4. Riot Games hires first ever chief marketing officer
    5. Devolver Digital brings in licensing specialist to work on Fall Guys
    6. Mojang games to require Microsoft account
    7. "We need a real shift in the tide": Black professionals on representation in the UK
    8. Unity joins Playing for the Planet Alliance
    9. The black art of platform conversions: The (not so) straightforward port
    10. Roblox player spending passes $2 billion on mobile
    1. ZeniMax, Bethesda, Roundhouse added to lawsuit over Rune 2
    2. Ubisoft rebrands Uplay and Ubisoft Club as Ubisoft Connect
    3. US Rep Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's Twitch stream drew 439k peak viewers
    4. Devolver Digital acquires Serious Sam developer Croteam
    5. We've traded breaking news for housebreaking news | Creature Comforts
    6. MAG Interactive reports $25 million in sales
    7. EA facing Canadian class action lawsuit over loot boxes
    8. How Hanako Games designs for growth
    9. NBA 2K21 adds unskippable ads to loading screens
    10. More allegations surface against Rooster Teeth's Ryan Haywood
    11. Twitch purges videos after "thousands" of requests from music labels
    12. A lawyer's perspective on the industry's abuse problem
    1. Modus Games making charitable donations with new releases
    2. Blizzard vets form Frost Giant Studios
    3. Xbox's GameStop deal: lifeline or table scraps? | Podcast
    4. Rocket League's appeal isn't rocket science | Why I Love
    5. One-third of US gamers surveyed plan to buy a next-gen console this year
    6. Cliff Bleszinski may return to games development "slowly and cautiously"
    7. Z Event raises €5.7m for Amnesty International
    8. Sketching out Moondays: Thelonious Monkees and the music of Moon
    9. Sony releases free Black Lives Matter theme for PlayStation 4
    10. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 loses another narrative designer
    1. Ken Williams doesn't know how his design philosophy could work today
    2. Electric Square and Studio Gobo launch BAME in Games Mentorship Programme
    3. Movie Games and INC joint venture to focus on Romanian developers
    4. New nonprofit organisation Hit Save to support games preservation
    5. EVOS Esports closes $12m Series B round
    6. Tools to identify bottlenecks and performance issues
    7. Growth in UK games industry fastest ever recorded
    8. Marvel's Avengers' next-gen version delayed to 2021 to ensure product quality
    9. Nintendo Switch shines on Amazon's Prime Day | UK Boxed Charts
    10. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth passes 1.5m sales worldwide
    1. Playtika files IPO draft
    2. Xbox head: Bethesda purchase wasn't to keep games away from other platforms
    3. Analogue reveals TurboGrafx-16 retro hardware
    4. What is the best game engine: is Amazon Lumberyard right for you?
    5. Avengers assembles September sales chart heavy on new releases
    6. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius reaches 45m downloads
    7. Industry knowledge should not be "locked up in vaults behind ticket prices"
    8. PlayStation Store to drop PS3 content and Wishlists on desktop and mobile
    9. Summer video game reveals showed record number of female protagonists
    10. FIFA download launch sales spike 31% over last year | UK Digital Charts
    11. Epic vs. Apple is losing PR steam | Opinion
    12. Blizzard no longer developing new content for StarCraft 2
    1. GameFly sold to distributor Alliance Entertainment
    2. Overcoming AR's limitations with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
    3. Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X|S launch titles
    4. Abbey Games: Survival through a singular vision
    5. Unity launches Social Impact Division backed by $67m fund
    6. and Creative Assembly team up on free student event
    7. Sega criticised for launching Golden Axe prototype created "under crunch conditions"
    8. GIANTS Software launches publishing arm to grow Farming Simulator globally
    9. Lessons in community building from EVE Online
    10. Microsoft will share digital revenues with GameStop on every Xbox it sells
    11. YouTube: Among Us videos reached 4bn views in September
    1. Survey: 35% of gamers have a subscription service
    2. FIFA 21 | Critical Consensus
    3. Vungle acquires Algolift
    4. My.Games buys minority stake in Mamboo Games
    5. Sharkmob's new opportunity for UK AAA developers
    6. Rooster Teeth's Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic let go amid 'explicit photos' scandal
    7. Beamable files for bankruptcy
    8. Elo Entertainment acquires
    9. Virtuos acquires CounterPunch Studios, opens Montreal studio
    1. Successful indie devs on coping with failure, imposter syndrome
    2. Humble names Sithe Ncube and Justin Woodward strategic advisors for Black Game Developer Fund
    3. Still There examines how far one can run from grief | Why I Love
    4. Unity launches Game Growth Program
    5. Analyst predicts Switch will outsell PS5, Xbox Series X/S this Christmas
    6. Nintendo issues cease and desist against influencer and adult entertainer Pokeprincxss
    7. Tencent proceeds with Huya and DouYu merger
    8. ASA bans misleading Homescapes, Gardenscapes ads
    9. Develop:Brighton Digital 2020 reveals full line-up
    10. Vitei Backroom branches into publishing as Chuhai Labs
    1. Rockstar buys Ruffian Games, rebrands to Rockstar Dundee
    2. Nintendo reducing price of individual Joy-Cons in Japan
    3. Com2us buys Out of the Park Developments
    4. How Twitch failed to create a safe space for staff and streamers | Podcast
    5. UK National Videogame Museum receives £400,000 grant
    6. Level-5 has virtually halted operations in North America
    7. FIFA physical sales continue to fall sharply | UK Boxed Charts
    8. Retaining and fostering women in the games industry
    9. Genshin Impact made $100m in less than two weeks
    10. Xbox Elite Series 2 added to Microsoft controller drift lawsuit
    11. Epic vs Apple case may have "serious ramifications" for Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox
    1. Nag Studios raises $1m in pre-seed funding
    1. Amazon ends Crucible development for good
    2. Sony details limits of PS5 backward compatibility
    3. 505 Games officially ends production on Indivisible
    4. Professional Splatoon player arrested for alleged sexual assault of a minor
    5. Mobile studio Donut Lab raises $1.6 million
    6. How pinball made us better RPG developers -- and vice versa
    7. Star Wars Squadrons stays on target to beat Crash Bandicoot | UK Digital Charts
    8. Miniclip makes room for expansion with new Portuguese office
    9. Gfinity begins formal sales process
    10. Super Mario 3D All-Stars dominates September, even without digital | GSD Monthly Chart
    11. New Microsoft Store principles take a dig at Apple
    12. Land & Sea spins the folklore of fictional worlds
    13. Microsoft exploring browser workaround to bring Xbox Game Pass to iOS
    14. Gaming will be a frontline in China's censorship drive | Opinion
    1. GameSpot undergoes layoffs
    2. Normalizing depression in the games industry
    3. TGS Esports acquires Volcanic Media
    4. Honour of Kings professional league welcomes first all-female team
    5. Voodoo to release mobile games in China through The9
    6. Embracer Group issues new shares to raise money for future acquisitions
    7. Super Mario 3D All-Stars was Japan's biggest-selling game in September
    8. Twitch staff call the company out on sexual assault, racism, more
    9. Esports organisation RektGlobal secures $35m in funding
    10. The Game Developer's Playlist: Ultima 7 with Megan Fox | Podcast
    11. 72% of US next-gen pre-order customers chose PS5
    12. From Game Boy to 3DS: The legacy of Nintendo's handhelds
    13. Epic Games vs Apple trial set for May 2021
    14. My.Games buys a controlling stake in Deus Craft
    15. League of Geeks named Studio of the Year at Australian Game Developer Awards
    1. Aaron Greenberg: "Does the price of a game even matter, if it's in Game Pass?"
    2. Genshin Impact made $60m in its first week on mobile alone
    3. Universal delays opening of Super Nintendo World to spring of 2021
    4. Newzoo reduces its esports market forecast for 2020 for the third time
    5. Riot Games closes Sydney office
    6. Carry1st and LudiqueWorks fostering an African publisher landscape
    7. G-Loot secures $56m in new investment for expansion plans
    8. Push and pull: How to build an in-game economy
    9. Finalists for the Develop:Star Awards 2020 announced
    10. Everything is made of stardust | The Dream Architects
    11. Valve adds chat filter after successful Steam Labs test
    12. Genshin Impact censors "Hong Kong" and "Taiwan" in in-game chat
    13. Mother and son seeking $5m in latest Joy-Con drift lawsuit against Nintendo
    14. EGDF adds Serbian Games Association as its latest member
    1. US House committee says Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook engaged in monopolistic behavior
    2. US Labor Department investigates Microsoft's efforts to improve diversity
    3. US Department of Homeland Security further restricts skilled worker visas
    4. Resident Evil film reboot gets cast
    5. Activision Blizzard closing France office -- Report
    6. Tilting Point acquires terraforming sim TerraGenesis from Edgeworks
    7. Hades makes endless struggle entertaining | Why I Love
    8. Sky more than doubles installs in three months
    9. Thirdverse secures $8.5m in Series A funding
    10. What lessons can be learnt from Voodoo's action against Rollic? | Opinion
    11. Sony expects PS5 to sell more than 7m units by April
    12. Genshin Impact hit 17m mobile downloads in four days
    1. Designer accuses Ember Labs of underpayment, unfulfilled promises
    2. PS5 will change Sony's Japanese button standards
    3. Production company Zag launches game development arm
    4. Facebook Gaming surpassed one billion hours watched in Q3
    5. Cybercrunch 2077 and Pokémon Stay | Podcast
    6. Spellbreak's four-year incantation for streamable, shareable sorcery
    7. Thunderful Group acquires Coatsink
    8. Google Play delays 30% cut in India to 2022
    9. Rovio CEO Kati Levoranta stepping down
    10. Google officially ends support for Daydream VR
    11. In-app ad segmentation 101: How to split and analyse your players
    12. Leaders of piracy group Team Xecuter arrested
    1. Crash Bandicoot 4 narrowly beats Star Wars Squadrons to No.1 l UK Boxed Charts
    1. Rare punishes streamers after they complain of Sea of Thieves harassment
    2. Call of Duty: Mobile spending reaches $480m in first year
    3. 25% of Ubisoft employees witnessed workplace misconduct in past two years
    4. Capcom tries again with Monster Hunter Stories 2 -- but why?
    5. Seven tips for running a $100 million user acquisition budget
    6. War Child UK running women in games panel next week
    7. Maria Redin named president and CEO of Modern Times Group | Jobs Roundup
    8. GOG Galaxy 2.0 to sell Epic Games Store titles
    9. Nexus Mods bans political content until after next US presidential inauguration
    10. Hardware launches and pre-orders desperately need a shake-up | Opinion
    1. Roblox reportedly is preparing to go public
    2. Blizzard delays World of Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion
    3. OWL Commissioner and Activision Blizzard Esports CEO Pete Vlastelica steps down
    4. Twitch signs exclusive deal with CohhCarnage
    5. WBIE head says Rowling is "entitled to express her personal opinion"
    6. Chromecast with Google TV won't support Stadia until 2021
    7. The thing about trolls is they regenerate | 10 Years Ago This Month
    8. Rogue Company is now free-to-play
    9. ProbablyMonsters opens new RPG-focused studio
    10. Interior Night's mission to turn non-gamers into gamers
    11. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team reaches 30m downloads
    12. How Enlighten is addressing ray tracing in video games
    13. Genshin Impact becomes biggest international launch for a Chinese game
    14. Rare, Playground Games and Ninja Theory unite for Women of Xbox UK
    15. Nintendo wins $2m in lawsuit against Team Xecutor resellers
    16. Tencent takes "a major stake" in GTFO studio 10 Chambers
    17. Reboot Develop Red will not take place this year