August 2022 Archive

    1. Asmodee Digital rebrands to Twin Sails Interactive
    2. From demo to debut: Turning a game jam project into a full release
    3. Persia and its Controversial Prince: How the series has influenced Iranian developers
    4. Paradox launches new publishing label Paradox Arc
    5. Little Orpheus arriving next month following delay around Ukraine war
    1. Nintendo of America contractors describe sexual harassment, 'frat house' environment
    2. Riot Games: There is no significant gap in pay for women or underrepresented minorities
    3. Just one month left to enter Best Places To Work Awards Canada
    4. Team Asobi: “We want our games to feel like they’re made in Japan”
    5. How Riders Republic mobilized its players for the first digital climate march
    6. Deliver Us Mars delayed to February 2023
    7. Germany market report: 2021 was a record year as spending nears €10bn
    8. Nicolas Bouvier is appointed as senior art director for Timi Studios | Jobs Roundup: August 2022
    9. Alone in the Dark reboot and new South Park game headline THQ Nordic showcase
    1. Pokémon Company to donate $25m to support youth organizations
    2. Disney and Marvel continue games push with standalone showcase event
    3. Microsoft: PS4 sold twice as much as the Xbox One during last console cycle
    4. Two Point Campus is second in the class | UK Boxed Charts
    5. Private Division to publish Weta Workshop's Lord of the Rings game
    6. Rumbleverse marks a new era for Iron Galaxy
    7. Unity rejects AppLovin merger offer
    8. Monster Hunter Rise takes No.1 with 217,000 copies sold | Japan Monthly Charts
    9. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard: What’s going on and what happens next?
    10. A beginner's guide to approaching influencers
    11. Spider-Man is second-biggest PlayStation PC launch so far
    12. Activision wants all Blizzard Albany employees working on Diablo to vote on unionisation
    1. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment delays Hogwarts Legacy to February 2023
    2. Loss leaders of the pack | This Week in Business
    3. Virtuos opens new studio in Kuala Lumpur
    4. AimJunkies subpoenas Valve to fight Bungie copyright accusations
    5. Overwatch 2 is less a sequel, more a business model relaunch | Opinion
    6. More than 25 publishers and investors join GI Live: London
    7. Video game sales drop in July as release schedule dries up | European Monthly Report
    8. PUBG gets 80,000 new players daily since going free-to-play
    9. NetEase hires veteran Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi
    1. Unity pens deal that will aid US defense, homeland security, and intelligence
    2. Microsoft: Xbox-exclusive Call of Duty "would simply not be profitable"
    3. Whitethorn Games and the art of cultivating slow gaming
    4. What should you charge for your indie game?
    5. Games studios and streamers raise £400k for Make-A-Wish UK
    6. Soedesco acquires Superlumen
    1. Nintendo of America receives its second labor complaint of the year
    2. Microsoft accuses Sony of paying devs to stay off Game Pass
    3. Study finds Chinese youth playing less in wake of restrictions
    4. Unity revenues up modestly as losses mount in Q2
    5. PS5 edges ahead of Xbox Series X and S and F1 22 holds pole position | UK Monthly Charts
    6. Spin Master purchases game studio Nørdlight
    7. Overwatch dropping paid loot boxes this month
    8. 5% of H1 2022 games jobs were entry level
    9. Writing for Games, Part Two: The experts' advice
    10. EA extends exclusivity on NFL esports
    11. Is Sony right to be worried about Call of Duty?
    12. Bulkhead ends relationship with Square Enix
    13. Thunderful CEO steps down as publisher reports $2m H1 loss
    14. David Braben to step down as CEO of Frontier
    15. Roblox posts Q2 losses of $176.4m as bookings continue to decline
    1. Nexon revenues jump in Q2
    2. Unity sets up joint venture in China
    3. Why less than 1% of Netflix subscribers downloading games is "not a bad start"
    4. The third Sonic the Hedgehog movie is set to release in 2024
    5. Writing for Games, Part One: A brief history
    6. AppLovin offers to merge with Unity
    7. Product Madness' free-to-play mobile incubator to seek "exceptional new game concepts"
    8. V Rising sells 2.5m copies
    9. Rare Studio Head Craig Duncan to keynote GI Live: London
    10. Gamescom aims to unite three global events with B2B community app
    1. Bandai Namco and Wayfarer Studios to produce a Pac-Man film
    2. Take-Two's Q1 shaped by Zynga acquisition, recession
    3. Guilty Gear Strive ships over 1 million copies worldwide
    4. Video games music at the BBC Proms: "It was only a matter of time"
    5. Horizon: Forbidden West takes No.1 back | UK Boxed Charts
    6. Call of Duty pulls DLC after plagiarism accusation
    7. A flat start to the fiscal year | Podcast
    8. Are video games really more expensive?
    9. Court dismisses "factually baseless" Call of Duty lawsuit against Activision Blizzard
    10. Activision debuts Call of Duty: Next showcase on September 15
    1. Square Enix Q1 sales decline by 15%
    2. Is Activision Blizzard in a rough patch or a longer decline? | This Week in Business
    3. Sega posts gains on light release slate
    4. Single-player games deserve more than lip service | Opinion
    5. Xbox testing new multiple user Game Pass plan
    6. Jam City lays off 17% of workforce
    7. Bandai Namco's game sales up 55% year-on-year during Q1 FY2023
    1. Study finds that Belgium's loot box ban isn't being enforced
    2. Nier: Automata for the people | Why I Love
    3. Tencent reportedly looking to raise stake in Ubisoft
    4. Koch Media rebrands as Plaion to "acknowledge who we truly are"
    5. Activision Blizzard accused of fighting against Albany union
    6. Navigating early access: legal and practical considerations
    7. The 2022 UK Best Places To Work Awards winners have been revealed
    8. Tencent and Logitech team up for new handheld cloud console
    9. Indonesia blocks Valve, Epic Games and more for failing to comply with new regulations
    10. Bandai Namco, Sega and Square Enix join GI Live: London 2022
    1. DDM: Gaming investments reached $4.8bn during Q2
    2. Blizzard and NetEase cancel World of Warcraft mobile game
    3. Supermassive on Nordisk acquisition: “We’re still independent but with more muscle”
    4. Royelles: "The future of the metaverse is female"
    5. Unity reportedly looking to separate China unit from main business
    6. Andrew Wilson: "I don't think we could be in a stronger position as a standalone company"
    7. Keywords Studios acquires Mighty Games
    8. Games And Online Harassment Hotline launches hate raid protection resource
    9. Nintendo Q1 sales fall 4.7% to $2.3bn, Switch sales down 23%
    10. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the biggest Xeno game launch in the UK so far | UK Boxed Charts
    1. FIFA and F1 drive EA to Q1 growth
    2. Google Play adds new rules on interstitial ads
    3. Creature feature: An expert’s guide to making memorable monsters
    4. Digital game purchases in Germany rose to 59% in 2021
    5. Pixel Federation players plant 86,000 trees as part of Green Game Jam
    6. Come and Make: The future of off-road racing games
    7. Steam publishes new graphical asset guidelines, restricting text use
    8. Our Machinery scraps game engine, asks developers to delete source code
    9. Valve and Xbox to speak to indie developers at GI Live: London
    1. Diablo Immortal launch can't save Activision Blizzard's Q2
    2. Sony says Microsoft’s ownership of Call of Duty could influence console buyers in the future
    3. Google AdMob adds Pangle as a bidding partner
    4. Moo Yu on finding the heart in game development
    5. Sony scrapping PS5 accolades this autumn due to lack of use
    6. MGM loses Tomb Raider film rights, bidding war begins
    7. Why InnoGames decided to open up about pay
    8. Sony: Revamped PlayStation Plus and increased PS5 supply key to offsetting decline
    9. Diablo Immortal jumps to 30m players
    10. PlayerUnknown Productions hires David Polfeldt
    11. CD Projekt Red alumni launch new studio Dark Passenger