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August 2015 Archive

    1. Creative Assembly's Napper moves to Morpheus
    2. Apple Watch dev Everywear secures €2m in funding
    3. 46% of US social casino gamers spend money - Newzoo
    4. Mortal Kombat X for 360 and PS3 cancelled
    5. Super Evil Megacorp: From eSport to spectator sport
    1. Users of Lizard Squad's DDoS attack tool arrested in UK
    2. Mobcrush scores $10m in funding - report
    3. Disney Infinity audience split 50/50 male-female
    4. XCOM 2 delayed until 2016
    5. Borderlands getting a feature film
    6. Activision Blizzard joins S&P 500
    7. The Price of Fame
    8. Dean Hall: We're not seeking to make a game that heaps of people will play
    9. Three more investors added to GI Summit
    10. Valve's Vive will receive only a "limited" launch in 2015
    11. Regional games shows reflect the evolving market
    1. GameStop sees sales dip for new games, hardware, digital
    2. Rocket League sells 1m on Steam
    3. Windows 10 now on 75 million devices
    4. Clint Hocking returns to Ubisoft
    5. Square Enix, SNK settle legal dispute
    6. Amazon Underground turns free-to-play into "actually free"
    7. Latest Unreal Dev Grants recipients revealed
    8. Pulling off The Swindle
    9. Starbreeze growth strategy drags on full-year results
    10. Larian raises $500k in 12 hours for Divinity: Original Sin 2
    11. Americans spending more time than ever on smartphones, but gaming time is falling
    1. Witcher 3 sales surpass 6 million
    2. Humble Bundle adds "choose your own charity" feature
    3. Super Robot Wars BX is new Japanese #1
    4. Moshi Monsters, Bin Weevils slapped by ad watchdog
    5. Rovio to cut another 260 jobs
    6. Risk, reward and the road ahead for mobile games
    7. Konami to close 31 premium mobile games in Japan
    8. VR gets real for Resolution Games with $6 million in funding
    9. Another day, another trade secrets leak for Machine Zone
    1. Dhruva Interactive expands with new studio
    2. Anki hires Electronic Arts' Asia-Pacific VP
    3. New hire for Tilting Point
    4. Gamescom coverage up despite E3 conflict and no Sony presser
    5. Contradiction: Indie development can be murder
    6. Creative Europe hands €3.4 million to 31 developers
    7. Counterpoint: In Defense of Equity Crowdfunding and the “Professional Investor”
    1. Nintendo increasingly considering movies
    2. Machine Zone sues Kabam over trade secrets
    3. "You don't make money making games, you make money shipping them"
    4. Critical Consensus: Metal Gear Solid V
    5. John Smedley leaves Daybreak, heads up new firm
    6. Pair arrested at Pokemon World Championship after death threats
    1. Android cost-per-install down in July
    2. GameFly streaming service added to Samsung TVs
    3. Mobile players only spend in an average of 1.6 games - NPD
    4. Can salary gamification really work?
    5. Final Fantasy XIV reaches 5 million registered users
    6. Equity crowdfunding is a wolf in sheep's clothing
    1. Investors go wild for new funding platform Fig
    2. Analysts suspect Nintendo has shelved Quality of Life
    3. Keywords Studios buys Liquid Development
    4. 2DS dropping to $100
    5. N3twork acquires Nio Games
    1. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer still ruling Japanese chart
    2. Amazon halts game trade-ins in UK, Germany
    3. German stock exchange operator digs into virtual item trading
    4. Leonie Manshanden, Tim Ponting found IndieDevKit
    5. CastAR secures $15m in funding
    6. Monster Strike passes $4 million in daily revenue
    7. "It's just people selling picks and shovels, not the people finding gold"
    1. Rainbow Six Siege release delayed until December
    2. Clint Hocking leaves Amazon - Report
    3. Cloud Imperium bringing more Star Citizen development internal
    4. Former Double Fine COO launches new funding platform
    5. "We haven't always made the right decisions...We are all well aware of that."
    6. Third-party "Amiiqo" tech allows users to spoof Amiibo data
    7. Save €600 with a Game Connection Paris Early Bird ticket
    8. Microsoft: "We're doing things that can't be done on any other console"
    9. Keith Anderson is Wargaming's new EU Marketing and Coms director
    10. Duke Nukem rights suit settled
    11. iDreamSky grabs 50.1% stake in Rumble Entertainment
    1. IllFonic sees layoffs
    2. BAFTA Ones to Watch nominees announced
    3. Microsoft EULA lets it disable pirated games
    4. "It's the assembly language programming game you never asked for!"
    5. Rovio appoints new country director for India
    6. The Tools of the Trade
    1. Google's tips for VR development
    2. AR tech not ready for mass market - Oculus CEO
    3. Jade Raymond on EA: "I kind of feel like a kid in a toy store"
    4. Del Toro: "If I join another video game, World War III will start”
    5. PlayStation Experience moves to San Francisco
    6. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer still Japan's #1
    7. APA study establishes violent games as "risk factor" for violent behaviour
    8. Market expansion is no zero-sum game
    1. Warner Bros. continues to drive US retail sales in July
    2. King revenues, profits shrinking
    3. Dying Light sales top 5 million copies
    4. US digital sales up 12% for July- Report
    5. Unity launching VR/AR conference
    6. Jeff Erle named MobilityWare CEO
    7. Nexon sees revenues jump 16% in Q2
    8. JetCat raises €100,000 for Heliborne development
    9. Niantic Labs spun off into independent company
    1. EA drops NHL cover star
    2. Tim Train: "Somebody's got to be the huckster"
    3. Developers' most important tool: self-care
    4. 10 Years Ago This Month - August 2005
    5. Palringo raises $300,000 for world hunger charities
    6. ArchCreatives doubles office space
    7. PlayMob calls for participants in UN, Richard Curtis-backed charity campaign
    1. Michael Eisner: Creativity doesn't have to be expensive
    2. Hearthstone makes $20m a month - SuperData
    3. Tacoma, Gone Home and the future of the 'walking simulator'
    4. "It's done, there is no way back. We tried, we failed."
    5. Side UK acquired by Pole to Win
    6. Tuomo Korpinen appointed as new transmedia boss at Rovio
    7. Hi-Rez Studios: "Console is a blue ocean for MOBAs"
    8. Pixar will make USD software open source in 2016
    1. GTA V on PC drives TTWO sales up 142%
    2. Funcom open to acquisition, merger, etc.
    3. GameStop selects 40 employees to receive college funds
    4. Core console software sales are higher than ever - EEDAR
    5. Gamescom sets attendance record
    6. Rare Replay tops UK chart
    7. Super Evil Megacorp raises $26 million, forges new partnerships
    1. Majesco appoints new CEO
    2. Hendrik Lesser elected president of EGDF
    3. Konami's draconian workplace raises no eyebrows in Japan
    1. Support Girls Make Games and its latest prize winner
    2. SNK Playmore acquired by Chinese joint venture
    3. Nvidia revenue up 5% year-on-year
    4. Zynga narrows net loss to $27m in Q2
    5. Frank Gibeau joins Zynga
    6. Square Enix rides mobile, MMO add-ons to growth
    7. EA changes UK release date
    8. Konami sees profit growth of 160%
    9. USC initiative to turn student devs into pros
    10. Nintendo chalks up two more patent victories
    11. Angry Birds 2 hits 20 million downloads in week one
    1. Mighty No. 9 release delayed
    2. Animal Crossing is Japanese #1
    3. id Software opens German studio
    4. Games revenues up by 135% at WB
    5. Nordic buys Jagged Alliance
    6. Takeshi Otsuka joins N3twork
    7. Nolan North replacing Peter Dinklage as Destiny's Ghost
    8. Watch EA's Gamescom conference live from 9am BST
    9. Putting the Zing Back into Zynga
    1. Disney's interactive revenue falls by $58m
    2. Glu Q2 revenue up 64% year-on-year
    3. Activision Blizzard results up even as WoW subs plummet
    4. Gaming Corps appoints new president of games
    5. China has over 366 million mobile gamers - report
    6. Xbox One to get DVR in 2016
    7. Cuphead x Warren Spector
    8. $18m funding round for Seriously lead by Northzone
    9. Xbox at Gamescom: Watch the livestream here
    10. iQU acquires TinyLoot, Target Gamers
    11. MENA: “People think Arabic games mean deserts and camels"
    1. Evolution's DriveClub passes 2m sales
    2. PlayStation Now adds Vita support
    3. Former Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei joins Youzu
    4. 49% of devs feel industry lacks equal opportunities - IGDA
    5. Windows 10 already on 14 million devices
    6. Inside Konami: public shaming, tyrannical management and punitive reassignment
    7. Gears Of War Ultimate is The Coalition's bootcamp
    8. Twitch grows global infrastructure and event presence
    9. Autodesk launches new game engine
    10. Riding Out the Digital Tsunami