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March 2015 Archive

    1. Bioware makes Orbit framework open source
    2. Microsoft floated the idea of giving away the Xbox
    3. Survey: One third of EU 11-64 year olds interested in owning VR
    4. The harsh reality of living the dream
    5. Raptr to use new funding for streaming service
    6. Management rejuvenated at GAME Group
    7. Bandai Namco will make its IP available to Japanese developers
    8. Goodgame Studios' profits rose 160 per cent in 2014
    9. Lionhead: Microsoft doesn't need us to be evil
    1. Bica Studios closes first seed investment round
    2. New editor for Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition
    3. UK teachers threaten to report underage gamers
    4. Bungie's Hamrick jumps to Bethesda
    5. "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory gave me brain damage"
    6. Halo 5: Guardians set for October 27
    7. MOBAs will overtake MMORPGs in F2P revenue this year - EEDAR
    8. Playing games with the media
    9. “We have a company objective to get closer to our gamers”
    10. Battlefield outpaces Bloodborne in the UK
    1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U delayed until 2016
    2. Valve promises free Vive VR dev kits
    3. Yokai Watch franchise sells 7 million
    4. SpecialEffect's GameBlast raises £120K
    5. Watch Oculus VR at Facebook F8
    6. Steam data reveals impact of Discovery update
    7. GameStop annual sales up slightly to $9.3 billion
    8. Brave Frontier publisher Gumi cuts 11% of staff following IPO
    9. "You have to trust your game, and trust the people to find it"
    10. Is mobile success now impossible for small developers?
    11. Supercell at the Super Bowl
    1. Capitalism killing games and the world - Lanning
    2. OSVR signs up leading universities for Academia program
    3. Smite developer to expand HQ with new eSports studio
    4. Scopely partners with Kung Fu Factory
    5. Former Disney execs "democratizing doing good"
    6. Secondary schools in NI to receive free copies of Minecraft
    7. Reboot Develop posts final speaker list
    8. Telecomms minister pledges support for Lebanon's games industry
    1. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is Japan's #1
    2. February's digital console sales drop 3.7%
    3. Microsoft preps free-to-play Halo Online
    4. Minecraft lead dev joins Stugan accelerator program
    5. "It's Open Season for Premium Creators" - Badland dev
    6. Greg Zeschuk: From burnout to beer and playgrounds
    7. Report: Google to relaunch YouTube Live with eSports focus
    8. Sony's US Bloodborne trademark expired on launch day
    1. Clash of Clans, Hay Day help Supercell double profits in 2014
    2. lets developers dictate revenue share
    3. Critical Consensus: Bloodborne is the first great PS4 exclusive
    4. Razer adds to its board
    5. Free-to-play format still evolving - Schubert
    6. Twitch suffers security breach
    7. Improbable scores $20m investment from Andreessen Horowitz
    8. Game Digital CFO steps down after a flat six-months
    9. H1Z1 hits 1 million Early Access sales
    1. Lilith Games suing uCool over cloning
    2. Mike Bithell's golden rules for media
    3. New chief commercial officer for European Games Group
    4. Sony's Evolution confirms layoffs
    5. Iwata takes issue with "insincerity" of free-to-play
    6. Step into the Arena
    7. This console cycle could be the last- Twitch CEO
    8. "I don't believe the killer app for VR is going to be shooting"
    9. Battlefield Hardline is number one in the UK
    10. 505 Games stock sale values Starbreeze at $187 million
    11. Android CPI back above iOS
    12. Disney Tsum Tsum has reached $300 million in revenue
    1. Konami wants new blood to lead next Metal Gear
    2. Valve Vive will have "slightly higher price point"
    3. Mobile budgets will go console crazy
    4. EGX 2015 tickets are now on sale
    5. Sega's mobile hits inspire a shift in strategy
    6. “I couldn't even guarantee you a 10% chance of a hit anymore” - Capps
    7. Xbox For Sale - the rumours just won't quit
    1. Valve: “If there's something useful, we'll give it away"
    2. Hideo Kojima removed from Metal Gear marketing
    3. Gree appoints Vice President of RPGs
    4. "Nintendo will be another titan in the mobile game industry"
    5. Japan: Mobile game marketing reaches new heights
    6. Annual Rovio EBIT down 73% as merchandising falters
    7. Diablo III: We learnt a lot of things the hard way
    1. Free Windows 10 for pirates
    2. Yakuza 0 dominates Japanese chart
    3. Perfect World cuts staff - Report
    4. Crowfall studio appoints new director of community management
    5. Nintendo, not DeNA, to "mainly" handle mobile development - Iwata
    6. "World's first" wearable games studio launches
    7. New VP, creative director for Humble Bundle
    8. EGX Rezzed draws 12,000 attendees
    9. Minecraft: 4.3 billion monthly YouTube views and counting
    10. UK industry welcomes budget funding
    11. Why is the Grand Theft Auto CEO also chairman of the ESRB?
    12. Danish studio Full Control to cease production
    13. Tencent profits at $4bn for 2014, up 53% year-on-year
    14. PS Now closed beta will start in the UK this spring
    15. Elder Scrolls Online goes subscription-free
    16. Steam Curators now required to disclose endorsements
    17. Chillingo looks to China with Shanghai office
    18. Nintendo/DeNA: The Best of Both Worlds?
    19. The Year of the Sheep, the Day of the Cat
    1. Nintendo and DeNA have been talking since 2010
    2. Arkadium names Jessica Rovello CEO
    3. Twitter tweaks harassment reporting
    4. Nintendo's stock is soaring
    5. Roundtable: Is Nintendo's mobile move a smart play?
    6. ESRB expanding to mobile, digital platforms
    7. TribePlay becomes Dr. Panda
    8. Heavy spending sees Gfinity book £1.4m loss over 6 months
    9. Daylight Studios raises funding for new publishing arm
    10. Nintendo moving to mobile with DeNA, announces new hardware
    1. New indie studio Rhizome Games launches in Scotland
    2. Call of Duty 4 lead designer returns to Infinity Ward
    3. Game Connection America 2015 attendance up 60%
    4. Vainglory aims to be "caricature anti-monetizer"
    5. "Like a spark thrown into a barrel of explosives"
    6. GTA V is the UK's number one... again
    7. Steam reaches 9m concurrent users despite service issues
    8. Dragon Age: Inquisition named GOTY at SXSW Interactive
    9. Reloaded Games has acquired Hawken
    1. Xbox head on absence from VR race
    2. Taking the fear out of contracts
    3. Marvelous takes $3.8m hit on cancelled Inafune game
    4. Valve's VR thrills, but Steam Machines are looking like a flop
    5. BBC will give 1 million coding devices to British kids
    1. Destiny wins Best Game at 2015 BAFTAs
    2. NPD: Sales up across hardware, games and accessories
    3. NativeX names new CEO
    4. Valiant Hearts director leaves Ubisoft
    5. Cities: Skylines breaks Paradox sales records
    6. Titanfall sequel will be multiplatform
    7. Stock Ticker: Sony soars, Microsoft slumps and EA reclaims its crown
    8. Is ageism the only prejudice the industry isn't discussing?
    9. Valve, Epic score most GDC media coverage
    10. App Annie is opening an office in Singapore
    11. Facebook to stand trial over virtual currency
    12. Indian startup Moonfrog Labs raises $15 million
    13. A Progressive Stance
    1. GameStop to accept Apple Pay
    2. Project Cars release delayed for a third time
    3. Dragon Quest Heroes gets second week as Japan's #1
    4. Take-Two "very pleased" with Evolve sales
    5. Survival of the AAA indies
    6. Uncharted 4 delayed to 2016
    7. Yoshida: Morpheus is a "grassroots project"
    8. Curve co-owner Jonathan Biddle leaving to become indie dev
    9. Gfinity appoints new Head of Broadcasting
    10. Cygames is doubling down on anime production
    11. PlayStation Mobile to close in September
    12. Calling at Every Platform
    1. PS4 and Vita hit China March 20
    2. Valve won GDC
    3. Gunfire: Shooting from the Lip
    4. This War of Mine DLC to benefit War Child charity
    1. Xbox expands Kudo Tsunoda's role
    2. Apple Watch on sale April 24, starts at $349
    3. GDC attracts 26,000 attendees
    4. The Best of GDC 2015
    5. PlayStation Network attacked "every day" - Yoshida
    6. Whose Game is it Anyway?
    7. Dying Light holds on to UK #1
    1. Watch John Carmack's GDC session in full
    2. Boing Boing relaunches Offworld
    3. Blizzard offers college tuition in new eSports tournament
    4. Pro-G acquired by Swedish media firm IBIBI HB
    5. Steam Machine specs and prices detailed
    6. Doubling Down on Virtual Reality
    7. Punk is polished - Bithell
    1. Thatgamecompany considering move to a multi-project studio
    2. VR sickness cannot be solved by hardware improvements alone
    3. Daybreak adds second scholarship to GIRL competition
    4. Dragon Quest Heroes is top of Japanese charts
    5. Bigpoint bumps up live games management team
    6. A word on dealing with publishers: Don't
    7. How NaturalMotion is leading Zynga's quest to be #1 on mobile
    8. Riot Games rated one of America's top 15 places to work
    9. Gabe: "Zero per cent" of people get motion sick from Vive HMD
    10. MindMaze lands $8.5 million funding round
    11. Rock Band returns on "one of the leanest budgets we've ever had"
    12. Gumi adjusts full year forecasts from $10.6m profit to $5m loss
    13. Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor takes Game of the Year at GDC
    14. Outer Wilds wins grand prize at 2015 IGF Awards
    15. Raptr creates new suite of tools for Intel gamers
    16. Dealing with harassment
    17. Phil Harrison to leave Microsoft
    1. Gaming hardware worth $67 billion in 2014 - JPR
    2. EA shuts down Maxis Emeryville
    3. ID@Xbox expands to Windows 10
    4. Nintendo eShop: "A nice safe haven from iOS and Android"
    5. "Nobody cares about performance in indie games any more"
    6. Microsoft confirms merger of Lift London and Soho Productions
    7. Valve reveals Source 2, free to all developers
    8. Nvidia introduces Shield Android TV console
    9. Mobile tales of epic fail
    1. Project Morpheus to launch in the first half of 2016
    2. Survey asks devs what hurts industry perception
    3. Star Wars: The Old Republic dev calls for an end to "whales"
    4. Sony, Wargaming, Daybreak talk free-to-play on consoles
    5. "There's no royalties, no f***ing around" - Riccitiello
    6. Storm8 games have amassed 1 billion downloads
    7. Wooga sets new launch record as Agent Alice hits 3m downloads in 4 days
    8. WoW to allow players to buy play time with in-game currency
    9. Polygon hires The Mary Sue founder Susana Polo
    10. eSports: The women in this space are walking through a minefield
    11. Independent game sales in 2015
    12. Bears vs. Art vs. Analytics
    1. Community management in the culture wars
    2. Unreal Engine drops subscription fee, goes free for everyone
    3. RockYou raises $23 million in funding
    4. Ex-Eurogamer EIC Tom Bramwell joins Riot
    5. "I didn't want another heroic 'save the world' game"
    6. Physical release puts Dying Light in UK top spot
    7. Ex-Dreamhack CEO Robert Ohlen joins Gfinity
    8. Halfbrick vets form Prettygreat in Brisbane
    9. UK retailer GAME acquires Multiplay
    10. Never Alone to have company in "world games" genre
    11. Valve and HTC reveal Vive VR headset