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July 2018 Archive

    1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf becomes best-selling title in the franchise
    2. Steam active users on unusual decline throughout 2018
    3. Valve adds pop-ups to Community Market warning of potential scams
    4. Paradox Interactive chooses development over stagnation with CEO switch
    5. Coming full circle with Halo
    6. PSVR designer Richard Marks joins Google's advanced technology department
    7. PlayStation drives $17.9 billion Q1 for Sony
    8. EA shuts down open source SimCity 2000 over lifted assets
    9. EGX Rezzed 2019 set to be largest in event's history
    10. Team17: Everyone is expecting us to buy a lot of studios
    11. BAFTA Crew program adds 174 new members
    12. Backers receive first units of delayed ZX Spectrum Vega+
    13. Increased profits and $1.5bn sales kick off Nintendo's financial year
    14. Investment Summit Early Bird ends today
    15. GungHo shares slump on decline of Puzzle & Dragons
    16. New York shows Spectrum ISP the door, in part for throttling League of Legends
    1. EA launches Origin Access Premier
    2. Area 35, ex-employee settle defamation suit
    3. Vainglory has made $50 million in revenue since launch
    4. Abstractism removed from Steam store for 'cryptojacking'
    5. Fortnite mobile earned average of $3.47 per install 90 days after launch - SensorTower
    6. Why did licensed games get better?
    7. Playground Games hires BioWare, EA Motive and Rocksteady talent for upcoming RPG
    8. Jagex backs Investment Summit 2018
    9. Gran Turismo Sport gets microtransactions in July update
    10. Fortnite mobile breaks 100m downloads and $160m IAP revenue
    11. Empires & Puzzles: Disrupting the biggest market with the smallest team
    12. Bank of Innovation floats on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
    13. HTC defends lack of data when disputing VR "tailspin"
    14. Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy is still No.1 in the UK
    15. Portal 2 writer Jay Pinkerton returns to Valve
    16. How mobile can unlock esports for a casual audience
    17. Monster Hunter: World passes 8m sold in strong Q1 for Capcom
    18. Overwatch League franchise spots for next season could be worth up to $60m
    19. FoxNext to join Disney after $71.3 billion Fox deal approved by shareholders
    1. Jobs roundup: Bendix Engmann joins Eurogamer video team
    2. Paradox: "We've released crappy games in the past... I don't want to do that anymore"
    3. SpecialEffect aims for £500,000 with One Special Day 2018
    4. $2.65m Binding of Isaac card game Kickstarter smashes target by over 5,000%
    5. Former Quantic Dream employee wins court case against developer
    6. Microsoft invests $500,000 in coding and tech training for students of colour
    7. Genital Jousting passes 360,000 copies sold
    8. The business case for a streaming Xbox
    1. $50m Netease investment will help Improbable realise dream of “trillion dollar games industry”
    2. EA open to cross-platform playability for Battlefield, other key franchises
    3. EA financials show quiet Q1 reflective of few releases
    4. The Escapist relaunches with "no politics" pledge
    5. Focus Home Interactive posts $33.2m in Q1 revenue
    6. Forza Motorsport 7 removes prize crates, avoids paid tokens
    7. Sega capitalizing on foreign exchange with Yakuza, Total War
    8. Dragon Ball Z mobile title reaches estimated $1 billion revenue
    9. The Podcast: Artificial intelligence, with Chet Faliszek
    10. Pokémon Go brushes off competition from Jurassic World and The Walking Dead
    11. Humble Bundle, Fig and Private Division to talk at Investment Summit
    12. Dead Cells dev Motion Twin touts equal pay system
    13. took a $27m impairment charge on Armored Warfare development in Q2
    14. The art of failing: What 11 bit Studios learnt from Beat Cop
    15. Denuvo investigation reportedly leads to arrest for games pirate Voksi
    16. Dutch Dota 2 players can now see the contents of their next loot box
    1. Xbox Adaptive Controller comes in accessible packaging
    2. PUBG Mobile's revenue reaches $30 million
    3. No Man's Sky Next reaches over 50,000 concurrent players
    4. Worldwide digital spending up 15% in June - Superdata
    5. Wizard of Legends sells 500,000 copies
    6. The chart-topping return of Dontnod Entertainment
    7. Fortnite's success may be undermining big franchises - Superdata
    8. Vertigo Games launches publishing company Vertigo Arcades
    9. Ranida Games secures VC investment from Discovery Nusantara Capital
    10. Tankee launches kids' gaming content network
    11. Grid Autosport has sold 100,000 on iOS
    12. Dr Jo Twist announced as chair of BAFTA Games Committee
    13. No More Robots' first year was "far better than we'd dared to hope for"
    14. UK Games Fund reveals 11 companies to receive development grants
    15. Japanese tech firm Line Corp acquires controlling stake in NextFloor
    16. PUBG Corp details five-year esports plan
    17. Epic Games worth $8 billion following Fortnite success
    18. Nicalis: Devils, dragons, and details
    1. Knock Knock raises $2 million in seed funding
    2. TSM raises $37 million in Series A funding
    3. Jam City reportedly filing for IPO this week
    4. Football Manager 2018 saw 800,000 players last month
    5. Fortnite daily mobile revenue reaches $2m
    6. MidBoss picks up the pieces after employee abuse scandal
    7. Studio Pixel Punk: Getting diversity right means going beyond "good intentions"
    8. The Careers Survey 2018: Lower pay but less crunch
    9. James Ohlen: Anthem failure won't mean the end of BioWare
    10. PAI Partners bids for Catan publisher Asmodee in €1.2 billion deal
    11. Psyonix reveals loot box odds for Rocket League
    12. Surprise Attack relaunches as Fellow Traveller Games
    1. The C64 Mini launches in North America this October
    2. Microsoft working on streaming-only console - Report
    3. Square Enix partners with Blacknut for cloud gaming
    4. 2018 has highest game completion rating of PS Vita's lifespan
    5. International Olympic Committee hosts forum to discuss esports
    6. 2K's light slate belies bigger ambitions
    7. Raiders of the Broken Planet going free-to-play less than a year after launch
    8. Onrush struggles lead to Evolution layoffs
    9. Nintendo files copyright infringement lawsuit against two console ROM websites
    10. Bandai Namco: “We want 50% of our games to be new IP”
    11. Amazon and London Venture Partners join Investment Summit
    12. UK Charts: Crash Bandicoot holds No.1 as Xbox exclusives dominate Top Ten
    13. Candy Crush Saga revenue spikes 18% in Q2 to over $200m
    14. Next Games looks to The Walking Dead for growth after €7m H1 loss
    15. Keywords Studios buys Yokozuna Data for $1.5 million
    16. Halo leads kick off Reboot Develop Blue 2019 speaker line-up
    1. Octopath Traveler impresses in European charts
    1. Bandai Namco establishes new development team for VR, AR, MR
    2. Trion Worlds eliminates 15 positions post-Defiance 2050 launch
    3. Minecraft most downloaded Switch game in Japan so far this year
    4. For the record: Report on Saudi Arabia ban of 47 games inaccurate
    5. Rockfish: Live Steam broadcasting will change the game for indie marketing
    6. 90,000 Steam accounts banned in Valve's biggest anti-cheat purge to date
    7. Guiding children towards healthy gaming
    8. PUBG developer apologies after controversial World War II references found in game
    9. Time is running out to enter our UK Best Places To Work Awards
    10. Keywords Studios acquires Snowed In Studios
    11. Breaking down Azeroth's gates
    1. Niantic outlines Pokemon Go cheating policy
    2. iQiyi acquires Skymoons for $190 million
    3. Microsoft annual gaming revenue tops $10 billion
    4. THQ Nordic to publish Avalanche's Generation Zero at retail
    5. Oculus Go supporting otherwise faltering VR headset market
    6. PUBG's PGI Charity Showdown brings famous streamers together for charity
    7. Mini Metro sells over one million units
    8. GAME restructures senior management team
    9. Bethesda unlikely to use external developers in future
    10. End of a Saga: What Stoic learnt from the Mass Effect finale
    11. Six app store optimisation techniques to get your game noticed on mobile
    12. UK tax breaks have helped finance 480 video games
    13. Develop:Brighton 2018 attracted record number of attendees
    14. Submissions open for EGX 2018 Leftfield Collection
    15. Unity: "Games wouldn't see the light of day" without asset stores
    16. Guerrilla Games to nearly double its staff with planned office move
    17. Game Accessibility Conference comes to Europe this October
    18. NetEase buys a minority stake in Jumpship
    19. V2 Games acquired by investment firm Victory Square
    20. Roblox: “Our work on safety is never-ending”
    21. Muriel Tramis becomes second-ever game designer awarded the Legion of Honour
    22. Jurassic World Evolution hits one million sales
    23. Tecmo Koei's patent lawsuit against Capcom dismissed
    1. Google Play continues to widen global download gap with iOS
    2. Tencent awarded $2.89 million in lawsuit against Mobile Legends CEO
    3. Xaviant Games removes The Culling 2 from storefronts
    4. NetEase moves to dismiss PUBG Corp lawsuit
    5. Taking stock after five years of ID@Xbox
    6. Fallout 76 and the thrill of 'stranger danger'
    7. HyperX ships five million gaming headsets
    8. Star Citizen backer loses court case for $4,500 refund
    9. Jobs Roundup: Roblox welcomes new VP of product
    10. "Real innovation is coming from emerging markets in many spaces - game development is one of them"
    11. Niantic acquires VR and mobile developer Seismic Games
    12. HTML5 game developer FRVR secures $3m funding
    13. Blizzard makes WoW base game and expansions free to subscribers
    1. Madden lead Carlos Guerrero dismissed from EA
    2. The Crew 2 activity "in line" with The Crew 1
    3. Fortnite has earned $1 billion from in-game purchases alone
    4. Ubisoft net bookings ahead of projections in Q1
    5. Challenging videogame music tropes
    6. Uncharted 4's commitment to making every moment matter
    7. Video game Kickstarters have raised almost $10m so far in 2018
    8. AppLovin' takes $400 million investment
    9. Earn while you play start-up Blast secures $12m seed funding
    10. “There will be more IPOs”: Rebuilding trust in the UK games industry
    11. The Podcast: Shorter games and quicker releases, with Mike Bithell
    12. Sega, Green Man Gaming and Creative Europe join Investment Summit
    13. Toxicity in Overwatch down by over a quarter following new measures from Blizzard
    14. Pokémon GO Fest draws 21,000 visitors in its second year
    15. Mobile game spending up 19 per cent in H1 2018 - Sensor Tower
    16. Gamedex raises $800,000 for blockchain collectible card games
    1. Valve temporarily halting new adult game releases on Steam
    2. Octi raises $7.5 million in seed funding
    3. Amazon may have allowed sales of pirated games
    4. Klang Games raises $8.75m for AI-driven space colonization MMO
    5. Marvel Strike Force brings in over $25 million since launch
    6. Physical versions of Octopath Traveler already out of stock in Japan
    7. Stanga Games raises $500,000 in additional funding round
    8. Huuuge Games launches publishing brand Tap Tap Games
    9. How Remedy is taking Control of its own destiny
    10. Germany bans vague pre-order release dates
    11. Gran Turismo Sport passes five million players
    12. Nintendo UK charging up to £180 for cracked Switch repairs
    13. Nintendo lawsuit against Colopl won't block developer's Switch release
    14. UK Charts: Crash Bandicoot holds off LEGO Incredibles and Octopath Traveler to stay No.1
    15. How Talefun increased in-game advertising revenue by 20%
    1. Ubisoft Berlin approved for $1.85m subsidy from city government
    2. Rainbow Six Siege instantly bans players for using slurs
    3. Abusive chat in competitive Overwatch down 26.4% in the Americas
    4. Facebook invested $88.3 million to expand its Redmond Oculus HQ this year
    5. 86% of UK parents don't follow age restrictions on video games
    6. Roblox creators poised to earn over $70 million in 2018
    7. Over 400,000 have pre-ordered iOS version of Hello Neighbor
    8. Jade Raymond on applying lessons from Assassin's Creed to her new project at EA
    9. Ovosonico: Games will be "like the Netflix button on your remote - that easy"
    10. Valve locks Counter-Strike loot boxes for Dutch and Belgian players
    11. Arena of Valor revenue passes $3m seven months after US release
    12. Check out the pictures from the Summer Party
    13. What's behind Nintendo's falling stock price?
    14. Tropico publisher acquires Commandos franchise among others
    1. James Ohlen retires from BioWare
    2. NetEase's Identity V downloaded over 100 million times
    3. What the Golf? wins Indie Showcase at Develop:Brighton
    4. Former Hearthstone head Ben Brode opens new studio
    5. AppLovin launches publishing division Lion Studios
    6. Hangar 13: Diversifying your team protects you from blind spots
    7. How gamers really feel about loot boxes
    8. Epic Games adjusts Unreal Engine Marketplace share in favor of creators
    9. Blizzard, ArenaNet and Twitch join line-up for Devcom 2018
    10. Ninja Theory dominates the Develop Awards
    11. Magic Leap takes new investment from AT&T
    12. "You can't trust people": How to stop your playtesters lying to you
    13. AbleGamers donates $10k in assistive gaming equipment to children's hospital
    1. Valve updates "Upcoming" tab on Steam to focus on user interests
    2. Epic Games offers $8 million prize pool for Summer Skirmish competition
    3. Warner Bros acquires Plexchat
    4. NPD: Nintendo Switch on track to be the best-selling console of Q4, and all of 2018
    5. Blizzard and Disney partner to bring Overwatch League to ESPN, other networks
    6. RuneScape has brought in over $800 million in lifetime revenue
    7. Vampyr sells over 450,000 copies one month after launch
    8. Inaugural Game Dev Heroes awards winners revealed
    9. Fighting a toxic Steam community - and winning
    10. New publisher Inca Games will release Latin American games worldwide
    11. Shuhei Yoshida reflects on the PS2 launch: "We were awfully unprepared"
    12. ESA president: Crunch “hasn't been a significant issue” for ten years
    13. Steam Spy and the need for numbers
    14. Monster Hunter World concerns trigger 13% drop for Capcom shares
    15. Supercell becomes first publisher to operate two multi-billion-dollar mobile games
    1. Tilting Point increases user acquisition fund for mobile developers
    2. ArtCraft Entertainment forms new division to create new MMO tech
    3. We need parents on board if we want to protect their children
    4. Good Shepherd eyes growth through "bigger investments with bigger titles"
    5. IGDA asks studios to "clarify the guidelines and expectations around social media use"
    6. The Binding of Isaac card game raises $1 million in a week on Kickstarter
    7. ArenaNet "promised me that I wouldn't have to check my identity at the door"
    8. Former EA and THQ talent fill out management ranks at Keywords Studios
    1. EA acquires Industrial Toys
    2. Nintendo aiming for 20 to 30 Switch indie releases per week
    3. Global Top Round accepting indie game applications for 2018 accelerator program
    4. Asia-focused Titanfall Online canceled
    5. Overwatch "Pink Mercy" sales raise $12.7 million for breast cancer research
    6. THQ Nordic acquires HandyGames
    7. “There is no magic formula” for getting noticed on Steam
    8. Tencent plans to take WeGame worldwide as Steam rivalry grows
    9. University of Roehampton introduces UK's first esports scholarship
    10. Niantic's Ingress to get Netflix animated series later this year
    11. Team Fortress 2 leads as biggest player counts on Steam revealed
    12. UK Charts: Jurassic World narrowly misses No.1 as Crash Bandicoot holds firm
    13. BAFTA reveals 2018 Young Game Designers winners
    14. id Software: Avoiding cannibalization in the post-apocalypse
    15. Pokémon Quest downloads pass 7.5 million
    16. Fate Grand Order drives $1.8 billion revenue for Sony-owned Aniplex
    17. Xbox FastStart is now enabled for select games
    1. Check out the impact the Steam Sale has on the European charts
    1. Pokemon GO has brought in $1.8 billion since launch
    2. ArenaNet sends all the wrong messages
    3. Summer Party to open early for England game
    4. The Sims Mobile brings in over $15 million in four months
    5. The sessions to watch at Develop:Brighton 2018
    6. The European TV channel making documentaries with video games
    7. Nintendo, Valve, Sony, and EA reported in Norway for breaching European consumer law
    8. "Millions of people" are still playing Skyrim every month
    9. Coming out from under Grand Theft Auto's shadow
    10. ArenaNet cuts ties with Guild Wars 2 writers after Twitter spat
    11. Valve quickly shuts down developer method for estimating Steam sales
    1. Tencent to publish Game of Thrones mobile game in China
    2. Games account for 94% of Google Play revenue in South Korea
    3. Newzoo: Taiwanese gamers expected to spend $1.3 billion in 2018
    4. Jurassic World already one of Steam's 2018 top sellers
    5. Hollow Knight surpasses 1 million copies sold on PC alone
    6. Women in Games launches strategy on improving gender diversity in esports
    7. The negativity of Keita Takahashi
    8. Xbox: Accessible games can “mean the difference between existing and living” for disabled people
    9. 1.4m sales makes Conan Exiles the biggest game in Funcom's history
    10. Battalion 1944 developer Bulkhead Interactive opens new Munich studio
    11. The E3 reveal that surprised Farming Simulator fans
    12. Keywords Studios reveals new venture capital arm
    13. Todd Howard: Service-based Fallout 76 doesn't mark the future direction of Bethesda
    1. When's the right time to start building hype?
    2. E3 2018 has GameStop “looking forward to an incredible Q4”
    3. Breadcrumbs Interactive embraced Slavic folklore to find Yaga's unique voice
    4. Fortnite mobile has half the downloads of PUBG, but five times the revenue
    5. Failbetter Games launches week-long #LoveIndies campaign
    6. Electronic Arts publishing Josef Fares' next game
    7. Switch version of Fox N Forests outsells PlayStation 4 by 4:1
    8. Humble Bundle, Fig and Miniclip added to Investment Summit
    9. Roblox bans players who 'gang raped' a seven-year-old's avatar
    10. Pokémon Quest generates $3m in first week on mobile
    1. Ubisoft VP says company moving away from "finite experiences"
    2. AI achieves "human-level performance" in Quake III Arena
    3. We Happy Few wins appeal for reclassification in Australia
    4. Clash of Clans iOS players have spent over $4 billion
    5. PUBG surpasses 8 million players on Xbox One
    6. Thunderful acquires UK and US publisher Rising Star Games
    7. Monster Hunter redefined big game hunting
    8. Jonathan Blow: "C++ is a weird mess"
    9. Venatus expands into Asia-Pacific with Seoul office
    10. Resident Evil 2 Remake wins Best of Show at the E3 2018 Game Critic Awards
    11. Reggie Fils-Aimé: The 3DS “continues to be a vibrant system”
    12. The Podcast: Fighting Ageism, with Kate Edwards
    13. Hollow Knight sold 250,000 in two weeks on Nintendo Switch
    14. Sony raises monthly price of PlayStation Vue TV service
    15. Super Mario Run surpasses $60m revenue after two years
    16. Bethesda: "Sony is not as helpful as everyone would like" on cross-play
    1. Microsoft files patent for AI-driven cheat detection
    2. OpenAI teaching neural networks to compete with Dota 2 professionals
    3. New Intellivision console will have all new games, all exclusives, disc controller
    4. Iron Mountain Interactive secures $3m investment from Oasis Games
    5. Making the most of voice talent
    6. Take-Two: "We don't believe in Red Dead Redemption 2 success until we deliver it"
    7. Paradox turns its eye to M&A and mobile development
    8. Crash Bandicoot remake overtakes The Crew 2 to score eighth UK No.1
    9. Summer Games Done Quick raises $2.1m for Doctors Without Borders