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October 2017 Archive

    1. EA Sports helps EA grow revenue, narrow losses
    2. "VR's potential is literally infinite" - Oculus
    3. Profits up at Konami thanks to strong performance in mobile market
    4. A different kind of indiepocalypse
    5. Riot Games introduces revenue sharing in EU LCS overhaul
    6. The untapped potential of games to shape the future
    7. MAG Interactive acquires QuizDuel developer FEO Media
    8. PlayStation drives Sony's Q2 2017 revenues up to $18.25bn
    9. Oil lobbyists accuse game of promoting "eco-terrorism"
    10. Super Mario Run is still short of Nintendo's profit expectations
    11. Super Mario Odyssey hits 2 million sales
    1. CCP exits the VR business
    2. Sucker Punch samurai game headlines Sony show
    3. Why do we even need a British Games Institute?
    4. lets devs distribute to Patreon backers
    5. International Olympic Committee takes steps to recognise esports
    6. Vreal is aiming to be more than just "Twitch for VR"
    7. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds could face ban in China
    8. Rob Pardo: VR MMOs not happening any time soon
    9. Super Mario Odyssey and Assassin's Creed Origins top UK boxed charts
    10. Football Manager to include gay players for first time in series' history
    11. Five do-it-yourself PR tips for indies
    12. Switch shipments will near 17 million units by the end of March
    13. GameStop introduces unlimited pre-owned pass
    1. Microsoft tests game gifting on Xbox Live
    2. AIAS President Meggan Scavio unloads the DICE
    3. Stephen Toulouse passes away at 45
    4. Doubt cast on future of Amazon Game Studios' first major development
    5. Super Mario Odyssey: Critical Consensus
    6. Jobs Roundup: New management at Vungle after former CEO arrested
    7. Reclaiming Assassin's Creed's lost identity
    8. Microsoft UK warns of possible Xbox One X launch shortages
    9. Digital Extremes suspends production on The Amazing Eternals
    10. GameMaker Studio 2 joins Xbox Live Creators Program
    11. Xbox software and services Q1 revenue offsets hardware decline
    12. The economics of single-player games
    1. Steam beta tests Curator changes
    2. ZX Spectrum: An enduring legacy
    3. BAFTA announces Breakthrough Brits of 2017
    4. "Hurricane Maria knocked us back into the Stone Age for a few days"
    5. Loot box petition prompts response from UK government
    6. Milestone races towards its biggest ever year
    7. Bungie reverses Destiny 2 bans handed out in error
    8. Bundle Stars rebranding as Fanatical
    9. Steam launches digital gift cards
    10. Call of Duty World League returns with $4.2 million prize pool
    11. What went wrong with Lawbreakers?
    12. Warner Bros takes over Rocket League retail rights from 505 Games
    13. Developers question Patreon's adult games restrictions
    1. Destiny 2 enjoys largest digital console launch ever - SuperData
    2. Intel: VR is "eye-opening moment" for computing
    3. Microsoft discontinues Kinect
    4. Bending the board game rules on mobile
    5. Mobile downloads and consumer spending hit record high
    6. New video capture studio Dimension opens doors in London
    7. Nintendo fully embraces in-app purchases with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
    8. There will be no fast-track visas for the UK games industry
    9. Unreal Engine adds ARKit and ARCore support
    10. NPD: Loot box controversy having no impact on game sales
    1. GlobalStep acquires Bug-Tracker
    2. On doubling your price out of Early Access
    3. Human Head's Tim Gerritsen leads new Fantasy Flight Games studio
    4. Make Your Own Mario Kart
    5. Over three times as many video game projects fail than succeed on Kickstarter
    6. Keywords begins £50m VMC acquisition
    7. Starbreeze cedes majority control of StarVR to Acer
    8. Rockstar wants to return to single-player DLC in future games
    9. Ex-Visceral dev calls death of single-player fears "totally absurd"
    10. Destiny 2 is the best-selling game of 2017 in the US so far
    11. Esports firm Cloud9 raises $25m in latest funding round
    12. First batch of backwards compatible Xbox games hit Xbox One
    1. The Escapist lays off "all paid staff" - Report
    2. Adding multiplayer would "dilute" Wolfenstein's storytelling
    3. British Games Institute targets government approval with online petition
    4. How games media can work more effectively with PR
    5. First game announced for Twitch Extensions
    6. Wired Productions donates $10,000 to mental health charity Take This
    7. Solid start for Gran Turismo Sport in congested week for UK games retail
    8. Skipmore's Kamiko sells 150,000 on Switch
    9. NeoGAF goes offline in wake of sexual assault allegations
    10. What's next for Activision Blizzard's $300m merchandise business
    11. Treasure Hunters FanClub formed to fund indies
    1. Limited Run Games supporting Switch
    2. Sony: Planet of the Apes and PlayLink will help us reach non-gamers
    3. What do you do when a hate group steals your logo?
    4. Ignited Artists: "We're here to win, and to win together"
    5. Slot machine denies Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC trademark
    6. Gaming video content has an audience of 665 million
    7. Brawlhalla dev Blue Mammoth Games opening new Netherlands studio
    8. BAFTA adds Game Beyond Entertainment awards category
    9. Gabe Newell's $5.5bn net worth puts him in US' top 100 wealthiest
    10. Games for the Many: how Labour plans to win elections with video games
    11. New York Yankees invest in Vision Esports
    12. Microsoft introduces anti-cheating tool for UWP games developers
    13. Facebook Instant Games trialling monetisation options for developers
    14. Making the industry's voice heard on Brexit
    1. Harmonix lays off 14 - Report
    2. IGDA adopts zero tolerance policy on harassment
    3. The Evil Within 2: Critical Consensus
    4. Nintendo Switch passes 2 million US sales
    5. Tending the Manifold Garden
    6. From taverns to tournaments: The rise of Gwent as an esport
    7. Five reasons why Christmas 2017 might not be a disaster for games retail
    8. Sumo Digital expands studios and management with five key hires
    9. Digital Storefront report: "Never discount less than 40%"
    10. Mobile devs donating Google Play revenue to fight hunger
    11. Implied sexual assault scene in Call of Duty modified for Australia
    12. Keywords buys d3t for £3 million
    13. The games industry responds to #MeToo
    14. Resident Evil VII ships four million units but remains a long way from sales target
    1. Curse veteran to lead expansion of loots America
    2. Lego Dimensions dropped
    3. How games PR can work more effectively with the media
    4. Loot boxes: Future of AAA or a monetisation misfire?
    5. Tomb Raider creative director steps down to join indie developer
    6. Humble Bundle: IGN deal's value will be proved through action, not words
    7. Jessica Curry to return as host of Classic FM video game music show
    8. Patent that pushes microtransactions through multiplayer granted to Activision
    1. Magic Leap lands another $502 million
    2. EA closing Visceral Games
    3. Brexit fears resurface at Westminster games panel
    4. Eastern European developers seek growth through solidarity
    5. Hard games as a disempowerment fantasy
    6. Japanese mobile market outgrows US three years in a row
    7. The technical artists balancing polycounts and visual quality
    8. Sony to publish Nintendo Switch games with new label Unties
    9. More games released on Steam this year than whole of 2016
    10. Overwatch hits 35 million players
    11. Indiegogo launches marketplace
    1. Sumo Digital going public - Report
    2. CD Projekt Red responds to scathing Glassdoor reviews
    3. Chinese firm Leyou buys 20% of Certain Affinity for $10m
    4. Wargaming opens new Moscow mobile studio
    5. Does anyone own the Battle Royale genre?
    6. Apple asked to remove Philippines drug war games from App Store
    7. Loot box petition will get a response from UK government
    8. NBA: “Esports is a massive industry, and we think we have a place in it”
    9. Warner dominates UK charts with Shadow of War and Lego - but FIFA still No.1
    10. Apple: "Quality" AR headsets aren't possible with current tech
    11. PUBG has doubled total banned players in a month
    1. Ex-Naughty Dog dev levies sexual harassment allegation
    1. IGN buys Humble Bundle
    2. Cuphead sells 1 million
    3. VR chasm of disappointment becoming more of an abyss?
    4. Post-IPO Rovio: "Our numbers will tell the best story going forward"
    5. "One million-plus" gamers have PSVR - Sony
    6. Telltale: “We have yet to tackle a romantic comedy”
    7. Jobs Roundup: EA comms boss joins Gfinity
    8. Leaked assets partly responsible for Swery's crowdfunding failure
    9. Ed Vaizey joins British Esports Association as vice chair
    10. Magic Leap lining up another $1 billion in funding
    11. Xbox head says cross-platform talks with Sony go nowhere
    12. Riot co-founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merril to lead development on new title
    13. Thinking outside the loot box
    14. Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw leaves Bioware
    1. Nickelodeon to ramp up console offering, starting with The Loud House
    2. Biology game Niche thrives by going against the flow
    3. Bigger than Minecraft, gunning for YouTube: Roblox's ambitions
    4. H1Z1 Pro League announced for 2018
    5. Supercell CEO hands over control to 15-year-old girl for the day
    6. Mobile developer Supersolid secures $4 million investment
    7. PUBG passes two million concurrent players milestone
    1. Oculus reveals VR titles from Respawn and Pixar
    2. Oculus wants to replace your computer monitor
    3. Loot boxes aren't gambling - ESRB
    4. Oculus Go to ship early next year for $199
    5. Zynga to close Oxford offices
    6. Fortnite reaches ten million players
    7. Equity crowdfunding's early success asks tough questions of Kickstarter
    8. Rising game dev costs put squeeze on mid-tier studios
    9. Virtual social spaces app receives additional $11 million funding
    10. Green Man Gaming expands into Latin America market
    11. Open source DK2 reveals cancelled Oculus headset
    12. Tekken 7 has sold over two million units on consoles
    13. SNES Mini sells over 360,000 units in Japan in four days
    14. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds passes 15m sales
    1. Disruptor Beam lays off staff
    2. Call of Duty, Pokemon lead holiday games hype
    3. Games as a service has "tripled the industry's value"
    4. The BBC Micro's macro impact
    5. Popular YouTuber calls for ESRB to step in over loot boxes
    6. COPPA: A game developer's primer
    7. Studio Gobo Brighton rebrands as Electric Square
    8. 3rd Eye Studios raises $1 million
    9. Fired Riot employee discusses toxicity and community engagement
    10. Ninja Theory will donate all of today's Hellblade sales to charity
    11. Microsoft calls it quits on Windows Phone hardware and features
    1. Hulu jumps into esports
    2. Accessibility on a budget
    3. Leap Motion opens new research studio in London
    4. Fortnite Battle Royale hits 525k concurrent users
    5. Sex and gaming: Selling Japan's Senran Kagura to the West
    6. Life after Agents of Mayhem: Where now for Volition?
    7. Nintendo shares hit-ten year high
    8. UK Charts: Two Forza games in Top Three as FIFA retains No.1
    1. What can game developers learn from road safety?
    2. Digital Extremes expands to Toronto
    3. "It's disturbing that Wolfenstein can be considered a controversial political statement"
    4. Jobs Roundup: Andrew House leaves PlayStation
    5. Activision Blizzard is ready to deliver on Overwatch League hype
    6. Sweeney: Fortnite engine improvements will benefit more than battle royale bandwagon
    7. Creation Club brings paid mods to Skyrim
    8. SpecialEffect's One Special Day raises £300,000 for charity
    9. Turn 10 studio head apologises to fans over Forza 7 VIP passes
    10. Final Fantasy: Back from the brink of disaster
    1. Middle-earth: Shadow of War: Critical Consensus
    2. "We'll fix it in UI"
    3. Scopely to open Barcelona office
    4. American esports audiences most receptive to corporate sponsorship, Nielsen report reveals
    5. Kongregate acquires developer Synapse Games
    6. Spreading social acceptance through a mobile game
    7. Immortals appoint former hockey league officer as new president and COO
    8. Fortnite tech benefits all Unreal users, but will it fuel the rise of Battle Royale copycats?
    9. Toys R Us launches AR app to drive footfall into struggling stores
    10. The Nintendo Switch indie gold rush
    11. Ubisoft to buy back 4m shares as it fends off Vivendi takeover
    1. Inbetween Games' debut is a tribute to Berlin's diversity
    2. UK's biggest schools esports tournament returns to the London Games Festival
    3. FIFA 18 and Destiny 2 headline improved September for UK games market
    4. SpecialEffect celebrates ten years of life changing work
    5. Steam, Samsung and Halo all coming to Windows Mixed Reality
    6. The Podcast: Composing for Early Access with Gareth Coker
    7. AltspaceVR is now part of Microsoft
    1. Immortals split threatens Counter-Strike team
    2. Riot dev out after taking shots at oft-banned player
    3. Sonic the Hedgehog movie lands at Paramount
    4. Waking up to localization
    5. Turtle Rock's VR push: "It really is the future of computing"
    6. Hawken studio kills PC edition to "refocus development efforts"
    7. IndieBox shuts down subscription service
    8. Sports Interactive relocates to Here East
    9. Silicon Echo's reputation is "destroyed beyond repair" after Steam's fake game crackdown
    10. Unity reacts to Switch development woes
    11. Andrew House leaving Sony after 27 years
    12. How to support the next generation of game developers
    1. Final Fantasy XIV: Closing in on peak WoW
    2. Bungie goes indie, BioWare gets bought
    3. Alibaba planning to establish dedicated games business unit
    4. Daedalic Entertainment: "1,000 releases in six weeks? It's crazy"
    5. Sony releasing updated PlayStation VR in Japan this month
    6. Jeff Kaplan: ''It often feels like there is no winning'' against toxic Overwatch users
    7. Plague Inc surpasses 100m players
    8. FIFA 18 takes No.1, three out of five copies sold on PS4
    9. Nintendo Creators Program cuts off livestreamers
    10. PlayStation introduces credit card