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January 2016 Archive

    1. EA's absence from E3 is not a death knell
    2. The Witness is being heavily pirated
    3. MGS V sells 6m, pushes Konami digital profits up by 150%
    4. USC to start publishing label focused on "innovative work"
    5. Arcen Games cuts staff following sales slump
    6. Gambitious: 3 years, 6 successful projects
    7. Did EA's CFO reveal the install base for Xbox One?
    8. Sony sold 8.4 million PS4s in Q3
    9. PlayStation's move to America won't change its DNA
    1. Microsoft gaming revenues up 9%
    2. Tesco games exec joins Activision
    3. Star Wars Battlefront passes 13m shipped as EA exceeds Q3 guidance
    4. Gameloft annual sales figures up 13% in 2015
    5. Blizzard launches Heroes Of The Dorm 2016
    6. Niantic's Ingress has over 14m downloads
    7. Rocketdesk takes off in Guildford
    8. Submissions open for BAFTA Young Game Designer 2016
    9. begins selling in-development games
    10. 2K extends WWE license
    11. GameStop makes publishing debut with Insomniac's Song of the Deep
    12. Next Games secures $10m in new funding
    13. Blade & Soul secures 1m Western players in week one
    14. Sumo Digital to open third studio in Nottingham
    15. Google Cardboard has shipped 5 million units
    16. Radio One commissions new weekly games show
    17. Fun Academy formed by Rovio's key education staff
    18. Witcher 3 was the most written about game of 2015
    19. 160 jobs cut as Gameloft closes New Zealand studio
    20. Monster Hunter drives Capcom forwards again
    21. Bungie president Harold Ryan steps down
    1. Sony fails to secure "Let's Play" trademark
    2. Legendary Entertainment invests in Dead Realm publisher
    3. Japanese charts get all new top five
    4. No E3 booth for EA this year
    5. Rovio signs Angry Birds ad deal with Venatus Media
    6. Big Viking Games buys Gallop Labs
    7. Tips for running a great Kickstarter, from Kickstarter
    8. Core Labs looking to solve saturation
    9. Icejam raises $3 million to develop "Playable Data" platform
    10. GamesAid golf event confirmed for July
    11. Apple posts record profits in Q1, prepares for Q2 decline
    1. Pixelmage Games cancels Hero's Song Kickstarter
    2. PC trumps mobile, console in booming $61bn digital games market
    3. Donald Rumsfeld releases first game
    4. "Now is easily the best time to be making games in the UK"
    5. Critical Consensus: The Witness is tough, uncompromising, triumphant
    6. Jason Citron lands $20m for Discord
    7. FACEIT raises $15m in Series A funding
    8. Qualcomm investment boss switches to Microsoft Ventures
    9. Sony unites PlayStation and Network operations under one division
    1. Dev pulls Five Nights At Freddy's World from sale
    2. Undertale and Witcher 3 among SXSW nominees
    3. Game software to bring in $90 billion in 2016
    4. Mighty No.9 faces third delay
    5. eSports market to grow 43% to $463m in 2016 - Newzoo
    6. Arrowhead aims for niche, hits wider audience
    7. Black Ops III makes it seven straight weeks as UK #1
    8. Vine GM leaves Twitter to work on VR at Google
    9. Starbreeze to open VR arcade hall in Los Angeles
    1. Akili raises $30.5m for medical treatment games
    2. Apple hires virtual reality expert
    3. EA struggles to secure Unravel trademark
    4. Senior writer departs Bioware
    5. Nintendo edits Fire Emblem: Fates for the West
    6. The Cost of VR: a Consumer Response
    7. Hitman's episodic launch is a statement of confidence
    8. Starbreeze receives Smilegate investment
    9. Ubisoft partners with Elijah Wood's SpectreVision
    1. Gameloft opens Nigerian office
    2. Glu grabs minority equity stake in QuizUp dev
    3. Apple opens iOS App Development Centre in Italy
    4. New management hires for SuperAwesome
    5. Unity improves US parental leave
    6. What your game's price really means
    7. Randy Pitchford, Penn Jillette to kick off DICE 2016
    8. Redbubble launches fanart program for indie devs
    1. Marmalade scores mezzanine financing of $5m
    2. Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir takes Japanese #1
    3. Glu reveals Gordon Ramsay as latest celebrity partner
    4. Developers show rising confidence in VR/AR and eSports - GDC survey
    5. Capcom giving eSports a fighting chance
    6. Skillz launches new eSports multiplayer platform
    7. Mobile games lifecycle shortening - App Annie
    8. Creative England and Andy Serkis' Imaginarium form publisher
    9. Judge rules Total Recall Technologies can sue Oculus founder
    1. Oculus opening Pittsburgh research office
    2. New CEO for indie EnsenaSoft
    3. John Smedley reveals new studio Pixelmage Games
    4. Microsoft, Crytek launch educational gaming initiatives
    5. Dan Pinchbeck wins Writer's Guild award
    6. UK launches "Games London" to spotlight domestic industry
    7. Tokyo VR Startups launches incubator fund
    1. Rise of the Tomb Raider director joins Infinity Ward
    2. Microsoft: Hololens' visible area like 15" monitor 2ft away
    1. Plarium expands to London
    1. Twitch's #GeekGirlDinner
    2. ESA: People "deserve better" than NPD numbers
    3. OpTic Gaming lands book deal
    4. New Hitman game switches to episodic model
    5. Vivendi sells its stake in Activision Blizzard
    6. Studio Gobo expands with new Brighton office
    7. Call of Duty has sold 250 million units in its lifetime
    8. Channel 4's publishing arm details launch line-up
    9. Altara Games provides £1.5m in loans in first 6 months
    10. A final nail in the coffin of cloud streaming
    1. Robert Bowling now eSports team co-owner
    2. NPD: 2015 video game sales flat compared to 2014
    3. App Annie scores $63 million investment
    4. Kickstarter: $46 million pledged to video games in 2015
    5. ESPN ramps up eSports coverage
    6. Activision sued for portraying Angolan rebel as murderous "halfwit"
    7. GameStop plans new Kentucky distribution centre
    8. Life Is Strange sparks Square Enix anti-bullying campaign
    9. 360 Studios closing in on $2.5 million investment
    1. Google appoints new VP of virtual reality
    2. Analysts cool on VR, eSports
    3. YouTuber PewDiePie launches his own network
    4. GameStop CEO: Sony has strongest VR line up
    5. Monster Hunter X stays Japanese #1
    6. Early Access angst? Why it's OK to sell unfinished games
    7. Tomb Raider, Witcher lead DICE Award noms
    8. Activision Blizzard appoints new TV and film boss
    9. PC shipments showed record decline in Q4 2015
    10. GAME Digital prepares for difficult AGM
    1. Game of War leads TV ad spend surge in 2015
    2. Rockstar North studio head Leslie Benzies has departed
    3. Amazon pushes Prime with new game discounts
    4. Better together: Sumo Digital's Indian studio comes of age
    5. GameStop rakes in nearly $3 billion over holidays
    6. New approach by Valve pays dividends in Steam Winter Sale
    1. Staff cuts at fantasy esports site Vulcun
    2. Razer to donate That Dragon, Cancer proceeds to charity
    3. Writers Guild of America doles out game nominations
    4. Oculus open to subsidizing Rift in the future
    5. Xbox only hurting itself by refusing to share sales numbers
    6. Vive preorders open Feb 29, HTC confirms
    7. Oculus: PlayStation VR addresses "a separate market"
    8. Wargaming, Warner Bros. and Social Point to speak at MGF London
    9. Awesome Games Done Quick raised $1.2 million
    1. Gazillion CEO David Brevik resigns
    2. Metal Gear Solid V, The Witcher 3 among top noms for 2016 GDC Awards
    3. Marc Laidlaw retires from Valve
    4. StartEngine Crowdfunding lands $5.5m
    5. Watch DICE, Techland, Larian Studios and Campo Santo at EGX Rezzed
    6. Games dominated the UK's entertainment top 10 in 2015
    7. Monument Valley downloads increased 10x in 2015
    1. GameStop raises $2.8m for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
    2. Kabam sells Kingdoms of Camelot, The Hobbit and more
    3. Fake Minecraft sequel pulled from App Store
    4. Windows Store adopts IARC rating system
    5. EA expands US parental leave policy
    6. Roundtable: Rift's $600 aftermath
    7. Oculus must open the warchest and show us the software
    8. 10 Years Ago This Month - January 2006
    9. Japanese console market sunk to 26 year low in 2015
    10. The Catalis Group buys Curve Digital
    11. Luckey: "I handled the messaging poorly"
    1. Psychonauts 2 hits Fig funding goal
    2. App Store sees $1.1 billion in sales over Christmas
    3. Monster Hunter X is still Japanese #1
    4. Cibele, Undertale and Her Story among IGF Award finalists
    5. Oculus Rift priced $600, ships in March
    6. Microsoft-exclusive ReCore delayed
    7. Ember settles Machine Zone copycat suit with an apology
    8. Square Enix to close Shinra Technologies
    1. Lumos Labs to pay $2m Deceptive Advertising settlement
    2. HTC upgrades Vive VR headset with Vive Pre
    3. Oculus rewarding dev kit backers with free Kickstarter Edition Rift
    4. VR installed base to hit 38.9m by year-end - SuperData
    5. PS4 sales nearing 36 million
    6. Hideo Kojima makes it into AIAS Hall Of Fame
    7. Dan Gray appointed as head of studio for ustwo games
    8. Steam hosted $3.5 billion in paid game sales last year
    9. Rise of the Tomb Raider sold "well over" 1 million units
    1. Update: Activision confirms MLG buyout to create "ESPN of eSports"
    2. Windows 10 installed base tops 200 million
    3. Scalebound delayed until 2017
    4. Oculus Touch pushed into second half of 2016
    5. 72% of UK games businesses looking to expand in 2016
    6. Giselle Elizabeth Stewart and Jude Ower recognised in honours list
    7. Garry's Mod passes 10m sales barrier