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June 2022 Archive

    1. Omeda Studios raises $20m for Predecessor
    2. Squad sells 3m copies
    3. BAFTA announces 2022 Young Game Designers competition winners
    4. Mario + Rabbids could be this Christmas' Luigi's Mansion | Opinion
    5. 1C Entertainment rebrands to Fulqrum Games
    6. Joffre Capital acquires minority stake in Playtika
    7. Core Keeper passes 1m sales following Sunken Sea update
    8. Fire Emblem Heroes first Nintendo mobile title to hit $1bn in spending
    9. creator hits out at copycat for using site's code
    10. The future of AAA development culture: Sustainable, ethical, responsible | Playable Futures
    11. Around 4% of Unity's workforce laid off
    1. Niantic laying off up to 90 after cancelling four games
    2. Wildlife establishes Moon Tavern Games
    3. Blizzard acquires Spellbreak dev Proletariat to support World of Warcraft
    4. IGDA Foundation names Alyssa Walles executive director
    5. Quantic Lab responds to claims it misled CD Projekt while working on Cyberpunk 2077
    6. Getting your game covered, as told by journalists
    7. Develop:Brighton to offer free creche for attendees
    8. Xbox Games head is “confident” that Bethesda is not crunching
    9. Former Supercell devs raise $5m for new studio Bit Odd
    10. Spellbreak to shut down in early 2023
    1. Quebec devs fear new language law will hurt local games industry
    2. Sarah Wellock joins King as social and community lead | Jobs Roundup: June 2022
    3. Subscriptions will push console/PC to a record year, says DFC
    4. Incredibuild raises $35m in Series B funding round
    5. Building an Exploding Kittens transmedia universe
    6. UK Best Places To Work Awards 2022 Special Award finalists revealed
    7. Sowing the seeds of stability: Ten years of Supercell's Hay Day
    8. Valve ramps up Steam Deck production and shipping
    9. Kingdom Come Deliverance sells 5m units
    1. The Day Before part-time staffers are working for free
    2. Charting the video game industry's resilience in the face of so much uncertainty
    3. Head of Chinese publisher XD plans to leave the country
    4. Original Overwatch will become unplayable when Overwatch 2 releases
    5. 505 Games parent acquires D3 Go
    6. Everything you need before you even think of pitching to a publisher
    7. First ever Scottish Games Week will be held this October
    8. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes takes No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    9. Former Sega and Sony president Bernie Stolar has died
    10. Fall Guys hits 20 million players
    1. Miniclip to acquire mobile game developer Sybo
    2. Game devs speak up for abortion rights
    3. FaceIt raises $1m for charity during Gamers Without Borders
    4. Xbox's move from 'edgy' to 'everyone' | This Week in Business
    5. From finding investors to pitching publishers: The funding journey explained
    6. The coming recession will hit the industry hard | Opinion
    7. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot takes 30% pay cut
    8. PlayStation, Microsoft, Epic, Unity and more form Metaverse Standards Forum
    9. Zachtronics announces closure
    1. Brazilian publisher DX Gameworks sets up shop
    2. Mobile gaming revenue is on pace to generate $21.4bn during Q2 2022
    3. Twitch and Facebook Gaming viewership stops months-long slide
    4. It Takes Two makes cooperation necessary | Why I Love
    5. Tomb Raider and transmedia: What next for Embracer Group?
    6. Activision shareholders vote to re-elect board, including Bobby Kotick
    7. Self-care tips for games community managers - and their bosses
    8. Power On: The Story Of Xbox wins Daytime Emmy Award
    9. Summer Game Fest had 3.5 million peak concurrent viewers
    1. Little Hellions nearing deliverance after seven years
    2. "The old stereotype of games being for boys just doesn't exist anymore" | GI Live Online
    3. Saber Interactive accuses Spintires publisher Oovee Games of defamation
    4. PlayStation will not attend Gamescom 2022
    1. Activision Blizzard shareholders vote for New York's proposed annual abuse report
    2. Microsoft sees Xbox controller shortages
    3. "We want to be proud of Battlefield 2042"
    4. Elevating the way video game companies work with music
    5. Bungie wins lawsuit against cheat maker, awarded $13.5 million
    6. Lumi Interactive raises $6.75m
    7. Horizon Forbidden West reclaims No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Newzoo: Gamers like brands more than non-gamers do
    2. Diablo Immortal's Chinese launch delayed
    3. CMA probe into cloud gaming marks the start of increased antitrust scrutiny in gaming | Opinion
    4. EA CEO's salary drop to $19.9 million
    5. Ready or Not pulled from Steam after adding nightclub shooting level
    6. Thirsty Suitors wins 2022 Tribeca Games Award
    1. Diablo Immortal gets over $24 million in spending, within 14 days after launch
    2. The pandemic bubble isn't done bursting | This Week in Business
    3. V Rising sells two millions copies
    4. Discord introduces new moderation tools, including automod
    5. Report: Working in VR leads to more frustration and task load
    6. New PS Plus heralds the battle of the streaming services | Opinion
    7. Epic launches cross-play tools for Steam and Epic Games Store
    1. Ubisoft issues statement of support to women and LGBTQ+ communities
    2. Report: 79% of games industry workers support unionisation
    3. Activision Blizzard internal review finds "no evidence" it ignored harassment
    4. Netflix mobile titles have seen 13m downloads worldwide
    5. Humble Games on its ongoing indie publishing quest
    6. Getting growth right: The future of game industry acquisitions and consolidation | Playable Futures
    7. Ali-A's advice to further your content creator career
    8. Xbox CFO expects supply chain issues to continue through 2022
    1. AAA disappointment distracts from indie innovations | Podcast
    2. Consoles cannot die in a way that matters | 10 Years Ago This Month
    3. 343 apologizes for naming Juneteenth cosmetic after an ape
    4. UK watchdog says two in five Switch Joy-Cons affected by drift
    5. What has happened to all the video games?
    6. PixelAnt Games opens Czech Republic studio
    7. Sony's decision to release more games on PC makes complete sense | Opinion
    8. Stalker 2 delayed to 2023 | News-in-brief
    1. CMA to investigate Apple's & Google's influence over the mobile market
    2. Mobile game spending predicted to hit $117bn by 2026
    3. King purchases AI firm Peltarion
    4. Zordix: "Despite challenges and effort surrounding M&A, the risk still proves worth the reward"
    5. Game sales tumble 19% in May | US monthly charts
    6. What you should know before choosing open development
    7. CEO says Embracer "will not change in any way" after Saudi Arabia $1bn investment
    8. Wargaming opens Belgrade and Warsaw studios
    9. Nintendo Switch Sports takes Kirby's spot at No.1 | Japan Monthly Charts
    10. All the announcements | June 2022
    1. Devolver stock price plummets after lowering sales expectations
    2. Microsoft and CWA enter labor neutrality agreement
    3. Xbox's Riot Games deal was the biggest announcement yesterday | Opinion
    4. Kojima to keep working with PlayStation after Xbox deal announce
    5. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick agrees with PlayStation's subscription plan
    6. Perfect World denies graduate training scheme is 'pay to work'
    1. Starfield reveal, Hideo Kojima and Game Pass lead Xbox showcase
    2. Mario Strikers: Battle League shoots straight to No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Homeworld 3 slides into 2023
    2. How to watch the Xbox and Bethesda conference this Sunday
    3. E3 will never be the same | This Week in Business
    4. Pokémon software has shipped over 440 million units to date
    5. Activision Blizzard recognises Raven QA testers' union and will begin negotiations
    6. Video game soundtrack award added to Grammys
    7. The idea of regularly-updated console hardware seems dead in the water | Opinion
    8. Launching 20 years ago
    9. Celebrate 20 years of at our Brighton party
    1. The Last of Us: Part 1 headlines Summer Game Fest
    2. Geoff Keighley takes on E3 with physical Summer Game Fest in June 2023
    3. IGN editor-in-chief Tina Amini steps down
    4. Xbox pre-event briefing shows it building for life beyond the console
    5. Refactor's gameplan for taking on Madden without an NFL license
    6. Xbox Cloud Gaming arrives in New Zealand and Argentina
    7. How V Rising reached one million sales in just one week
    8. Xbox Game Pass to add game demos and streaming for owned titles this year
    9. Microsoft executive leaving firm following misconduct allegations
    10. Nintendo Switch Sports is Europe's biggest game of May | European Market Report
    1. Call of Duty will return to Steam with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    2. Fallout 76 QA staff describe crunch, mistreatment
    3. Humble Bundle announces third annual Black Game Developers Fund
    4. iOS 16 supports Switch Joy-Cons
    5. The MIX launches publishing label
    6. Amber generated $30.5m in 2021 and announces new studio in Poland
    7. Twitch enforcement rate on reports of violations dropped to 11% in 2021
    8. Gamescom 2022 tickets now on sale
    9. Intellivision turns to layoffs and licensing as it struggles to fund troubled Amico
    10. Saudi Arabia acquires $1bn stake in Embracer Group
    11. Keywords to acquire Forgotten Empires for up to $32.5m
    12. E3 and the death of shock reveals | Opinion
    13. Tencent taking global Honor of Kings as China continues to block its new releases
    1. Horizon Forbidden West returns to No.1 due to PS5 bundles | UK Boxed Charts
    2. ESA: 48% of game players are female and 29% identify as people of color
    3. ZeDrimeTim studio adds ex-Arkane Lyon studio director Romuald Capron to team
    4. One year in Knockout City | GI Live Online
    5. Ubisoft reduces carbon footprint, but doesn't expect change to be permanent
    6. Jeff Gerstmann leaves Giant Bomb
    7. Wylde Flowers and Overboard among winners at 2022 Apple Design Awards
    8. Annapurna appoints new hires to internal studio
    9. Is the age of E3 surprises over? | Podcast
    10. PS5 and Xbox Series X sales jump in quiet May | UK Monthly Charts
    11. Tim Sweeney warns against Fortnite cryptocurrency scam
    1. Keywords Edmonton staff vote for a union
    2. Lessons from Minecraft Marketplace
    3. Here are all the Not-E3 presentations taking place this week
    4. Just two weeks remain to enter the UK Best Places To Work Awards
    5. Sega executive Hidekazu Yukawa dies
    6. Two Point Studios: "We will stay boutique for as long as we possibly can"
    7. Indie developer Andrew Thomas has died
    8. PlayStack acquires ex-EA developers' mobile studio Magic Fuel Games
    9. Nintendo is not attending Gamescom
    1. Prince of Persia remake is delayed past fiscal year 2023
    2. EA issues Pride statement after employee pushback
    3. PlayStation 5 sales reach 20 million worldwide
    4. When is Pride inauthentic? | This Week in Business
    5. US advocacy groups call on FTC to investigate FIFA loot boxes
    6. Sony's Marvel's Spider-Man series has moved 33m units globally
    7. Loot boxes have mostly avoided the hammer of legislation - for now | Opinion
    1. Resident Evil 4 Remake and Final Fantasy 16 headline PlayStation's State of Play showcase
    2. EA omits Ultimate Team revenue figures from 2022 SEC report
    3. Guns and games have a symbiotic relationship | Opinion
    4. What's going on with social media and games communities right now?
    1. GameStop's net sales for Q1 2022 hit $1.38 billion
    2. Watch all the GI Live: Online 2022 talks right here
    3. Ex-Riot Games dev says they were fired for subtweeting about fake trans allyship
    4. EA staff threaten walkout over lack of statements during Pride Month
    5. Playtika to reportedly lay off 250 staffers
    6. God of War Ragnarok, Silent Hills and PSVR 2: Analysts and journalists share their Not-E3 predictions
    7. Konami to shutter Super Bomberman R Online this December
    8. Xbox: Independent developers are leading where the industry is going
    9. Tekken 7 sells 9 million copies
    10. Parents of Activision suicide victim ask for lawsuit to be dropped
    11. 18 countries back report calling for loot box regulations
    12. Just Flight's Paul Hyslop has died
    13. THQ Nordic opens Singapore office
    14. Dontnod Entertainment rebrands to Don't Nod
    15. Ofcom: 58% of UK players subscribe to a games service
    16. Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto retires