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September 2017 Archive

    1. Nintendo closing Wii Shop Channel
    2. PUBG Corp formed for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    3. Brad McQuaid: "I want to make worlds, not games"
    4. YouTube update adds barrier to Patreon users
    5. Jennifer Lopez part of $15m investment in esports team
    6. Ubisoft Milan: "I see a really brilliant future in front of us"
    7. Plarium acquires Rumble Entertainment
    8. Microsoft selling one-off Fast & Furious console for charity
    9. Rovio discontinues IPO due to oversubscription, confirms $1bn value
    10. Ataribox will be a gaming PC for the living room
    11. Is there life in the Vita?
    1. Bluehole confirms Tencent talks
    2. Switch physical US software sales tracking ahead of Nintendo platforms since '95
    3. Developer sues Fox over Planet of the Apes game
    4. US legislator calls for Apple, Google to not carry racist game
    5. Getting to Great: 4 ways to work better with creatives
    6. 35% of UK adults aware of esports - but only 7% watch it
    7. Can developers control streamers?
    8. TIGA and ITN Productions creating current affairs-style programme
    9. Champions of the Shengha introduces moneyback guarantee
    10. Ubisoft using machine learning to translate hieroglyphics
    11. Fortnite Battle Royale attracts 1m players at launch
    12. Valve gives green light to community merchandising deal
    1. Zynga hires Tesla veteran Phuong Phillips as Chief Legal Officer
    2. Volition lays off more than 30 - Report
    3. Twitch appoints Kendra Johnson as GM of Global Content Development
    4. PUBG helps drive digital game sales up 11% in August - SuperData
    5. The SNES Mini is wonderful and just what the market needs
    6. Everything you missed at the Investment Summit
    7. When development takes a hairpin turn
    8. Jobs Roundup: ICO Partners hires former Vice editor Mike Diver
    9. Gfinity raises £7m in new funding round
    10. Oculus introduces refund policy for Rift and Gear VR games
    11. Google Play reveals latest Indie Games Festival winners
    12. Welsh Government provides funding for new Doctor Who game series
    13. Atlus US file DMCA takedown against Patreon-funded PS3 emulator
    14. Sperasoft hires EA Shanghai studio head
    15. Valve removes 173 'asset flipping games' from Steam
    16. Fortnite's Battle Royale mode goes free, despite PUBG complaints
    17. Shadow of War DLC in honour of deceased developer is now free
    1. How do you sell FIFA 18 on Switch?
    2. Perforce acquires Hansoft
    3. "It works on principles I really admire in games and in life"
    4. Sony wishes PlayStation VR had stronger competition
    5. Unity issues slowing down Switch ports
    6. Voice actors reach tentative deal to end strike
    7. PlayStation once again plays down Vita 2 possibilities
    8. Vivendi undecided on Ubisoft takeover bid
    1. "Don't Crunch" - Advice from the Best Places To Work
    2. Record attendance for tenth anniversary EGX, 2018 dates revealed
    3. Tencent moves to merchandise its IP
    4. The Podcast: Indie publishing with Good Shepherd
    5. Green Man Gaming launches games B2B marketplace with Intel
    6. Razer developing gaming smartphone for release by the end of year
    7. EU Commission: "No evidence that piracy affects video games sales"
    8. A disappointing week for UK game sales. Maybe.
    9. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey forms new VR company
    10. Significant layoffs at The Chinese Room as studio goes dark for new project
    1. Dare Academy winners revealed at EGX 2017
    1. Firewatch dev starting his own studio
    2. Ubisoft management gets big support as Vivendi threat looms
    3.'s Best Places to Work Awards: In Pictures
    4. Nintendo adds 2-step verification option
    5. Rich Vogel joins Certain Affinity
    6. Taking the Bait: How to survive the VR market
    7. PUBG devs call out Epic over Fortnite Battle Royale mode
    8. How to avoid a bad investor
    9. Revealed: The Best Places To Work in the UK games industry
    10. Bazalgette Review proposes £23.7m extension to UK Games Fund
    11. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle outsells all non-Nintendo Switch games
    12. One Gamer Fund unites seven charities under one banner
    13. Square Enix targets games-as-a-service, esports and higher digital sales
    14. Starbreeze up-lists to Nasdaq Stockholm
    15. Blizzard knuckles down on community as Valve fiddles
    1. HTC Vive giving devs 100% of Viveport revenue for holidays
    2. Revealed: The Best Places To Work in the UK games industry
    3. Overwatch permanent bans begin next week
    4. Ukie unveils new plan to boost West Midlands games sector
    5. Mira receives another $1 million towards AR headset
    6. "Crowdfunding is the single hardest way to raise money"
    7. "We're in danger of talking ourselves out of VR and AR"
    8. FTC clarifies influencer guidelines
    9. UKIE refreshes parental advice site AskAboutGames in renewed VSC deal
    10. Flappy Bird will die with iOS11
    11. Slightly Mad CEO all but confirms six-year Fast & Furious deal
    12. Patreon confirms $60 million funding round
    13. Madison Square Gardens hires Twitch VP as head of esports
    14. Supercell, Rovio, Zynga, Remedy, EA and more on board for One Special Day
    15. HTC to further support Vive following $1.1 billion Google deal
    16. Giving indies "every chance of success"
    1. Overwatch League finalizes season 1 teams
    2. How Planet of the Apes is using console gamers to reach its real audience
    3. Force Field VR: Turning a profit in a difficult market
    4. Number of Xbox One X enhanced games rises to over 130
    5. BAFTA announces 2017 scholars
    6. YouTube introduces Twitch-style sponsorship service for streamers
    7. iOS 11 App Store changes aim to improve discoverability
    8. Unity introduces Machine Learning Agents to help AI advancement
    9. Overwatch now mutes Xbox One players with bad reputation
    10. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson joins Intel's board of directors
    1. Steam adds histograms to address review bombing
    2. Oculus introduces new audio tools for VR devs
    3. Phil Spencer joins Microsoft senior leadership team
    4. Insomniac Games kicks off rebranding effort
    5. Toys R Us files for bankruptcy
    6. Angry Birds signs deal as new sponsor in English Premier League
    7. How to launch a mobile game in multiple countries
    8. Nintendo shares riding nine-year high
    9. Destiny 2: Critical Consensus
    10. Error leads to Fortnite cross-platform play between Xbox and Playstation
    11. Games Ventures invests €800K in Panzerdog
    12. Reality Gaming Group secures $3.5m via ICO
    13. App Annie adds Chinese Android market to metrics
    14. Atari and Fig strike two-game deal
    15. Automaton secures $10m for Improbable-powered survival game
    16. Riot Games will donate 25% of revenue from new Hero to charity
    17. Niantic: "AR is not just visual"
    18. Free UK guide to financers now available
    19. Keywords six-month profit increased 60%
    1. Nintendo spent an estimated $4.5m on TV ads in August - Report
    2. Bossa hires Half-Life, Portal writer Chet Faliszek
    3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launches in China
    4. IGDA names Jen MacLean interim executive director
    5. Disruptor Beam: Big name IP is about player retention, not acquisition
    6. How Misfits went from League of Legends minnows to the World Championship
    7. Jobs roundup: Twitch switch for Wargaming's Rahim Attaba
    8. Divinity: Original Sin 2 close to 500,000 sales in 4 days
    9. Gearbox has stopped working on Battleborn updates
    10. UK Charts: NBA 2K18 tops PES as the biggest new game of the week
    11. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds smashes Steam records for concurrent users
    1. Humble Bundle has raised over $100m for charity
    2. "There's no better environment than AAA to develop your skills"
    3. LawBreakers' rocky launch "very humbling" - Bleszinski
    4. Destiny 2 has top console launch week of the year
    5. Patreon reportedly valued at $450m
    6. The Podcast: Enhancing games education
    7. No VR for Star Wars Battlefront II but still "very important" for Criterion
    8. Bungie promises deeper content vetting over Destiny 2 symbol
    9. Rovio values itself at $1bn ahead of IPO
    10. Record membership for Entertainment Retailers Association
    11. Campo Santo's DMCA strike against PewDiePie accepted by YouTube
    12. Steam Direct fails to prevent revenue drop for indies
    13. Gaming YouTube must get its house in order
    1. Nintendo Switch, Madden can't stop August sales dip - NPD
    2. Fallout Shelter passes 100m users milestone
    3. Telltale Games appoints Pete Hawley new CEO
    4. GamesAid has raised over £3.2m
    5. Why I deleted my Steam account
    6. Final Fantasy XIV charity march raises over $21,000 for hurricane relief
    7. “There will be hate you cannot control. In all honesty, it's defeating”
    8. Pearl Abyss preps IPO as Black Desert Online tops $300m revenue
    9. Blizzard has taken disciplinary action against 480,000 Overwatch accounts
    10. BrightLocker offering stakes in company with crowdfunding campaign
    11. Blizzard brings annual charity drive forward for hurricane relief
    12. Magic Leap value nears $6bn
    13. Doom, Wolfenstein II and Honor of Kings boost Switch third-party line-up
    14. Darkest Dungeon creator leads GIC 2017 line-up
    1. Metroid: Samus Returns a "near perfect remake"
    2. Naughty Dog's Bruce Straley leaves the studio
    3. Google launches Infinite Deviation: Games initiative
    4. Tim Schafer: Crunch is "misguided and old-fashioned"
    5. Microids launches indie publishing label
    6. Funcom: Steam user reviews should be region gated
    7. Tim Schafer, Julian Gollop and Josh Sawyer lead Reboot Develop 2018 line-up
    8. Twitch hires Rahim Attaba as director of commerce EMEA
    9. Niantic: Focus on visuals makes AR look like "a gimmick that lacks utility"
    10. The guide to EGX 2017
    11. Transforming graduates into gamemakers in three months
    12. Kickstarter is now officially open to Japanese creators
    13. Campo Santo legally able to file DMCA against PewDiePie over racial slur
    14. Two new Overwatch League teams point to strong US emphasis - report
    1. Apple unveils iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X
    2. Bungie removes hate symbol from Destiny 2
    3. Gaming's move away from ownership model is inevitable - EA
    4. Mike Bithell's Subsurface Circular sees just 2% refund rate
    5. How can Riot Games fix League of Legends esports in Europe?
    6. Suikoden changed my life - Warren Spector
    7. Hear Rare, Playground Games, Creative Assembly and more discuss careers at EGX
    8. Flaregames hires new head of brand management
    9. How to announce a video game in 2017
    10. Bandai Namco on the hunt for mobile mergers and acquisitions
    11. PewDiePie racial slur sparks backlash from Campo Santo, Simogo
    12. Valiance Online players can donate to Hurricane Harvey relief
    13. Nazara's $550m plans for India's first games industry IPO
    14. VR studio War Ducks raises €1.3 million in funding
    15. Bossa Studios secures $10m in Series A investment
    1. Don't pay a premium for SNES Classic - Nintendo
    2. Nintendo Switch versions of indie games outselling others
    3. Axing 32-bit apps won't cost Apple much
    4. Breaking the outrage cycle
    5. Ripstone and Creative Europe set for the Investment Summit
    6. How to avoid getting screwed in a game publishing deal
    7. 1,300 new games have been released since Steam Direct launched
    8. Destiny 2's UK sales - do they tell us anything?
    9. Destiny 2 hits 1.2 million concurrent players
    10. Destiny 2 is UK's biggest launch of 2017, but falls well short of original
    1. Religious fighting game gets Steam banned in Malaysia
    2. PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds hits 1 million concurrent players
    3. The most important seven days in MercurySteam's history
    4. Roblox pledges $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts
    5. Games writers now eligible for Nebula Award
    6. FTC demands disclosure from influencers following TmarTn CS:GO scandal
    7. Nintendo wary of potential Switch shortages this holiday
    8. Call of Duty Endowment charity fund comes to UK
    9. Rovio IPO: A stark lesson in timing
    1. Blizzard opening dedicated esports production facility
    2. South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be uncut in all regions
    3. Raptr is shutting down this month
    4. The Podcast: Women In Games
    5. Rockstar's first virtual reality release is LA Noire
    6. Success comes at a price - Butterscotch Shenanigans
    7. Facebook: "We're going all in with esports"
    8. 1m first week downloads for Hutch's Top Drives
    9. SpiritAI names new business development manager
    10. eBay UK launches dedicated video games store
    11. CD Projekt Red valued at over $2bn despite H1 2017 revenues dip
    12. Women In Games Mobile Awards winners revealed
    1. Animal Farm developer: "I wish more games made a statement"
    2. Indies need to be on time, on budget
    3. PUBG: "When you ask about growth on PC, I just look at League of Legends"
    4. Rovio announces MumJam
    5. Creative Assembly: Early stage specialism is what studios look for
    6. "The fact is that most League of Legends teams lose money"
    7. App Annie hires a CFO, promotes a new president
    8. Nintendo meets need for external Switch storage with official cards
    1. Good Shepherd projects averaging 30% profit
    2. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tops 10 million sold
    3. Minecraft Marketplace creators have earned over $1m
    4. Fast Travel Games raises $2.1 million
    5. VR will soon have its Commodore 64 moment - Schell
    6. Ubisoft creating 1,000 new jobs with two new Quebec studios
    7. All proceeds from Shadow of War DLC will go to Michael Forgey's family
    8. Channel 4's games publishing arm breaks out, goes independent
    9. Xbox joins Investment Summit
    10. £20m financial boost for Cubic Motion
    11. Rovio details plans for $36m IPO
    12. Samsung "official 4K TV partner" for Xbox One X
    13. Switch can't handle Final Fantasy's Luminous Engine
    14. Devcom's head of content leaves for Ludicious
    15. Making Games in Tehran: A massive market, disconnected
    16. Swedish games developers generated €1.4bn in 2016
    1. EGX 2017 Industry Party set for The Jam House
    2. SimBin to launch women-only esports racing tournament
    3. Warner Bros donating Shadow of War DLC revenue to family of late producer
    4. It Came From The Cloud
    5. Games for Change adds Los Angeles to Student Challenge
    6. Steam's problem with sex games surfaces again
    7. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy holds off Mario + Rabbids in UK charts
    8. Valve data shows Oculus Rift gaining market share on Steam
    9. Nintendo Switch sales hit 1.5m in Japan in 26 weeks
    1. Oomba buys GameWorks
    2. Halo 3 eclipses the industry
    3. The indie publishers' guide to marketing your game
    4. Nominees revealed for first ever Women In Games Mobile Awards
    5. Oculus names new head of marketing
    6. Amazon Associates lets Twitch viewers buy while streaming
    7. Nintendo "disagrees" with $10m lawsuit verdict
    8. Mixed Reality is Microsoft's biggest 2017 launch