November 2019 Archive

    1. Patrice Désilets: Ancestors fell foul of critics' expectations
    2. Football Manager 2020 releases at No. 1 in EMEAA charts
    3. Atari VCS enters final stages of pre-production following series of delays
    4. Meet the young developer turning her severe anxiety into a games career
    5. Google hires senior Assassin's Creed developers to build Stadia games
    6. Half-Life: Alyx changes the game for VR exclusives | Opinion
    7. Astralis Group plans first ever IPO for an esports team
    8. CD Projekt dismisses investor fears over Cyberpunk and Half-Life: Alyx release clash
    1. Codemasters buys Slightly Mad Studios for $30m
    2. Overcoming unconscious bias in the games industry
    3. Oxventure raising money for Mind with Xmas charity single
    4. The truth about revenue sharing | Opinion
    5. Sega's John Clark moves to Tencent Europe
    6. Samsung reveals PlayGalaxy Link streaming app
    7. Genvid closes $27m Series B round
    8. Phil Spencer: "Nobody's asking for VR" on Xbox
    9. Shenmue III comes up short in the Japanese chart
    1. Mike Pondsmith: "If you want to get somebody to see your point of view, don't preach"
    2. Candy Crush Soda Saga and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle hit $2b lifetime revenue
    3. Google offers refunds to Stadia players who bought games added to Pro subscription
    4. The origins of Out Making Games, the UK's first games industry LGBTQ+ network
    5. Valve discontinues Steam Controller
    6. Brass Lion Entertainment and the critical business of diversity
    7. Toadman Interactive buys Sold Out for £16 million
    8. Facebook acquires Beat Games
    1. Coffee Stain invests in Kavalri
    2. Jedi: Fallen Order sets records for EA Star Wars titles
    3. Investment Summit returns to PAX East
    4. Snapchat's journey to be a "gaming destination"
    5. NBA star Tony Parker to be honoured at Esports BAR Cannes
    6. 2K donates $500k to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
    7. NetEase buys minority stake in Bossa Studios
    8. What happens if loot box regulation passes into UK law? | Opinion
    9. Steam removes hundreds of games after publishers abuse Steamworks
    10. EA: "Cloud gaming is going to bring in another billion players"
    1. Roblox surpasses $1b in lifetime revenue
    2. The Pokemon Company sues Pokemon Sword and Shield leakers
    3. 2K begins slow sunset of Battleborn
    4. Behaviour Interactive shuts down Deathgarden: Bloodharvest development
    5. Google responds to criticisms of Stadia's 4K support
    6. Why are developers betting on Apple Arcade?
    7. The Podcast: Here to Stadia
    8. Shenmue III: Critical Consensus
    9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sold 4.75m digital units in its launch month
    10. Hearthstone streamer Jeremy 'DisguisedToast' Wang signs Facebook exclusivity deal
    11. Rebellion acquires The Bitmap Brothers
    12. FaceIt asking players to help train Minerva AI in fairly tackling toxicity
    13. AirConsole raises $3m in Series A round
    14. "No plans" for Project xCloud exclusives
    15. UK Charts: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is back at No.1 as Nintendo Switch conquers top ten
    16. A MAZE festival ensures its future with successful Kickstarter campaign
    17. Straight talk on funding -- five top tips
    18. Top 1% of mobile publishers take 82% slice of downloads
    1. Coherence raises $2.5m seed funding from Firstminute Capital
    2. Pokémon takes three spots in EMEAA top ten
    3. Temporary Pokémon Center returning to London
    4. SuperData: Russia to surpass France as third-largest games market in Europe
    5. Google finishes issuing Stadia access codes two days after launch
    6. The Witcher 3, Gwent drive revenue growth at CD Projekt
    7. Storm in a Pokéball | Opinion
    8. Valve Index launches in Canada and Japan
    1. Minecraft Earth has been downloaded 1.4m times in the US
    2. Blizzard, NetEase win $569k in copyright suit against Chinese mobile publisher
    3. Google Stadia app has been downloaded over 175k times
    4. Xbox publicizes accessibility guidelines for developers
    5. Half-Life: Alyx was conceived as a VR title first, and a Half-Life game second
    6. Valve reveals Half-Life: Alyx for PC VR in March 2020
    7. Why you should consider off-the-shelf crash reporting
    8. Making a career in games more sustainable
    9. Ubisoft partners with blockchain distribution platform Ultra
    10. Google Stadia: Critical Consensus
    11. Razer chooses London for first retail store in Europe
    12. N3twork raises $40m, welcomes former Lionsgate president to board
    13. Pokémon Sword & Shield are the fastest-selling games in Switch's history
    14. Amazon reportedly announcing game streaming service next year
    15. Paid subscriptions coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
    16. Sony establishes AI R&D division
    17. VR would be "a really dark space right now" without Facebook's money
    1. Sustained mobile portfolio brings continued growth for NetEase in Q3
    2. A Kitfox guide to marketing on the cheap
    3. To find new games, more women value social circles, while men look to influencers
    4. Pokemon Sword and Shield sold 1.36m retail copies in three days in Japan
    5. Dream Games raises $7.5m to develop casual puzzle titles
    6. PlayStation has 100 million reasons to feel confident | Opinion
    7. Rebellion launches board games division
    8. Arkane veterans launch WolfEye: a small studio making big games
    9. Mythical Games closes $19m funding round
    10. Bunch raises $3.85m toward development, expanded partnerships
    11. EverQuest developer Brad McQuaid dies
    12. Bobby Kotick: Games are not a platform for my political views
    13. Viveport president Rikard Steiber steps down
    14. What went into Apex Legends' surprise launch?
    1. Ganymede Games raises $550k in angel financing
    2. Proletariat raises $20m for self-publishing, expansion
    3. Southeast Asia is the world's fastest-growing mobile games market
    4. Apple Arcade may be accelerating premium game decline, but not by much
    5. Nintendo Switch UK sales spike 30% as Pokémon Sword and Shield sets record
    6. Dontnod "didn't want to shy away" from the difficulty of creating a transgender hero
    7. LIV streaming VR platform raises $2.6m from Hiro Capital
    8. ESAC releases economic impact study on Canadian games industry
    9. Former Bioware GM opens up about difficulties of Frostbite engine
    10. German government approves €50 million funding for games development
    11. Netmarble posts 54% profit increase in Q3
    12. Logitech launches Adaptive Gaming Kit for Xbox Adaptive Controller
    13. Niko: PC and mobile revenue to pass $8 billion in Greater Southeast Asia by 2023
    14. Amy Hennig joins Skydance Media to establish new division
    15. PUBG phasing out locks on paid loot crates
    16. Making Gears of War click for more than the hardcore
    1. The never-ending journey of No Man's Sky
    2. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: Critical Consensus
    3. 2K Games apologises after social media feeds were hijacked on Friday
    4. Double Fine publishing boss Greg Rice departs
    5. Desert Bus for Hope has raised $6m for charity over 13 years
    6. InnoGames' lifetime revenues pass €1bn
    7. Xbox: "People are using xCloud to create couch co-op"
    8. Stadia nearly doubles line-up just days before launch
    1. UK Charts: Pokémon Sword and Shield post huge opening weekend sales
    1. Call of Duty tops EMEAA chart for third straight week
    2. The Podcast: Live from X019
    3. Pokémon Sword and Shield: Critical Consensus
    4. Paradox profits up 36% in Q3 thanks to Age of Wonders: Planetfall
    5. Bungie raises $1.6m through Game2give campaign
    6. Tencent buying 10% of Sumo Group
    7. NPD: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the best-selling game of 2019 so far
    8. The AR revolution creeps closer | Opinion
    9. Electric Square to open Leamington Spa studio and create 50 jobs
    1. How Game Pass is transforming Xbox
    2. New IP from Obsidian and Rare lead X019 announcements
    3. Project xCloud expands with 50 new titles, coming to Japan, India and more next year
    4. Microsoft and Dontnod reveal narrative adventure with transgender protagonist
    5. FanAI lands $8m in Series A funding
    6. The beauty of the indie spin-off
    7. Google Stadia will launch without key features
    8. Indian dev SuperGaming raises $1.3m for casual games
    9. Goodbye Kansas Game Invest now owns 45% of Misc Games
    10. Call of Duty and Mario Kart front a siege of PC and console IP on mobile
    11. How Koch Media is ensuring classic brand comebacks are worth the wait
    12. Rune II publisher "shocked" by Human Head closure
    13. Wreckfest drives games revenue up 117% at Embracer Group
    14. John Carmack moves to "consulting CTO" role at Oculus
    1. Oculus, Unity partner on free VR development course
    2. PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile help drive Tencent gaming revenues
    3. Human Head shuts down, staff to join Bethesda's new studio
    4. "I believe I am preserving digital art in a physical form"
    5. Voodoo opens Montreal studio as it expands beyond hypercasual games
    6. Kine creator: "The biggest concern with Stadia is that it might not exist"
    7. Another tester is being sued by Epic Games for leaking Fortnite Chapter 2
    8. Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag to be honoured at Esports Bar Cannes
    9. Hitmarker raises £200k for esports recruitment platform
    1. Apple reportedly making a VR/AR headset with a focus on gaming
    2. The Podcast: What role will indies play on PlayStation 5?
    3. Ignore the critics -- Tax Relief is vital to the UK games industry | Opinion
    4. "Expectations for full-price games is very high. You need a large budget to have a chance"
    5. Epic acquires Megascans creator Quixel
    6. Microsoft using Xbox Adaptive Controller to rehabilitate US veterans
    7. Cerberus Interactive acquires Tastebud
    8. Call of Duty Mobile beats Mario Kart Tour's first month downloads
    9. John Carmack wins Lifetime Achievement prize at VR Awards 2019
    1. Starbreeze proposes plan to pay debts in full
    2. Homescapes has grossed $1b in lifetime revenue
    3. Google Stadia's launch lineup includes 12 games
    4. Zynga: "Not every DAU is created equal"
    5. Soul Reaver: Audacious, pulpy, intelligent, trashy, uncompromising
    6. Key resellers claim legitimacy -- the courts say otherwise | Opinion
    7. Nintendo expects "remarkable results" from Mario Kart Tour
    8. Pokémon fans rally around Game Freak amid Sword and Shield unrest
    9. Minecraft closes in on 300m registered accounts in China
    10. Tencent wants to make console games with Nintendo IP to boost US and Europe presence
    11. Flavourworks raises £3m to expand Touch Video platform
    1. UK Charts: Death Stranding is the second biggest PS4 launch of 2019
    1. Overwatch director thinks Blitzchung ban "should be reduced more or eliminated"
    2. The Tencent zombie game trying to advance the battle royale formula
    3. Call of Duty holds off Luigi's Mansion 3 in the EMEAA chart
    4. V1 Interactive loves Halo, but doesn't want to be Halo
    5. Roblox survey reveals disconnect between parents and teens over online bullying
    6. Supermassive Games wins two TIGA awards for The Dark Pictures Anthology
    7. PlayStation to open development studio in Malaysia
    8. Stillfront reaps rewards of Kixeye acquisition in Q3
    9. Indie publisher Kiss launches Intelligent Finance ISA
    10. Has Blizzard solved the sequel dilemma? | Opinion
    11. Blizzard: Overwatch and Overwatch 2 clients will merge eventually
    12. Sky Mavis closes $1.5m funding round
    1. Activision Blizzard sees slumping sales, sliding engagement
    2. Live games propel Take-Two toward quiet holiday as GTA V reaches 115m units sold
    3. Just Dance 2020 is the last Ubisoft title on the Wii
    4. HoloLens 2 now shipping
    5. Nexon sales slip in Q3
    6. What games are people talking about on Twitter?
    7. Square Enix profits up 32% in first half of fiscal year
    8. Abbey Games will terminate all employee contracts next month
    9. US congressman calls out Blizzard for allowing racist groups in WoW
    10. Activision and EA insiders have been profiting from selling stock during buybacks
    11. Sony's Jim Ryan: We had to make changes to deliver our PlayStation 5 dream
    12. Guerrilla Games' Hermen Hulst is PlayStation's new head of Worldwide Studios
    13. Playtonic dismisses Microsoft buyout rumours
    14. Playtika considering IPO as Chinese acquisition plans collapse
    1. Less than half of US gamers purchased in-game content last month
    2. Niantic announces Creator Program to support AR development
    3. Which platforms are publishers and investors really interested in?
    4. Bake 'n' Switch wins big at the Reboot Develop Indie Awards
    5. Zordix acquires Dimfrost Studio ahead of €1.3m expansion
    6. Reality Gaming Group expanding to China
    7. US gamers have spent $27.9bn in 2019 so far
    8. Brendan Greene: "I [only] have one woman on my team, and I hate that"
    9. Super Evil Megacorp closes $10.5m financing round as it prepares to launch new project
    10. Hearthstone developers think Blizzard was "too harsh" with Blitzchung
    11. Esports firm eFuse raises $1.4m
    12. Sony will close down SingStar servers in January 2020
    1. Self-help app "investigating" after accusations of stealing art, animation from Gris
    2. Supercell shuts down Rush Wars after three months of beta
    3. The Nintendo Switch has sold 10m units in Japan
    4. China gaming regulator publishes new rules for minors targeting playtime, spending
    5. Brass Lion Entertainment aims to diversify the industry
    6. Just Dance launches campaign to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK
    7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dominates the EMEAA charts
    8. Does French streaming platform Shadow have its head in the clouds?
    9. Microsoft Japan's four-day week trial boosts productivity by 40%
    10. Call of Duty was the UK's best-selling game in October
    11. Whitethorn Digital wants to be a "pleasing, small ship," not a galleon
    12. Hideo Kojima to venture into film production
    13. Starbreeze losses were $30.8 million for the first nine months of 2019
    14. Games industry international trade bodies unite on universal esports principles
    15. 100 Thieves' Jack "CouRage" Dunlop signs YouTube exclusivity deal
    1. Gio Corsi leaves PlayStation
    2. Blizzard's substance-less BlizzCon statement speaks volumes | Opinion
    3. Improbable partners with Tencent Cloud for game development program
    4. Wargaming partners with Gearbox for its first full retail release
    5. Braid and the beauty of not wasting time
    6. The Podcast: The mixed messages of Modern Warfare
    7. Brack confirms Blizzard won't repeal Blitzchung ban
    8. Blizzard is adding ethnically diverse character skins with World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
    9. Xiaomeng 'Liooon' Li is the first woman to win Hearthstone GrandMasters
    10. Team17 raises revenue expectations for 2019
    11. UK Charts: Luigi's Mansion 3 is the biggest Switch launch of 2019 (so far)
    1. "If we're going to be drug dealers, let's not literally mine for addicts"
    1. Overwatch 2 announced, will be cross-compatible with original game
    2. J. Allen Brack apologizes for Blizzard's "tough Hearthstone esports moment"
    3. Unity acquires cloud application streaming service creator Obvioos
    4. Death Stranding: Critical Consensus
    5. Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare never changes.
    6. Yoshinori Ono on Street Fighter's road to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
    7. Amazon blocks sales of all unauthorised Nintendo products
    8. ZeniMax to offer refunds for faulty Fallout 76 in Australia
    9. Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine and Gods & Monsters heading to PS5, Project Scarlett
    10. PS4 slows as the transition nears | Opinion