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January 2020 Archive

    1. STJV issues call for testimonials from those in video game education
    2. Fate/Grand Order just passed $4 billion in revenue
    3. UK trade bodies respond to points-based immigration proposal
    4. Can a solo indie developer use ray tracing in their game?
    5. Seven steps to improving your company culture
    6. Taipei Game Show postponed in response to coronavirus outbreak
    7. Epic Games backs Academy
    8. Toadman Studios, Sold Out, and Petrol join forces as Enad Global 7
    9. Nintendo president confirms no Switch Pro in 2020
    10. Five things to see and do at Esports BAR
    11. Barclays introduces video games tax relief loans
    12. Can Alyx pull VR out of its niche? | Opinion
    13. EA still lukewarm on bringing its portfolio to Switch
    14. EA planning to publish 14 games next fiscal year
    1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has sold around 8m units
    2. Digital net revenue was 70% of EA's total revenue in Q3
    3. In Europe, Google Play users spent more on mobile gaming in 2019 than App Store users
    4. ESA promises "to shake things up" for E3
    5. Sega Europe announces fully recyclable packaging for all PC titles
    6. Who saved Rare?
    7. The Outer Worlds will be digital-only on Switch
    8. Creative Chronicles: Designing for colour blindness in games
    9. In Elsinore, more matter is more art
    10. Google responds to complaints of slow Stadia announcements
    11. More than $5m worth of Oculus content was sold on Christmas Day
    12. Bigben Group forms new entity ahead of planned IPO
    13. Amplifier Game Invest opens Seattle studio
    14. GameRefinery acquires
    15. Nintendo raises Switch forecast as console shipments pass 52 million
    1. Microsoft's gaming revenue down 21% in Q2, but subscriptions are still up
    2. Esports events delayed, cancelled as coronavirus spreads
    3. Japanese court ups punishment for unlicensed Mario Kart-themed go-karts
    4. Warcraft 3 Reforged EULA gives Blizzard total ownership of all custom games
    5. Riot takes its licensing game up a league
    6. Ustwo earns B Corp status, plans to further reduce environmental impact
    7. The industry is becoming more diverse, and more developers support inclusion efforts
    8. Com2uS leads new investment round in Skybound Entertainment
    9. Team17, Sold Out and Animal Kingdom join PAX East Investment Summit
    10. Minecraft was the UK's best-selling new IP of the decade
    11. London Venture Partners backs Coda with $4m seed funding
    12. Untitled Goose Game dev promises at least 1% of future revenues to Australian Indigenous groups
    13. Lockwood Publishing opening studio in Lisbon
    14. What is the best game engine: is Construct right for you?
    15. RNG Studios lays off four of eight-person staff
    16. Dauntless developer acquired by Garena
    1. Nintendo mobile games have brought in $1b in lifetime revenue
    2. ArtCraft raises $11.7m for Crowfall
    3. Valve Index sales more than doubled following Half-Life Alyx announcement
    4. Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 have sold a combined 150m units
    5. secures $5.5m to build its answer to the discoverability problem
    6. Pokémon Home cloud service detailed and priced
    7. When do deceptive playable ads help, and when do they hurt?
    8. Journey to the Savage Planet: Critical Consensus
    9. Rocket League support ending on Mac and Linux, offers refunds
    10. Revealed: The largest video game development cities in the UK
    1. Ninja was reportedly paid between $20m and $30m for Mixer exclusivity deal
    2. Atari wants to open gaming hotels in at least eight US cities
    3. Jurgen Post named CEO of Miniclip
    4. Washington bills would carve out exceptions for games in gambling law
    5. Industry faces "significant" regulatory risk following 2019 government inquiry
    6. The Podcast: The (Doom) Eternal cycle of crunch
    7. Plague Inc dev: Game is "not a scientific model" for coronavirus outbreak
    8. How to market your video game and find your target audience
    9. Console tariff off the table as tensions ease between US and China
    10. Disney reportedly closing down Fogbank Entertainment
    1. UK Charts: The Witcher 3 rises as Dragon Ball holds No.1
    1. Activision Blizzard and Google sign esports, cloud deals
    2. Over 10% of developers are making games for the next generation
    3. Developers are divided on how subscription services will affect game values
    4. Over one-fourth of developers say their studio has no diversity or inclusion initiatives
    5. Riot Games denies collusion in gender discrimination lawsuit
    6. Amplifier Game Invest opens new development studio in Sweden
    7. The Bleeding Edge of multiplayer design
    8. Blitzchung on Hong Kong protest: "Even if I had a chance to go back, I would still do it"
    9. The Witcher heralds an era of game IPs on TV | Opinion
    1. Red Dead Redemption 2 digital unit sales doubled in December, thanks to Steam launch
    2. US game content revenues hit $35.4 billion in 2019, say NPD and ESA
    3. Nutaku has over 45m registered users
    4. Housemarque puts all other projects on hold to focus on "most ambitious game to date"
    5. Stardew Valley sales top 10 million
    6. "The devil is in the details" when creating a metaverse
    7. Major indie devs join Investment Summit speaker line-up
    8. Game companies fall short on Bloomberg Gender Equality Index
    9. Id Software was "crunching pretty hard most of last year" on Doom Eternal
    10. Paradox trialling subscription model to address DLC criticism
    11. What new console features are important to gamers?
    12. Netflix is also developing a standalone The Witcher anime film
    1. Nintendo can continue preventing cancellation of pre-orders in Germany
    2. EA ends support for mobile Tetris, Tetris Blitz
    3. UK lays out standards for handling children's data
    4. Disney confirms sale of FoxNext, Cold Iron Studios to Scopely
    5. Playful Studios "significantly reduces" full-time staff
    6. Digital Bros. to buy Starbreeze assets from Smilegate
    7. 2020 African Games Industry Trends
    8. How to retain your talent and keep hold of your staff
    9. Ubisoft-produced comedy series about game developers picked up for second season
    10. Double Eleven to open Malaysian studio in spring
    11. Women suing Riot Games may be entitled to $400m not $10m
    12. The "magic and chaos" of SuperMash, a game with seven different genres
    13. Tencent bids to acquire 100% of Funcom
    1. Stillfront Group acquires Storm8 for up to $400m
    2. The Witcher on Netflix has been watched by 76m households
    3. YouTube TV comes to PS4 as PS Vue moves out
    4. CGI remake of original Pokemon film will be a Netflix exclusive
    5. Activision Blizzard, EA, Sony, Microsoft included in HRC's 2020 Corporate Equality Index
    6. The entirety of Telltale's The Walking Dead is returning to storefronts
    7. Patent infringement ruling against Nintendo Wii Remotes overturned
    8. Daybreak Games restructures into three studios
    9. NHS mental health director calls for loot box ban
    10. The transcendent appeal of Mount & Blade: Warband
    11. AppsFlyer secures $210m in latest funding round
    12. The best-selling games of the decade show AAA was left behind by innovation | Opinion
    13. The Podcast: Xbox's plan to reshape the console industry
    14. Rockstar responds to claims it abuses tax relief
    1. SpecialEffect's One Special Day raises £455,000
    2. Dying Light 2 delayed, no new release window given
    3. Dragon Ball Z and 3DS conquer latest UK Charts
    4. Cloud Imperium responds to Crytek's attempt to dismiss its own lawsuit
    5. Ubisoft files lawsuit against site that enabled Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attacks
    6. Tencent ramping up investments - but may veer away from games
    1. Remote Control Productions opens Dundee outpost
    2. Ubisoft is restructuring its editorial team
    3. Why the traditional product lifecycle “maybe doesn't apply” to League of Legends
    4. to host non-violent games panel at EGX Rezzed
    5. Sega, Neowiz and Hypetrain Digital join Investment Summit at PAX
    6. BT becomes first European partner for Google Stadia
    7. Cyberpunk 2077 pushed to September
    8. Media firm behind Autosport plans to "change the landscape" of racing games
    9. NetEase launches own digital distribution platform in China
    10. Microsoft goes all-in on the 'evergreen platform'
    11. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the best-selling game of the year in the US
    1. Grand Theft Auto V was the best-selling game of the decade in the US
    2. Horizon: Zero Dawn reportedly coming to PC
    3. Only YouTube Gaming saw hours watched, streamed, and concurrent viewership up last quarter
    4. Microsoft announces plans to be "carbon negative" by 2030
    5. Stadia embracing timed exclusive strategy
    6. Switch sales up 29% in Japan for 2019 as PS4 sales drop 29%
    7. Introducing the Academy
    8. What is the best game engine for your game?
    9. How to apply for Video Games Tax Relief and make a VGTR claim
    10. When to release a game: Ten things to consider when choosing a video game release date
    11. What you need to know about VGTR and the certification process
    12. How to apply for and pass the VGTR cultural test
    13. How to make the VGTR claim
    14. What is the best game engine: is CryEngine right for you?
    15. What is the best game engine: is MonoGame right for you?
    16. How to get a job in games PR
    17. Game convention exhibiting guide: The real cost of exhibiting at a game expo
    18. Xbox's Aaron Greenberg joins SpecialEffect as Vice President
    19. Epic Games Store avoids review bombing with OpenCritic integration
    20. Eurogamer livestream will raise money for Australian Wildlife Relief Fund
    21. UK Charts: Star Wars Battlefront II returns to Top Five
    1. Overwatch League addresses on-air talent departures
    2. Mobius Final Fantasy shutting down after five years
    3. The RuneScape franchise reached a record peak of 1.1m paid subscribers in 2019
    4. Klabater acquires full rights to Heliborne
    5. Phoenix Games acquires Sixteen Tons Entertainment
    6. NPD: Growth of mobile gamers slows while revenue continues rising
    7. In 2019, video game projects on Kickstarter held steady
    8. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne surpasses 4m units sold
    9. Layoffs reported at Perfect World Europe
    10. Super Crate Box: Elegant, frantic, and unapologetically small
    11. Sony's PS5 marketing strategy does away with convention | Opinion
    12. Dr. Jo Twist, Kate Edwards, and Doug Cockle join Safe in our World
    13. Mobile gaming projected to surpass $100b in spend in 2020
    14. Google Stadia is like the early days of Steam, says Tequila Works CEO
    15. Valve Index out of stock around the globe ahead of Half-Life: Alyx launch
    16. Goodbye Kansas Game Invest re-brands as Amplifier Game Invest
    1. Subnautica has sold over 5m copies
    2. Seungwon Lee appointed co-CEO at Netmarble
    3. HTC Vive Pro gets $200 price cut
    4. The Podcast: Does E3 need PlayStation?
    5. Connie Booth to be inducted into AIAS Hall of Fame
    6. Call of Duty Mobile reached 180m downloads in launch quarter
    7. Super Nintendo World to focus on "interactive experiences"
    8. Epic Games Store tops $680 million in player spending
    9. Final Fantasy VII Remake delayed
    10. Develop:Brighton 2020 opens call for speakers
    11. Giant Games' wagers: Premium mobile models, and Western markets
    12. Phil Spencer confirms Xbox will be at E3 2020
    13. Riot Games launches new tabletop division
    14. GameStop holiday sales down 27.5% in 2019
    1. Is PlayStation right to skip E3?
    2. PlayStation will not participate in E3 2020
    3. Japanese prefecture considers restrictions on gaming time for minors
    4. GTA IV unavailable on Steam because Rockstar can no longer generate keys
    5. FIFA 2020 enjoys sixth consecutive week at No. 1 in EMEAA charts
    6. Subscriptions will "unlock the market to weirder things," says Outer Wilds dev
    7. Australian developers organising global fundraising auction for fire services
    8. The Podcast: Do we need a Switch Pro in 2020?
    9. Jägermeister's indie game soundtrack competition returns for second year
    10. Look at how digital changes the UK charts
    11. Awesome Games Done Quick raises $3.13m for Prevent Cancer Foundation
    12. New games media site PlayDiaries go live
    13. Infinity Ward, Bungie and Ubisoft join Australian bushfire relief efforts
    1. Microsoft first-party titles to be cross-compatible between Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    2. Developer Terry Cavanagh releases VVVVVV source code
    3. Control, Death Stranding each receive eight DICE 2020 nominations, including Game of the Year
    4. BT becomes first major UK brand to sponsor an esports team
    5. How can Rio Ferdinand help protect kids from inappropriate video games?
    6. Australian university launches study into industry carbon emissions
    7. Job Simulator surpasses one million units sold
    8. Nintendo Switch was best-selling console in France last year
    9. Call of Duty and GTA V dominated PlayStation Store downloads in 2019
    10. Is Switch Pro the right move for Nintendo?
    1. China reveals new mental health initiative that may further limit violence in games
    2. Nexon sells Gloops
    3. 2019 was Pokemon Go's best year ever
    4. Razer closing SF office
    5. GAME threatens to close 40 UK stores unless rents are cut
    6. Facebook Gaming streaming market share sees end-of-year rise
    7. Ubisoft launches fifth season of Entrepreneurs Lab program
    8. Tim Willits: Recapturing the emotional core of Doom
    9. Rex Crowle on getting over his tech fanboy phase
    10. Hamburg to pour €2m into local games industry by 2023
    11. Jobs Roundup: Emily Short takes over as creative director at Failbetter Games
    12. PlayStation names Veronica Rogers as head of global business operations
    13. Sony's Jim Ryan: PlayStation 5's 'bigger differences' have yet to be announced
    14. Steam soundtracks now sold separately
    15. Australian retailer EB Games closing 19 stores
    1. GLAAD reveals nominees for Outstanding Video Game at 31st annual Media Awards
    2. Clash of Clans sees first year-over-year revenue increase since 2015
    3. Death Stranding receives seven nominations for 2020 GDC awards, including GOTY
    4. Sea of Thieves passes ten million players since launch
    5. Fate/Grand Order was the most talked about game on Twitter in 2019
    6. From licensing to lunch: How to work with Chinese partners
    7. Vindex creating esports events for IMAX
    8. Oculus to speak at the Investment Summit at PAX East
    9. Destiny's Sword presents a double-edged dilemma
    10. Simplified Chinese is now the dominant language among Steam users
    11. The Universim developer Crytivo donating two months' revenues to Australian bushfire relief
    1. Mutazione receives four nominations for IGF Awards 2020, including grand prize
    2. Escape from Tarkov dev says no playable women because of lore, "huge amount of work" required
    3. Fantasy Flight Interactive shutting down
    4. Enter the Gungeon sells 3m copies
    5. Why did two small British publishers attract big money?
    6. Blizzard signs three-year deal with ESL, Dreamhack
    7. Campaign to organise industry backed by major US communications union
    8. The Last of Us director Bruce Straley on ludonarrative dissonance
    9. Platinum Games accelerates self-publishing plans with Tencent investment
    10. delivers record audience growth in 2019
    11. Major slowdown of new releases on Steam last year
    12. Alienware unveils Switch Pro-like portable PC concept
    13. The Chinese studio bringing the Souls-like to mobile
    14. Number of adults over age 50 playing games regularly is on the rise
    1. Rockstar Spouse and the slow change of culture
    2. Gearbox, Kowloon Nights and TinyBuild join Investment Summit at PAX East
    3. The Podcast: What do we want to see in 2020?
    4. How Sony's PlayStation 2 took the world by storm
    5. Crytek seeks to dismiss its own Star Citizen lawsuit until Squadron 42 launches
    6. UK Charts: Call of Duty retains No.1 as Brain Training Switch makes Top 20
    1. It's FIFA 20's ninth week at No.1 in EMEAA
    2. Rune II source code returned to publisher
    3. Subscriptions: When are auto-renewals fair game? | Opinion
    4. Amazon's best-selling games of 2019 dominated by gift cards and Switch
    5. Only two of the biggest Steam games in 2019 were new releases
    6. UK video game sales drop for the first time since 2012
    1. On Christmas, mobile game spending reached $210 million
    2. Respawn's Vince Zampella to lead EA DICE's LA studio
    3. Nintendo wins injunction against seller of Switch mod, pirated games
    4. League of Legends professional Maria 'Remilia' Creveling dies at 24
    5. Superhot VR grosses $2m over Christmas period
    6. Record $120.1 billion earned by games and interactive media in 2019
    7. Tackling online abuse in the games industry is "not optional"
    8. Analysts dole out 2020 predictions
    9. Razer applies for digital bank licence in Singapore, proposes 'youth bank'
    10. Games of the Year 2019
    11. Uncharted movie loses sixth director
    12. Untitled Goose Game passes one million sales
    13. 2K Games resolves New Year bug in WWE 2K20
    14. Dead Cells Steam owners can now play previous versions of the game
    15. Team17 acquires Yippee Entertainment for £1.4m
    16. CD Projekt signs new agreement and ends dispute with The Witcher author