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February 2013 Archive

    1. Sony sells Tokyo office for $1.2 billion
    2. Farmville veterans raise $1.5 million for mobile games
    3. Journey developer Santiago joins Ouya
    4. On Reflections: First interview with the Ubisoft studio's new MD
    5. Last chance for GameHorizon early bird tickets
    6. Riot Games expands with Australian studio
    7. GDC sees devs shifting away from consoles
    8. HMV's Hong Kong and Singapore stores sold
    9. EVE Online now has over 500,000 subscribers
    10. Japanese Vita price drop pushes it above Wii U in sales
    11. Thomas Was Alone heading to PlayStation
    12. Free tickets for BAFTA Games Question Time
    13. Double Fine "optimistic" about Stacking, Costume Quest rights
    14. Mythic shutting Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes
    15. EA, Microsoft, and Zynga oppose Defense of Marriage Act
    16. Nintendo sued over 3D patent infringement
    17. Playdemic appoints Eidos Life President as Chairman
    1. Apple CEO on Android: "We don't have our heads stuck in the sand"
    2. The War Z returns to Steam
    3. Inside Bungie: From bowling alley to AAA studio
    4. All future EA games to feature microtransactions
    5. Journey and Walking Dead winners at PSN Gamers' Choice Awards
    6. Playfish co-founder Segerstrale leaves EA
    7. THQ auctioning remaining IP on April 1
    8. Angry Birds web cartoon coming March 16
    9. Ex-Zynga Boston members form Proletariat
    1. EA expecting a smoother console transition
    2. Uncharted 3 multiplayer goes free-to-play
    3. 58% of parents see a tie between games, violence
    4. Autodesk aims to make tools more affordable and accessible
    5. Apple proposes compensation for children's IAPs in US
    6. Deep Silver planning move into mobile
    7. Wii Mini to launch March 22 in UK
    8. Cohort Studios re-homed in Wales
    9. nDream's Aurora hits 10m visits
    10. Bylos to lead Funcom's new live team
    11. Critical Consensus: Tomb Raider
    12. Telltale planning more Walking Dead before Season 2
    13. Sony hires new firm for PlayStation media business
    1. Nexon invests in Robotoki
    2. Zynga closing Baltimore studio
    3. Industry turmoil worst since '80s crash, says Bleszinski
    4. ESRB: We help "protect creative freedom"
    5. The Room creator Fireproof Studios added to GameHorizon line-up
    6. BFI to administer cultural test for UK games tax breaks
    7. Tech Analysis: Killzone: Shadow Fall demo
    8. Crysis 3 takes down Colonial Marines
    9. Square Enix: Subs didn't hurt The Old Republic and The Secret World
    10. Gabe Newell to receive BAFTA Fellowship
    11. Former FBI-profiler: "Video games do not cause violence"
    12. Oddworld vs. PlayStation Vita
    13. Zynga co-founder supports educational startup
    14. Mozilla targets emerging markets with Firefox mobile OS
    1. Hell Yeah developer ceases game development
    1. Next-gen software: Will pricing hold?
    2. Bleszinski on PS4, three keys to winning next-gen
    3. Escaping the Cell: Are Developers Sold on PS4?
    4. Dragon Quest still topping Japanese charts
    5. SOE's G.I.R.L. Scholarship now accepting submissions
    6. Wooga now profitable, sees 50/50 revenue split on mobile and web
    7. Unity co-founder quits to make games
    1. PlayStation 4: "$299 is the magic price point"
    2. PlayHaven hires former Rovio exec for European expansion
    3. EA "transition" leads to layoffs in Montreal and Los Angeles
    4. IGN commits to layoffs, "winding down" 1UP, Gamespy, and UGO
    5. Mobile game spend tops dedicated handheld sales
    6. Spec Analysis: PlayStation 4
    7. Kenji Eno dies at 42
    8. New CTO for Irish Digit Game Studios
    9. Sony: "Retail will still play a key role" despite booming digital business
    10. Roundtable: As the dust settles, what impressions of PS4 remain?
    11. Pachter predicts $400 price tag for PS4
    12. No online requirement for PS4
    13. PS4 gallery: The screens, videos and hardware
    14. Sony: PS4 will play used games
    15. PlayStation 4: A good start. Now the real work begins
    16. Sony stock rises on PS4 news
    17. Sony "wise" to announce PS4 prior to E3
    18. PS4 devs speak up on costs: "Not as scary as some led you to believe"
    19. Blizzard hits PS3 and PS4 with Diablo III
    20. First PS4 pre-order pages appear - guide price £399
    21. New IP and familiar names return in PS4 game portfolio
    1. Sony reveals developer-centric PlayStation 4
    2. Next-gen consoles can't compete with PCs, says Crytek boss
    3. Playnomics raises $5M in Series B funding
    4. Nintendo to return to Gamescom
    5. Durango Kinect 2.0 specs leak
    6. 37 More HMV stores to close, 464 jobs lost
    7. Draw Something celebrates 100m download milestone
    8. GungHo Entertainment hits single game revenue of $2m a day
    9. New Consoles, Same Old Story
    10. Sony sells off M3 shares as part of reorganisation
    11. Anodyne makes $12,000 with Pirate Bay promo
    12. Agawi announces True Cloud reference platform
    13. Nvidia readies smartphone Tegra 4 processor
    1. PlayStation 4 revealed: Watch the full presentation here
    2. Activision lays off 30 as it scales back licensed games
    3. Ubisoft expands Uplay store with titles from EA, Warner Bros and more
    4. Currys PC World reveals new PC gaming "bunker"
    5. Nvidia strikes first blow in 'next-gen' graphics race with GeForce GTX Titan
    6. Microsoft's Ben Board joins Boss Alien
    7. BlizzCon returns November 8-9
    8. Critical Consensus: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    9. Naughty Dog: We made stupid mistakes with the PS2 to PS3 move
    10. Newtown residents to open Sandy Hook Arcade Center
    11. Obama: Games can make education relevant for young people
    12. China passes US as world's biggest smart device market
    13. Gamevil sees 64 percent growth in revenue for 2012
    1. Rock Band DLC releases are done in April
    2. Report: Next-gen PlayStation to cost £300
    3. Morrisons buys 49 Blockbuster stores
    4. Submissions open for BBC Worldwide Labs mentoring scheme
    5. Gree and Yahoo! Japan partner on $2m social fund
    6. Activision: "eSports is happening with us or without us"
    7. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation wins Writers Guild Award
    8. UK charts invaded by Aliens
    9. Sony cuts Vita price in Japan
    1. Bungie's Destiny: "Absolutely no plans to charge a subscription fee"
    1. PlayStation 4 to use Gaikai for backwards compatibility
    1. PS3 price cut likely next week, says Pachter
    2. Mobile market getting tougher, says Gree exec
    3. Wii U sells 57,000 systems in January
    4. PlayStation 4 controller pics surface
    5. EA and Zynga settle copyright infringement lawsuit
    6. Angry Birds Trilogy sells 1 million units
    7. HMV secures trade agreements with suppliers
    8. Zuckerberg increases Facebook stake
    9. Pre-paid Minecraft cards open new doors for Mojang
    10. Insomniac: Console devs need to be more efficient
    11. Screen Australia details $20m game fund
    12. Steam for Linux leaves beta
    13. New Rovio hires show push for brand partnerships
    14. New Brazil office for Forge Of Empires developer InnoGames
    15. PlayStation 4 Must Demolish The Walled Garden
    1. US game sales climb 9% in 5-week January period
    2. Xbox 360 sells 281,000 in US during January
    3. Journey dev "excited" to look into free-to-play and mobile
    4. Nintendo steps up 3DS software push
    5. WBIE to distribute Codemasters in North America
    6. NCsoft licenses Unreal Engine 4
    7. PlayJam tech to power new console for Asian markets
    8. Wargaming steps up to buy troubled Gas Powered Games
    9. Digital growth for Future as print continues to struggle
    10. JJ Abrams and Gabe Newell's Full DICE Keynote
    11. Nexon mobile investments leave full-year profits flat
    12. Dragon Quest topples Animal Crossing in Japan
    13. Apple loses iPhone trademark in Brazil
    14. Class Of 2012: Checking on the new kids
    15. WWE license moves to Take-Two
    16. Nvidia hits $4.28 billion record for fiscal 2013
    1. Valve loses director of business, other layoffs reported
    2. The Last of Us pushed to June 14
    3. Warren Jenson joins Tapjoy board
    4. Robert Bowling teams with Gun Media on new mobile strategy game
    5. Epic's Sweeney eager for shift away from retail
    6. Ubisoft, Bossa, Paradox commit to GameHorizon 2013
    7. ESRB awareness may be maxed out
    8. Codemasters owner Reliance partners with Behaviour Studios
    9. 164 more Blockbuster stores to close
    10. Founding Xbox engineer: last 5 years "painful to watch"
    11. Wargaming puts up $2.5m for eSports league
    12. EA: Medal of Honor's performance "an execution problem"
    13. Media Molecule's Reddy named in UK's 100 Most Powerful Women
    14. Developer Illfonic on life after THQ
    15. Cliff Bleszinski: People rent, not buy, $60 horror games
    16. GameStop prepares for 250 store closures in 2013
    17. Hardware engineer Ellsworth "fired" from Valve
    18. Cage: I was trying "to be a little bit bold" with my DICE talk
    19. EA CFO finds used game market "positive"
    20. Australian game industry sees $1.16 billion in sales in 2012
    21. iPad under threat from 7-inch tablets
    1. Kickstarter fatigue kneecapped Wildman drive, says Taylor
    2. Beyond developer already has next 3 games in mind
    3. The Year of Living Double Finely
    4. Michel Ancel, Rayman devs protest game delay
    5. Pitchford: Industry will get more diverse, more complex
    6. GameStop Digital Ventures head departs
    7. Sony: "There is a real problem with putting console games on mobile phones"
    8. Ouya CEO explains why free-to-try is mandatory
    9. HMV closing every store in Ireland at cost of 300 jobs
    10. Critical Consensus: Aliens: Colonial Marines
    11. Prison Architect pre-orders hit $1m milestone
    12. Xbox install base hits 76 million
    13. Indie devs tell of Lace Mamba Global troubles
    14. Anuman acquires Tilt and Joystick magazines
    15. Journey, The Walking Dead lead BAFTA nominations
    16. Bioware doctors to be honored for Lifetime Achievement at GDC Awards
    17. New G4 to "capture the essence of" Esquire magazine
    18. Gas Powered Games cancels Wildman Kickstarter
    1. Anodyne dev: It's better to embrace piracy
    2. Rep. Pelosi defends violent games
    3. Jenova Chen: I want to make our next product a commercial success
    4. Skylanders tops $1 billion in sales
    5. Namco Bandai and Codies expand distribution deal
    6. Gree: Top mobile devs earning 4x more than a year ago
    7. APB: Reloaded has 3m registered users
    8. Pachter: "UK games retail market is a joke"
    9. Biggest year ever for Search for a Star
    10. Outspark sells Fiesta license and team to Gamigo
    11. Dead Space 3 is UK #1
    12. Suda 51 to remain at creative coalface following Grasshopper acquisition
    13. Zynga stock spikes on New Jersey online gambling bill
    1. Crytek wants to "transition entirely" to free-to-play
    2. Angry Birds was initially seen as "boring"
    3. Activision may have peaked
    4. Epic Games closes Impossible Studios, delays Infinity Blade: Dungeons
    5. Administrator axes 60 head office HMV jobs
    6. Wii U software 1.6 per cent of the UK market in January
    7. EA Origin now available for Mac
    8. Former Ubisoft Montpellier dev slams Rayman delay
    9. Boa Compra partners with Webzen
    10. Schell: "Fake marketing bullshit isn't going to work anymore"
    11. Zynga Austin devs form Bee Cave Games
    12. Journey sweeps D.I.C.E. Awards
    13. Growing Up Or Just Getting Old?
    14. Journey dev on making online a happier place
    15. Activision "somewhat disappointed" in Wii U launch
    16. Activision Blizzard closes 2012 with record $4.86 billion
    17. New Assassin's Creed with new hero in fiscal 2014
    1. Devs should think about their legacy, says Spector
    2. Ouya will have annual releases
    3. Wii U loses its Rayman Legends and Ninja Gaiden 3 exclusives
    4. Wikipad launching with 7-inch model
    5. How choice leads to fanboyism
    6. Halo's four key beliefs
    7. Console transitions bad for gaming, says Newell
    8. Core games smash Ubisoft sales expectations
    9. Lace Mamba Global's European MD resigns
    10. MoMinis rebrands itself as Playscape
    11. Activision's Skylanders franchise sells over 100m toys
    12. Habbo Hotel parent company acquired by Elisa
    13. Ukie appoints Blitz vet Kim Blake to new role
    14. Modern Warfare footage used in N. Korean propaganda
    15. HMV to shut 66 stores
    16. Chillingo and Samsung launch 100% Indie for mobile devs
    17. Is Take-Two becoming an acquisition target?
    18. Success overseas brings 50% growth for DeNA
    19. Sony's PlayStation profits slump 86 per cent in Q3
    20. Profits drop almost 50% across Konami Corporation
    21. Ex-Microsoft VP: Xbox "was to stop Sony"
    22. Is Zynga on the road to recovery?
    23. PlayStation 4 to be priced at $399?
    24. Double Fine and Words With Friends creator supporting Ouya
    25. Sony Computer Entertainment America hires new ad agency
    26. Valve's Newell on tearing down the Steam "dictatorship"
    1. Ports should be better than the original, says Bastion dev
    2. Paid user acquisition an arms race, says Triple Town dev
    3. Cage sees "polarized" industry that must "grow up"
    4. Schofield: Games industry still "isn't there yet"
    5. Portal or Half-Life headed to big screen
    6. GameStop shares drop 6 percent over Xbox rumors
    7. Namco Bandai boosts profits despite flat game sales
    8. PS4: What Sony needs to win next-gen
    9. Metacritic names EA "major publisher of the year"
    10. Animal Crossing stays on top in Japan
    11. THQ says goodbye to execs
    12. Unity adds BlackBerry 10 deployment tool
    13. Critical Consensus: Dead Space 3
    14. Xbox LIVE sees first film premiere
    15. UKIE: Tax relief must support businesses big and small
    16. Borderlands 2 set to be the best-selling title in 2K's history
    17. Record breaking revenue for NCsoft
    18. Sony hires BBH as new PlayStation creative agency
    19. Ouya to hit Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Gamestop in June
    20. Judge could dismiss Axl Rose versus Activision case
    21. The secrets of Minecraft's appeal laid bare
    22. Cheaper Raspberry Pi on sale in Europe
    23. $14.8 billion spent on gaming in US last year, says NPD
    24. Atari secures $2 million in financing ahead of possible asset sale
    25. Disney Interactive pulls in $9 million in Q1
    26. Take-Two revenue up 76 percent, income up $56 million
    1. Zynga full-year revenue up 12 percent, $209m in losses
    2. Amazon introduces virtual currency for Appstore
    3. Moshi Monsters: Why 70 million kids love them
    4. Dell returns to private ownership with $24.4bn, founder-led buyout
    5. Dead Island sells 5 million
    6. Acony shuts as SOE cancels Bullet Run
    7. Blow: Current Linux is a 20% productivity drain
    8. Nintendo resolute on Wii U, still unconvinced by cloud
    9. Paradox: Gettysburg was terrible, we didn't do our homework
    10. Square-Enix "struggling to achieve a fair expected return" on console
    1. Crytek CEO “surprised” by lack of bids on Vigil Games
    2. Sony ends development agreement with Superbot
    3. Spicy Horse's Akaneiro slides across the finish line
    4. Mojang not looking to sell out
    5. Tom Hall returns to Kickstarter
    6. Deloitte: We're "fighting in the trenches" for Blockbuster
    7. Future Publishing statement shows further digital growth
    8. Kongregate launches $10m fund for mobile developers
    9. Bithell leaves Bossa to go it alone
    10. HMV sells G-A-Y shareholding
    11. Tecmo Koei returns to healthy profits in Q3
    12. Ni No Kuni secures UK #1 for Namco Bandai
    13. Capcom's nine-month revenue grows despite uneven sales
    14. Facebook aims to redefine social gaming with core focus
    15. Windows emulator Wine is coming to Android
    16. Koch Media: "We are not ambitious to be the next THQ"
    1. Update: Ziff Davis buys IGN from NewsCorp
    1. Madden franchise sales at 99 million
    2. Update: WSJ confirms PS4 announcement for Feb 20
    3. Brian Reynolds to start new studio
    4. GameStick Kickstarter raises $648k
    5. Bigpoint designer joins Bytro Labs
    6. Microsoft: We're not phasing out DirectX, but no new XNA is coming
    7. GTA V dev costs over $137 million, says analyst
    8. EA "anxious" as it tries to navigate murky water
    9. Rust Ltd is Unity DirectX 11 competition winner
    10. Mojang hits $240m revenue in 2012, eyes emerging markets
    11. Ironclad Games: RTS is a dying market
    12. Samsung doubles share of tablet market, Surface struggles
    13. Nintendo: No Need For Alarm
    14. German group files legal complaint against Valve's Steam service