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August 2018 Archive

    1. How to write an authentic world
    2. Tencent's value drops by $20 billion following new Chinese regulations
    3. Black Desert Online Remastered doubles number of returning players in the West
    4. Croteam's Scum sells 250,000 copies in one day
    5. Chinese Ministry of Education recommends fewer game approvals to combat myopia
    6. Riot's struggle with toxicity turns inwards
    1. BioWare: "Anthem is not a departure, it's the continued evolution of our craft"
    2. Battlefield V pushed back from Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption release window
    3. Square Enix to create AAA original IP with Tencent
    4. Ten surprising things battle royale can teach us
    5. Tickets now on sale for EGX Industry Party 2018
    6. PEGI adds in-game purchase warning to boxed games
    7. EA donates $1m to victims of Jacksonville shooting
    8. PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers winners revealed
    1. Orpheus to bring suite of "self-care entertainment" games to VR
    2. Cyberpunk 2077 Twitch's biggest reveal this year
    3. Riot Games outlines plan for culture change in wake of workplace sexism allegations
    4. Nintendo orders takedown of fan game maker Pokémon Essentials
    5. Gamescom sets another record for attendance
    6. Why Velocity Supernova needs a publisher - but is struggling to find one
    7. Denuvo: "There is no uncrackable game. What we do is protect the initial sales"
    8. Women-only monthly meetup Coven Club coming to London
    9. NPD: $19.5bn spent on video games in US during first half of 2018
    10. Onrush director Paul Rustchynsky resurfaces at Slightly Mad Studios
    1. Swarmio to host Gift the Rift tournament for charity
    2. Riot Games "a long way from breaking even" on esports investment
    3. Nintendo introduces Nindies news channel
    4. Newzoo: Mobile esports seeing windows of opportunity open
    5. Reality Gaming Group opening temporary crypto-only shop in London
    6. Portal was a classic from out of nowhere
    7. "We don't see a future where subscriptions are dominant" - Microsoft
    8. NASSCOM GDC rebrands as The India Game Developer Conference
    9. Blizzard locks sale of real money loot boxes in Belgium
    10. Dota 2 International 2019 moves to Shanghai
    11. Why From Software chose Activision to publish Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    12. Pole To Win restructures into three regions
    13. GameStop shares plummet as buyout deal fails to materialise
    14. EA cancels Madden competitions after shooting
    15. Submissions now open for Day of the Devs
    16. Victims of Jacksonville shooting were members of competitive Madden community
    1. PAX organizers issue official statement after shooting at Madden Championship Series event
    2. Tomb Raider overshadows EMEAA game charts
    3. Rocket League refueling for year four
    4. UK Charts: F1 2018, Shenmue depose Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
    5. Microsoft announces Xbox All Access
    6. Daybreak Games to shut down original H1Z1, Just Survive
    7. Google discloses vulnerability in Fortnite launcher that allowed possible malware installation
    8. Animoca Brands acquires Pixowl for $4.9 million
    9. Jobs Roundup: Former PlayStation CFO joins Catalis Group board
    1. Mass shooting at Madden tournament
    1. Roll7 hands off Laser League to 505 Games
    2. Reinventing God of War was a battle against doubt
    3. Crossy Road passes 200 million downloads worldwide
    4. Taking on Madden as an option instead of a Hail Mary
    5. Wales Interactive and All 4 Games join Investment Summit
    6. Assassin's Creed's gap year could start a trend
    1. Riot Games partners with blood bank to promote donation in the Netherlands
    2. Fortnite offering in-game reward for enabling two-factor authentication
    3. Jam City relocates headquarters to new Culver City space
    4. Battle for Azeroth is the fastest-selling World of Warcraft expansion
    5. Superdata: No Man's Sky flies once more as Fortnite begins to flag
    6. Nerial founder “couldn't be happier” as Reigns gets Game Of Thrones spin-off
    7. Losing the battle against mobile's lack of buttons
    8. Microsoft reportedly bundling console, Gold and Game Pass into Xbox All Access service
    9. Why Xbox bought Ninja Theory
    10. 2K Games alters NBA 2K MyTeam mode to comply with Belgian loot box laws
    11. Denuvo rolling out anti-cheat software
    1. NPD: Octopath Traveler leads continued Switch success in July
    2. Assassin's Creed to skip major release in 2019
    3. Remedy Entertainment building third development team
    4. Best Places To Work Awards comes to Canada
    5. Paramount prepping Monument Valley film
    6. "No school shooters": Robot Cache promises more curation than Steam
    7. Green Man Gaming launches charity bundle
    8. Funcom's Rui Casais: From junior programmer to CEO
    9. Facebook drops its revenue share for Instant Games on Android
    10. Steam Play update makes Windows-only games playable on Linux
    11. Fortnite's five-month iOS revenue on par with Clash Royale
    12. Blizzard: "Who is your 'Red Shirt Guy'?"
    1. Zynga's NaturalMotion studio partners with Disney for new Star Wars game
    2. Esports official medal in 2022 Asian Games up in the air again
    3. Microsoft's Moon Studios, Activision Blizzard stand out in Gamescom Awards
    4. Vive Wireless Adapter launches next month
    5. Behaviour pushing beyond work-for-hire roots
    6. The Division 2 “is like a second marriage”
    7. CD Projekt enters mobile games development with Spokko
    8. Starbreeze posts pre-tax profits of $2.9 million despite no new releases
    9. InkyPen brings comics, graphic novels to Nintendo Switch
    10. GAME's full-year revenues expected to suffer slight decline
    1. Bloodstained Vita release canceled due to "Sony's plans to discontinue" handheld
    2. Amazon Prime eliminates 20% discount on game pre-orders
    3. Liftoff: Women make in-app purchases at a 79% higher rate than men
    4. Clash of Clans, Fortnite lead top mobile games for session time
    5. Gismart, Appodeal form mobile publishing partnership
    6. The International brings record-breaking prize pool
    7. Unions aren't the only way to give developers leverage
    8. VR's slow growth ideal for indies - Moss dev
    9. Cliff Bleszinksi to address Boss Key failure in new book
    10. Bridge Constructor Portal reaches 500,000 sales
    11. FuturLab: No publisher will sign Velocity 2X sequel, despite millions of downloads
    12. Monster Hunter series has sold 50 million units worldwide
    13. Former Multiplay boss Craig Fletcher invests $330,000 in Toadman Interactive
    14. Keywords Studios acquires Studio Gobo for £26m
    15. Gameseek founder returns with toy and video games retailer
    16. UK Charts: Crash Bandicoot is No.1 again, as World of Warcraft makes No.3
    17. Shuhei Yoshida's first play of God of War - "He was horrified"
    1. Valve launches update to Steam Broadcasting with
    1. Microsoft, Sony, other major publishers form HDR Gaming Interest Group
    2. Mad Machines to debut as a "First on Discord" game
    3. NVIDIA cryptocurrency revenues fall 82% below $100m estimate for last quarter
    4. Super Seducer 2 creator faults #MeToo movement, "a few bad apples" for first game's controversy
    5. Playne: Encouraging mindfulness through video games
    6. Fox21 adapting Dontnod's Vampyr for TV
    7. Riot Games exec Greg Street promises change to sexist culture
    8. US judge blocks man from selling Grand Theft Auto Online cheat programs
    9. Profits tumble 57.5% at Rovio, despite rising games revenue
    10. China's censors may target business models, not content
    1. Developers of adult games on Steam should "assume months" before game approval
    2. Veteran game designer arrested after altercation with police
    3. PUBG Mobile hits 100 million downloads
    4. Oculus Rift support added to Viveport
    5. PlayStation VR hits 3 million sold
    6. Three more investors join Investment Summit
    7. Facebook expands games streaming program into Germany, France, Spain and Ireland
    8. 2K Games veteran launches new marketing agency Attract Mode
    9. Realm Royale loses 97% of its players in two months
    10. Little Nightmares passes one million sales worldwide
    11. Wild River: A publisher with a Hollywood backer and global ambitions
    12. Jobs roundup: Jagex brings in new execs Nick Baliaeff and Rob Cordero
    1. Overwatch League reportedly adding Toronto team for $35 million
    2. "Games need to take more responsibility"
    3. More Hearthstone veterans join Second Dinner
    4. IGN pulls all of writer's work after plagiarism scandal
    5. The Treasure Hunters FanClub to fund five new games
    6. Nordisk Film Games invests $5.5m in Raw Fury
    7. Jagex launches publishing arm: “We've already seen 100 games”
    8. Tencent's mobile games revenues drop, but daily users are on the rise
    9. Six talks to watch at Devcom 2018
    10. War Child, Gfinity and Nordeus team up for charity FIFA 18 tournament
    11. teams up with PAX West on networking app
    12. Dying Light 2's choices will power “the ultimate vision for the open world”
    13. Tilting Point opens new Barcelona studio
    14. Koch Media acquires Timesplitters and Second Sight IP
    1. Unreal Engine Online Learning becomes new, free hub for learning Unreal
    2. Valve tells Dota 2 teams not to take on gambling sponsors
    3. AGTech, One97 Communications invest in joint mobile gaming venture
    4. Slow online checkouts drive over a quarter of gamers to abandon their orders
    5. UK Charts: Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy enjoys seventh consecutive week at No. 1
    6. Patrick Söderlund leaves Electronic Arts after 12 years
    7. The Darkness, or "How I learned to leave the Sun and Love the Nordics"
    8. Hi-Rez establishes three development studios
    9. After 14 years, the biggest obstacle for World of Warcraft is time, not technology
    10. Paradox Interactive's record Q2 revenues marred by declining profits
    11. Korean devs have been unable to publish in China since March 2017
    12. Sekai Project hit by significant layoffs
    13. Madden NFL franchise reaches 130m lifetime sales
    14. Sumo Digital acquires The Chinese Room
    1. Midnight Hub shuts down
    2. IGDA launches Speaker Diversity Initiative
    3. GOG: Streaming is another layer of DRM
    4. Nintendo has sold over 700 million total hardware units
    5. Pete Hines says cross-platform play a necessity for The Elder Scrolls: Legends
    6. Crystal Dynamics opening Washington studio
    7. Monster Hunter: World pulled from sale in China
    8. Whole new worlds: Improbable's tech lets smaller studios think big
    9. Anti-Brexit group Games4EU launches campaign
    10. Sumo: “Constraining Eve Valkyrie devs to VR would be the wrong thing to do”
    11. Red Dead Redemption writer and God of War producer among new hires at The Initiative
    12. Phoenix Point crowdfunding breaks $2 million -- here's how it was done
    13. Bethesda defends legal action against man selling pre-owned copy of Evil Within 2
    1. Escalation Studios joins Bethesda Game Studios
    2. Growth of Chinese market slows to a crawl amid halt on government-issued licences
    3. Robot Cache names Laura Naviaux Sturr chief marketing officer
    4. DLC: Can games change people's minds?
    5. We Happy Few: Critical Consensus
    6. Culture clash: Why Arena of Valor is struggling in America
    7. Monster Hunter World PC release pulls in record number of concurrent Steam users
    8. Game Maker 2 Nintendo Switch export is now in open beta
    9. Nintendo Switch Online coming in "the second half" of September
    1. Sensor Tower: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery revenue surpasses $55m
    2. Steep canceled on Nintendo Switch
    3. Cuphead has sold 3 million copies
    4. Perfect World reignites Torchlight with new studio
    5. Discord begins selling games
    6. PlayStation consoles surpass 500 million sold worldwide
    7. The Podcast: Family games, with Thumbfood's Simon Smith
    8. Nexon withholds shareholder dividends to "review and execute effective investments"
    9. Fluffy Fairy Games hits 50 million downloads
    10. Germany relaxes stance on Nazi symbols in video games
    11. "Flooding the market with Nazi symbols is not something we want"
    12. Inaugural Overwatch League final pulls in nearly 11m viewers
    13. Maple Story M hits five million downloads in two weeks
    1. NetEase Q2 financials show steady gains driven by mobile success
    2. EmuParadise removes ROMs
    3. Facebook introduces AR games to group chats
    4. "Netflix of games" a threat to developers
    5. Metaari: Game-based learning market will reach $17 billion by 2023
    6. Newzoo: Esports viewership will continue to bear greater resemblance to traditional sports
    7. Faeria: The CCG that abandoned free-to-play and went premium
    8. Magic Leap One Creator Edition now available for $2,295
    9. Novaquark signs $3.5 million funding deal for Dual Universe
    10. Jobs Roundup: GDC welcomes five new advisory board members
    11. PUBG developers launch "Fix PUBG" campaign
    12. Riot Games responds to sexist work culture exposé
    13. Square Enix sees revenue and profit tumble in quiet Q1 for games
    14. No Man Sky scores biggest Twitch numbers since launch
    15. Halo TV series confirmed for a 2020 release
    16. Fallout Shelter surpasses $90m lifetime revenue
    17. Sumo's search for the next Snake Pass
    18. IGN drops Dead Cells reviewer after plagiarism investigation
    1. Former 2K Games president Christoph Hartmann joins Amazon Games
    2. Bandai Namco sees flat first quarter with little help from game sales
    3. Bethesda welcomes new European marketing and PR director
    4. 96% of heavily engaged US gamers play on mobile - EEDAR
    5. Streaming will happen, just a matter of when - EA
    6. Mario Kart 8 and GTA V top European game charts
    7. Overcooked's Ghost Town Games: "We now have our own desks"
    8. Hellblade hits 100,000 sales on Xbox One
    9. Keeping Sea of Thieves afloat
    10. WildWorks' Animal Jam hits $150 million lifetime revenue
    1. Fallout 76 avoids Steam release
    2. Turtle Beach credits Fornite, PUBG with earnings jump
    3. All the Small Things: Ben Brode says devs often overlook key areas
    4. UK Charts: Crash Bandicoot takes No.1 for a sixth consecutive week
    5. Capcom: "We'd prefer a game that got a 9 and sold less, than a 6 but sold more."
    6. Netmarble's Lineage 2: Revolution has seen $1.3 billion in player spending
    7. Minecraft boss says US work culture needs more "off-ramps" for employees
    8. Best Places To Work Awards UK deadline is Friday
    9. EA: Diversity and engagement key to growing FIFA eWorld Cup
    1. Over 1.5 million have played Detroit: Become Human
    2. Unity survey shows over half of indie studios working in mobile, 40% in VR or AR
    3. Apple becomes first US public company worth $1 trillion
    4. Kakao continues investing in mobile developer Neptune
    5. “30% store tax is a high cost,” says Sweeney as Fortnite skips Google Play
    6. China's “enormous opportunity” for Eve Online
    7. ZX Spectrum and Sinclair trademark holder to pull branding rights from Vega+
    8. Digital collectable card games will generate $1.5 billion revenue in 2018
    9. Fortnite powers Ninja to become first Twitch streamer with 10m followers
    10. Overwatch League adds new teams in Guangzhou and Atlanta
    11. Octopath Traveller sells 1 million in three weeks
    12. Sony and Nintendo's strategies converge
    13. Activision Blizzard: Tech issues will halt wide adoption of streaming in the near term
    1. Update: EA made "unfortunate mistake" removing Colin Kaepernick's name from Madden 19 song
    2. Apple ends App Store Affiliate program, citing improved discovery
    3. Harmonix and NCSoft partner to develop multiplatform title
    4. Activision Blizzard exceeds second quarter outlook despite headwinds
    5. Take-Two expects GTA Online sales to 'moderate' as it beats estimates again
    6. Gamefly ends video game streaming service
    7. Sandbox Interactive: "You do this for the long-run, and there's no end in sight for us"
    8. NBA 2K18 reaches ten million units sold
    9. Call of Duty mobile game in works for China
    10. Nexon's Darkness Rises off to strong start with 10 million downloads
    11. Spyro Reignited Trilogy only has one game on the disc
    12. Sega Sammy net sales down 35.8% in latest financial report
    13. Decline appears in number of games certified for UK tax relief
    14. Frostkeep Studios is serious about making "the game that players want" with Rend
    15. Dead Trigger 2 passes 100 million downloads
    16. Elon Musk adding Atari classics to Tesla software, wants original games for car display
    17. CCP partners with NetEase to grow Eve Online in China
    18. Crackdown and confidentiality: Sumo Digital's approach to AAA development
    1. NPD: NES Classic was the highest unit-selling platform for June
    2. Zynga Q2 sees bookings jump 12%
    3. Daily Mirror paid interview subject of Fortnite hit piece
    4. Fire Emblem Heroes earns $400 million globally
    5. Nintendo stock increase trips up hedge fund's $400 million bet
    6. Skybound targets eight to ten game releases a year
    7. Nintendo barely improves conflict minerals sourcing over two years
    8. Making the piracy problem worse
    9. Sega of America names new president and COO
    10. From failed Kickstarter to career-defining success: The story of Pony Island
    11. New multiplayer outsourcing studio opens in the UK
    12. ArtCraft hits $20 million in funding for Crowfall MMO
    13. Sea of Thieves reaches five million players as Cursed Sails expansion launches
    14. Guerrilla Games and MachineGames round out Devcom 2018 line-up
    15. Glu Mobile narrows losses with record Q2 bookings
    16. MapleStory M achieves three million downloads in first week