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March 2014 Archive

    1. Zynga Baltimore founder joins Boss Fight Entertainment
    2. Phil Spencer named as new head of Xbox
    3. Square Enix: Hitman lost players by seeking mass appeal
    4. Epic's goal: Don't be Comcast
    5. Electronic Sports League sets sights on America
    6. UK Minister for Culture wants developers to work with young people
    7. Small Giant appoints Sulake vet as CEO
    8. EA Origin going digital only
    9. Microsoft bought wearable computing assets for $150m - report
    10. Infamous: Second Son stays at #1
    11. Ubisoft's Patrick Redding joins WB Montreal
    12. Capcom slashes profit forecast
    13. Activision closing Blast Furnace studio
    14. Carmack: Facebook "get the Big Picture"
    15. Meretzky: There's a "psychological break" around F2P
    1. Michael Abrash joins Oculus
    2. Julian Gollop to speak at Digital Dragons 2014
    3. LEGO partners with SuperAwesome
    4. Final Fantasy producer: Subscriptions still good for MMOs
    5. Twitch expands infrastructure in Europe
    6. Japanese smartphone market doubled in 2013
    7. Sony "excited to give lots of Morpheus units to indie PS4 devs"
    8. GameStop to open 400 tech stores in the next year
    9. Future Publishing cuts US staff by a third
    10. Sony appoints new CFO
    11. New game design contest for women
    12. Is Facebook buying Oculus a boost for Morpheus?
    1. 3D Realms responds to Gearbox suit
    2. Uncharted 4 game director heads to Riot
    3. Play matters more than video games - Octodad dev
    4. GameStop shutters Spawn Labs cloud streaming outfit
    5. Games for Change Award nominees announced
    6. UK Games Tax Relief: UKIE's reponse
    7. UK Games Tax Relief: TIGA's response
    8. EU approves UK games tax relief, signalling £188m windfall
    9. Japan's new #1 is Mario Party: Island Tour
    10. Runic co-founders say goodbye
    1. Console microtransactions: $352 million annually and growing
    2. State Senator Leland Yee arrested
    3. Oculus signed Facebook deal in just 3 days
    4. Mind Candy launches tech magazine for girls
    5. Oculus purchase will "appear cheap 5 years from now" - analyst
    6. King IPO stumbles out of the gate
    7. Mark Wood steps down as Future CEO
    8. Roundtable: Social Reality or Virtual Nightmare?
    9. Martin Kenwright reveals Starship studio
    10. Seth Killian swaps Sony for indie
    11. Oculus sale meets mixed reactions from developers
    12. Spil: Casual games "just don't pay the bills any more"
    1. Facebook acquiring Oculus for $2 billion
    2. Xbox One may allow loaning of digital games
    3. Cut the Rope dev takes aim at King trademark
    4. Consoles still lend credibility - Bithell
    5. Feds get first US convictions for app piracy
    6. Why Godus is probably 22Cans' last game
    7. Insurgency a sign of the times
    8. Sony confirms UK layoffs
    9. Croatia's first gaming conference
    10. Want Double Fine for a publisher?
    11. GamesIndustry Innovation Awards Voting NOW CLOSED
    12. EA out of Worst Company in America poll
    13. Disney to buy Maker Studios for $500 million
    1. Ubisoft embracing indie-style projects at big studios
    2. Ouya drops free-to-try requirement
    3. Riot lands Game of Thrones promotion in League of Legends
    4. Stand Up for GamesAid reveals full line-up
    5. Nintendo considering bringing Unity to 3DS
    6. GDC 2014 breaks attendance record
    7. VG247 launches in Italy
    8. Nexon: We're letting consumers down
    9. Infamous takes UK #1
    1. Platform holders will foster new funding alternatives - Phil Spencer
    2. Levine reveals plans for a new approach to narrative structure
    3. What it means to be a woman in games
    4. Sony: PS4 camera shortages down to Twitch
    5. Critical Consensus: inFamous has style, lacks substance
    6. GDC Roundup: Day Four
    7. Microsoft: DX12 will improve Xbox One performance
    8. Democracy dev warns against game sales
    9. Virtual dreams dominate GDC
    1. Adam Orth: Internet toxicity has been "chilling" for industry
    2. Square Enix's Karl Stewart moves on to Petrol Agency
    3. Why is Gone Home a game?
    4. Gameforge CEO resigns from business operations
    5. Noise Festival offers placements with Ian Livingstone
    6. Molyneux: "Never underestimate Nintendo"
    7. Flappy Bird to return
    8. Natural Motion: Mobile disruption will come from big companies
    9. Endemol Games appoints new MD
    10. Give8-Bit supporting World Water Day
    11. GDC Roundup: Day Three
    12. Animal Crossing: New Leaf has sold 7.38 million
    13. Is crowdsourcing less ethical than free-to-play?
    14. Hands on with Sony's Morpheus headset at GDC
    15. The Last of Us and Papers, Please storm GDC Awards
    16. We must reject stereotypes in games - Manveer Heir
    17. CryEngine adopts subscription model
    1. "Save the rocket cats," US gov't tells devs
    2. Microsoft pushing to democratize Xbox One access
    3. Epic converts Unreal Engine to subscription service
    4. Oculus in "cloudy phase," aims to attract more content with new dev kit
    5. UKIE frustrated by missing tax relief
    6. Dark Souls II is Japan's new #1
    7. Mojang made a $129 million profit in 2013
    8. Infamous lead designer leaves Sucker Punch
    9. GDC Roundup: Day Two
    10. British Academy Scotland New Talent nominees announced
    11. adds Linux support
    12. Octodad: Dadliest Catch sells 90,000
    13. God of War III creative director leaves Sony Santa Monica
    14. MS reveals first ID@Xbox line-up
    1. Gaming's social liabilities and broken role models
    2. Sony unveils Project Morpheus VR headset at GDC
    3. Plants vs. Zombies 2 vs. China
    4. Unity 5 to feature Geomerics lighting tech
    5. Roadhouse Interactive forms publishing arm
    6. 26 additional territories for Xbox One in September
    7. Facebook gaming pessimism "overblown" - FunPlus exec
    8. Critical Consensus: Metal Gear Solid proves that size matters
    9. GDC Roundup: Day One
    10. Ubisoft's Kajfa Tam joins Improbable
    11. Lanning: "I don't think we could do an Oddworld title for $2m"
    12. Wooga opening new internal studio
    13. Rogue Legacy was profitable after one hour
    14. Tomb Raider, Call of Duty vets form new studio
    15. Walmart jumps into the game trade-in business
    16. Marc Whitten leaving Microsoft to join Sonos
    17. Devs share free-to-play retention tips
    1. How to make a game about slavery
    2. Koji Igarashi leaves Konami
    3. Upsight is the result of Kontagent-PlayHaven merger
    4. Twitch reveals first compatible iOS title
    5. Play to Cure has already analysed 6 months worth of cancer data
    6. Mochi Media to close on March 31
    7. Titanfall is UK #1
    8. Future Publishing issues profit warning, stock plummets
    9. Giant Interactive goes private after $3 billion buyout
    10. LEGO franchise has sold 1.6m games since 2013
    11. Paypal clarifies crowdfunding terms
    12. Final Fantasy XIV has 500,000 DAUs
    13. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams sells a million
    1. Next-gen is "a better marketplace" - EEDAR
    2. The Last of Us sells 6 million copies
    3. QuizUp's Thor Fridriksson: The man with all the answers
    4. Titanfall: time to perform for Xbox One and Azure
    5. Xbox One, PS4 drive US retail sales up 9% in February - NPD
    6. An insider's view of the Titanfall launch
    7. Microsoft prepares for UK Titanfall launch
    1. PopCap sees layoffs but "no changes to titles"
    2. Big Fish partners with Boss Fight to offer "deeper" casual games
    3. Laralyn McWilliams: "It was time to be willing to stand up"
    4. Amazon opens its cloud streaming to devs
    5. Unity Technologies acquires Applifier
    6. Backflip Studios is now a publisher
    7. Funcom: "We were back in full production the day after they came"
    8. Dear Esther, Mirror's Edge artist joins Valve
    9. Plumbee appoints new finance director
    10. Future bringing Kotaku to the UK
    11. Five BAFTAs for The Last Of Us
    12. Majesco's losses widen in fiscal Q1
    13. PS4 sales halve in Japan, but Vita is on the rise
    1. ChangYou investing $600 million in mobile games
    2. GDC's financial impact on San Francisco: $46 million
    3. King targets $7.6 billion valuation
    4. Laralyn McWilliams: The problem with "best practices" in free-to-play
    5. ZTE and The9 partner on new console for China
    6. Facebook: We're vital to mobile gaming success
    7. Google acquires Green Throttle Games
    8. Improbable grows with award-winning sound designer
    9. Qualcomm appoints new president
    10. Stéphane D'Astous joins Hibernum as COO
    11. 2014 BAFTA Young Game Designers competition begins
    1. Player retention is the key to success - Steve Nix
    2. Kotick nets $7.85 million bonus
    3. Trion launches DRM-free digital platform
    4. Kabam hires Chris Petrovic
    5. Next Games lands $6 million in seed funding
    6. Valve VR veteran becomes Oculus' chief architect
    7. Raptr now adding 1.5 million users per month
    8. New studio Citadel launches today
    9. Critical Consensus: Titanfall scores a big win for Xbox One
    10. Developer Shiftylook shutting down
    11. GDC on a budget
    12. Star Citizen reaches $40 million in funding
    13. Machinima raises $18m in Warner Bros funding round
    14. Perfect World full-year revenue rises
    15. Bigfish now accepting Bitcoin
    1. SoftBank invests in mobile start-up Turbo Studios
    2. Ex-Disney devs launch Shark Punch
    3. Dan Murray joins Walking Dead creator's Skybound
    4. GDC "opening a curtain" on misogyny, racism and homophobia
    5. Social currency has real value
    6. Kabam acquires Phoenix Age
    7. Lollipop Chainsaw sales reach 1 million
    8. EA: No damage to Battlefield franchise over tech issues
    9. South Park: Stick Of Truth is new UK #1
    10. EA investigating virtual reality development
    11. Microsoft seeking to improve Games with Gold
    1. Xbox One gets Forza 5 bundle in US
    2. Tomb Raider finally beats profit expectations
    3. Keynote speakers confirmed for 10th Nordic Game
    4. South Park creator: "We weren't willing to change the content"
    5. Kojima to present BAFTA Fellowship to Rockstar Games
    6. Altitude Games raises seed funding
    7. The Room franchise has sold 5.4 million
    8. IGF chair Boyer seeks crowdfunding for cancer treatment
    9. Graeme Devine Joins Magic Leap
    10. Naughty Dog: Amy Hennig was not "forced out"
    11. Free Europe: The EU tackles F2P
    1. Machinima lays off 42
    2. Jack Tretton leaving PlayStation
    3. The Last of Us hits the big screen
    4. M.O.J.O. gets a price cut, Ouya compatibility
    5. Disney Interactive lays off 700
    6. Dan Wood is new UKIE COO
    7. Wii U Watch Dogs launching late
    8. F2P the “most democratic form of development” - Kabam
    9. PopCap data expert joins GameAnalytics
    10. Twitch official streaming partner for E3
    11. Criterion founders launch Three Fields Entertainment
    12. Omnidrone raises $2 million
    13. Harvest Moon hits Japanese number one
    1. DRAM makers reach $310 million settlement in price fixing suit
    2. OnLive relaunches business with comprehensive overhaul
    3. Twitch enables broadcasting of mobile games
    4. Team 17 gets into mobile publishing
    5. Google, Acti, Sega devs form Unspoken Tales
    6. What employees want and why
    7. Funcom's revenue falls in Q4
    8. Apple CFO to retire in September
    9. Amy Hennig leaves Naughty Dog
    1. Layoffs at Eidos Montreal
    2. Valve is pushing price of PC games to free - Lovell
    3. Microsoft stepping up Xbox Live iOS, Android integration - Report
    4. Spil Games appoints former CTO as HTML5 advocate
    5. Deadline looms for Develop speakers
    6. 6 million PlayStation 4s sold
    1. Canabalt creator launches Finji studio
    2. Konami promotes Tomohiro Uesugi to president in US
    3. SXSW Gaming organizer passes away
    4. Banner Saga publisher Versus Evil sets up shop
    5. Ouya to start embedding in other hardware
    6. VR: Palmer Luckey's Quest to Change the World
    7. Make games for your players, not sales
    8. Thief steals UK #1
    9. Rockstar Games awarded BAFTA Fellowship
    10. Raspberry Pi has sold 2.5 million
    11. DayZ development team to double
    12. Interceptor Entertainment acquires 3D Realms
    13. Dust: An Elysian Tail sells 1 million