December 2020 Archive

    1. FIFA 21 reclaims No.1 from Assassin's Creed | UK Boxed Charts
    2. Yoozoo CEO Lin Qi dies at 39 as police investigate poisoning
    1. So long, 2020, and thanks for all the fish food | Creature Comforts
    2. Games of the Year 2020 | Xbox Game Pass
    3. Apple reportedly warns devs of more app takedowns in Chinese App Store
    4. Blackstone makes big investment in mobile ad firm Liftoff
    5. Bloodborne producer Teruyuki Toriyama leaves SIE Japan Studio
    6. Moving Out | Games of the Year 2020
    1. Human: Fall Flat sells 2m in China
    2. Yakuza: Like a Dragon | Games of the Year 2020
    3. 1997 - 2002 | Games of the Year 2020
    4. 31% of young UK gamers struggle to track spending on loot boxes
    5. 2020: A year of success and responsibility
    6. Suikoden successor Eiyuden Chronicle was top video games Kickstarter of 2020
    7. Warframe studio "expects no changes" under Tencent ownership
    1. Microsoft granting full refunds to anyone who purchased Cyberpunk 2077 digitally
    2. Cyberpunk 2077 has sold over 13m copies
    3. Destiny 2 players raised $4.9m through game's charity events this year
    4. Streamlabs raised $4.6m for charity this year
    5. ESA Foundation raises $468k for scholarship program, multiple non-profits
    6. Raw Fury publicly shares publishing agreement
    7. Four takeaways from the GI 100 Game Changers | Opinion
    8. TikTok owner reportedly in talks to buy stake in Chinese mobile games publisher
    9. Voodoo acquires OHM Games
    10. presents… The Year in Numbers 2020
    11. Nordisk Games buys 40% of MercurySteam
    12. Microsoft to end support for Halo on Xbox 360
    13. Distributed computing startup Salad raises $3.2m
    14. The Last of Us Part 2 | Games of the Year 2020
    1. US COVID-19 relief bill would punish streaming of copyrighted content
    2. Eneba raises $8m for online gaming marketplace
    3. Gearbox reaches settlement with Bobby Prince over Duke Nukem music
    4. Digital gaming just had its best revenue month ever in November
    5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Games of the Year 2020
    6. Games of the Year 2020 | Podcast
    7. Monster Hunter movie makes $2.2m in US opening weekend
    8. An insider's perspective on China's new age ratings | Opinion
    9. Rovio names Alexandre Pelletier-Normand as new CEO
    10. Investors reportedly considering class action lawsuit against CD Projekt Red
    11. Steam Autumn Sale brought in 1m paying customers
    12. MAG Interactive acquired word game specialist Apprope
    13. IP licensing for games: How to profit from brand injections
    1. Assassin's Creed Valhalla takes Christmas No.1 as Cyberpunk 2077 falls to third | UK Boxed Charts
    1. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part Ten
    2. Mass market, mystery boxes and metric-driven design: The legacy of FarmVille
    3. Microids announces in-house distribution arm
    4. Discord valued at $7bn as it raises $100m
    5. China introduces new age rating system
    6. Epic Games Store branches into non-gaming apps
    7. Sony pulls Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Store
    8. Microsoft Flight Simulator hits 2m players
    9. 2020: Games boomed, but the industry was treading water | Opinion
    1. Skillz goes public
    2. Red Candle Games announces launch of Devotion on GOG; GOG says it won't list it
    3. The Game Awards sets new viewership record with 83m livestreams
    4. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part Nine
    5. Making weirdness work: The sun-drenched horror of Paradise Killer
    6. Keywords Studios acquires Indigo Pearl and Jinglebell
    7. Nintendo and Sony share prices rise to record highs
    8. Esports to debut as medal event at Asian Games 2022
    9. Cyberpunk 2077 troubles cost CD Projekt founders more than $1bn
    10. The black art of platform conversions: The tailored port
    1. Requests for refunds on Cyberpunk 2077 met with inconsistent response
    2. Five mobile games topped $1b in revenue this year - Sensor Tower
    3. Stadia launches on iOS
    4. Twitch set new viewership milestone in November with 1.7b hours watched
    5. Big Pixel Studios shuts down, impacting about 40
    6. 2020 has shown our lack of leadership | Opinion
    7. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part Eight
    8. Parsec raises $25 million in series B round
    9. Cyberpunk 2077 developers were "updating the last-gen version until the very last minute"
    10. UK Members of Parliament call for ban on bulk buying consoles
    11. Unity acquires 3D content creator RestAR
    12. Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console in Canada for 25 straight months
    13. Ubisoft unveils scholarship for Black UK students to support games career paths
    1. EA Play on Xbox Game Pass for PC delayed to 2021
    2. Tilting Point invests up to $40m in UA funding for Gunship Battle: Total Warfare
    3. Raise money for IGDA Foundation at the year's final Games Industry Gathering
    4. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part Seven
    5. Streamloots launches mental health support program for streamers
    6. Keywords acquires High Voltage Software for $50m
    7. Apple introduces privacy labels to make data mining transparent
    8. Creative Assembly donates £30,000 in laptops to UK kids
    9. Roblox purchases digital avatar firm
    10. Maximizing the 2020 holidays for mobile user acquisition
    11. SteelSeries acquires KontrolFreek
    12. "No adaptation without interpretation" -- turning Animal Farm into a game
    13. Steam officially launches News Hub
    1. Vin Diesel joins Studio Wildcard as executive producer on Ark
    2. Facebook Gaming creators have earned $50m in Stars in 2020
    3. Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony release joint commitment to online safety
    4. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part Six
    5. Games media in 2020 | Podcast
    6. Lessons learnt from business development in Africa
    7. Leyou shareholders approve Tencent takeover
    8. US law proposal could make streaming copyrighted material a felony
    9. Cyberpunk 2077 features epileptic triggers
    10. Cyberpunk 2077 developers promised full bonuses despite declining review scores
    11. Steam breaks concurrent users record at nearly 25m
    12. CD Projekt Red apologises for not showing last-gen Cyberpunk 2077, offers refunds
    13. Roblox delays IPO to 2021
    14. EA agrees $1.2 billion acquisition of Codemasters
    1. Sky News reports EA has gatecrashed Take-Two's Codemasters takeover
    2. Cyberpunk 2077 is the second biggest retail launch of the year | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Zynga veterans launch VR gaming company ForeVR
    2. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part Five
    3. US games spending breaks November records at $7bn
    4. Pillars for an effective charity stream
    5. Developers and publishers contributed £2.91bn to UK economy last year
    6. CD Projekt Red stock falls 29% in run-up to Cyberpunk 2077 launch
    7. Cyberpunk 2077 launches with some real dystopia in tow | Opinion
    8. Ark: Survival Evolved gets an animated series
    9. The Last of Us Part 2 dominates at The Game Awards
    1. Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console in November in the US, despite next-gen launches
    2. Fnatic raises over £2m in crowdfunding
    3. The Nintendo Switch sold over 1.3m units in China this year
    4. Niantic donated a total of $7m in 2020 to Black Lives Matter charities
    5. The Game Awards announces inaugural Future Class
    6. PS5 makes its mark but Nintendo Switch holds No.1 in huge November for video games | EMEAA Charts
    7. Left 4 Dead creator to lead Bad Robot's new in-house games division
    8. Dr. Seuss gets serious about games
    9. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part Four
    10. Peter Moore returns to video games on Nifty board
    11. Orwell Youth Prize to introduce game design category
    12. Rollic acquires matching game Onnect for $6m
    13. Cyberpunk 2077 racked up 8m pre-orders, 74% were digital
    14. Why CD Projekt used AI to localise Cyberpunk 2077
    15. Steam introduces new discovery tools
    16. Cyberpunk 2077 already passed 1m concurrent users on Steam
    1. Blair Witch wins Game of the Year at CEEGA
    2. Honor of Kings once again tops mobile game spending charts in November
    3. Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming arrives for iOS, PC next spring
    4. Twitch revises hateful conduct and harassment policy
    5. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part Three
    6. Control has sold more than 2m units
    7. Bidding for all: Three reasons why gaming publishers should adopt app bidding
    8. Dave Curd takes over from Brendan Greene as PUBG creative director
    9. 72% of all 2020 mobile revenue generated by games at $81bn
    10. Are seasonal creatives worth it?
    11. Ori and the Will of the Wisps raising money for Rainforest Trust
    12. Aglet raises $4.5m for location-based sneaker game
    13. Halo Infinite gets new fall 2021 release date
    1. ZeniMax Online Studios forms new satellite studio in San Diego
    2. Prince of Persia remake delayed to March of 2021
    3. MTG acquires Hutch for an expected $375 million
    4. GameStop has closed 462 stores so far this year, 783 in last two years
    5. Ubisoft appoints former Uber D&I head as VP of global diversity and inclusion
    6. Facebook launches Black Gaming Creator Program
    7. Minecraft tops YouTube's list of most watched games of 2020
    8. Tencent invests in Wizard Games
    9. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands sells 3.7m in one day
    10. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part Two
    11. Manticore Games to give Core users 50% of revenue from their creations
    12. If Found's celebration of experimental, queer game development tradition
    13. Cyberpunk 2077 | Critical Consensus
    14. Farming Simulator ups realism and eco-friendliness with free EU-backed DLC
    15. European consumers organisations collaborate on call for Joy-con drift reports
    16. Sega and Tencent veteran John Clark named Curve Digital CEO
    17. Australia's Victorian government invests $25m in screen industries
    1. Humble announces Black Game Developer Fund's first five titles
    2. MTG increases investment in InnoGames, forms new holding company
    3. Take-Two CEO says games are ten years from photorealism
    4. Nintendo reportedly sends cease and desist to custom Joy-Con charity campaign
    5. Google Stadia is now available in eight more European countries
    6. GI 100 | Game Changers -- Part One
    7. Introducing GI 100 | Game Changers
    8. Not all Steam wishlists are created equal
    9. Can BioWare bounce back? | Podcast
    10. GI 100 | Game Changers
    11. Epic won't hold in-person Fortnite events in 2021
    12. Twitch removes 'blind playthrough' tag after feedback over ableist language
    13. Lumikai invests $1m in Bombay Play
    1. FIFA 21 holds No.1 during Cyber Monday sales week | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Neil Druckmann named co-president of Naughty Dog
    2. Activision sues Netflix for poaching former CFO
    3. Metal Gear Solid film reportedly will star Oscar Isaac
    4. Everything you need to know about making and releasing a demo
    5. Call of Duty has brought in $3 billion in past year
    6. A word from a Destiny 2 acolyte | Why I Love
    7. Starbreeze has paid off most of its creditors
    8. Rust raises $80,000 for Movember
    9. Gfinity acquires Epicstream as it seeks growth amid financial troubles
    10. Did Genshin Impact swipe an opportunity from under Nintendo's nose? | Opinion
    11. Digital Black Friday sales jump almost 50% over 2019 l UK Download Charts
    1. Casey Hudson, Mark Darrah depart BioWare
    2. Kalypso Media fully acquires Realmforge Studios
    3. raises $4m
    4. The Game Developer's Playlist: Phantasy Star Online with Fred Horgan | Podcast
    5. to reveal 100 industry 'Game Changers' next week
    6. GreenPark Sports raises $14m, adds NBA to its metaverse
    7. Creating value in volume
    8. ESA says gaming employs 143k in US, pays an average of $121k
    9. Outward has sold one million copies
    10. Sea of Thieves to shift to battle pass model
    11. Investing for success: a comprehensive guide to raising money
    12. FMOD goes free for indies
    13. Roblox cleared for launch in China
    14. Streamline Media Group raises $50,000 for No Kid Hungry
    15. Silent Hill, Gravity Rush veterans form Bokeh Game Studio
    1. Ubisoft launches UK edition of Black Game Pros Mixer
    2. Nintendo hacker, leaker sentenced to three years in prison
    3. Microsoft acquires
    4. Playco charts a course to the billion-player mobile game
    5. Avalanche co-founder launches Liquid Swords
    6. Immortals: Fenyx Rising | Critical Consensus
    7. Black Friday 2020 digital games spending saw 10% decline
    8. Phoenix Labs expands to Montreal and LA
    9. PS5 comes out top in massive month for console sales | UK Monthly Charts
    10. Console remains largest employer of development staff in the UK
    11. Genshin Impact made almost $400m in two months on mobile
    12. Genshin Impact wins iPhone Game of the Year
    13. Marvel finale was Fortnite's biggest event ever at 15.3m concurrent users
    14. Salesforces buys Slack for $27.7bn
    15. Beyond genre: Using taxonomy data to build your next big game
    16. Bigger Games raises $6 million for casual puzzle games
    17. Aardman partnering with Bandai Namco on new cross-media IP
    1. Dead Cells sells over 3.5m copies
    2. Travis Scott reportedly grossed roughly $20m for Fortnite concert appearance
    3. Krafton to consolidate Pnix and Delusion Studio into new studio, RisingWings
    4. EG7 acquires Daybreak
    5. SteamWorld firm Thunderful's quest to become AA starts with an IPO
    6. Was Activision Blizzard right to ignore mobile? | 10 Years Ago This Month
    7. Subverse developer under fire for partnering with YouTuber Arch
    8. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie expected to start production in March
    9. Fumiko Okura joins Keywords Tokyo as new general manager | Jobs Roundup
    10. Genshin Impact named Best Game at Google Play's annual awards