January 2023 Archive

    1. Blizzard staffer alleges that Proletariat studio culture isn't progressive
    2. EA delays Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to April 28
    3. Apex Legends Mobile to go offline
    4. Sony: We have not cut PSVR 2 production numbers
    5. Game Changers becomes a permanent fixture of GamesIndustry.biz
    6. Microsoft to increase Xbox Series S|X console prices in Japan
    7. HR exec says it's on women to solve the industry's sexism problem | 10 Years Ago This Month
    8. Nintendo, Sony and Xbox reportedly skipping E3 2023
    9. Sony reportedly halves PSVR 2 shipping numbers
    1. HBO's The Last of Us gets greenlight for second season
    2. Dead Space is No.1, but launch sales lower than The Callisto Protocol | UK Boxed Charts
    3. Job cuts in the games industry happen more because of decisions in art, not technology | Opinion
    4. Game Changers | Kirsty Kirby, Lab42
    5. UN survey gauges player sentiment on environmental game content
    1. Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 | This Week in Business
    2. Game Changers | Pixelles
    3. How long can Microsoft float on goodwill? | Opinion
    4. Skybound makes multimillion-dollar investment in WrestleQuest dev Mega Cat Studios
    5. Fntastic delays The Day Before again after trademark dispute, speaks up against scam claims
    1. Jobs Roundup: January 2023 | Cinzia Musio is appointed interim CEO of Code Coven
    2. Elden Ring and Stray are tied for this year's Game Developers Choice Awards
    3. Neil Druckmann says that Naughty Dog is done with the Uncharted series
    4. Metacore snags Supercell's Everdale
    5. Slow and steady wins the race: How Dwarf Fortress reinvented itself after 20 years
    6. Square Enix to shutter Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bond
    7. Where are people going to advertise games in 2023?
    8. Xbox to host summer showcase in Los Angeles later this year
    1. Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct Showcase reveals Tango Gameworks' Hi-Fi Rush
    2. EGMNOW has shut down
    3. Game Changers | Tetiana Loktionova
    4. TIGA unveils Industrial Secondment Program
    5. Xbox Q2 revenues down 13%, but declines offset by Game Pass growth
    6. An introduction to choosing colors in game VFX
    7. The games industry isn’t in crisis. It’s a reality check | Opinion
    8. League of Legends source code exposed in Riot cyberattack
    9. Justin Roiland resigns as CEO of Squanch Games
    1. Washington Post reportedly shutting down gaming section
    2. Tunic and Betrayal at Club Low tie for IGF 2023 nominations
    3. Proletariat unionization vote request dropped
    4. Judge blocks Microsoft's request to pause gamer lawsuit
    5. Forspoken | Critical Consensus
    6. Merriam-Webster acquires word game Quordle
    7. More than just ports: VR devs on bringing PSVR 1 titles to PSVR 2
    8. Blizzard terminates WoW Classic co-lead over protest against employee ranking policy
    9. GDC details 2023 format, COVID precautions
    10. Microsoft subpoenas Sony to prepare for FTC trial
    1. Mac Walters leaves BioWare
    2. Game Changers | Laila Shabir, Girls Make Games
    3. London Developer Conference slated for March 30
    4. Skybound Entertainment announces public investment campaign
    5. Crystal Dynamics to end support on Marvel's Avengers
    1. The Last of Us Part 1 sales jumped 238% after TV show launch | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings leaves after 25 years
    2. Sony unveils additional titles to release in 2023 for its PlayStation VR 2 console
    3. The Last of Us credits snub has Bruce Straley re-thinking unions
    4. Google laying off 12,000
    5. Vox Media is laying off 130 staffers
    6. AI and the problem of "doing more with less" | This Week in Business
    7. Game Changers | Gonzalo Banki Martínez
    8. Riot Games lays off 46 staff as part of "strategic shifts"
    9. GameSpot and Giant Bomb latest affected in wave of media layoffs
    10. Nintendo reportedly planning to increase Switch production in 2023
    11. The EU sets its sights on game regulation | Opinion
    1. Playtika tries to buy Rovio
    2. GDC Survey: 53% of devs support unionization efforts
    3. YouTube Gaming viewership jumps 25% in December
    4. Roblox users grew to 56m daily users in 2022 | News-in-brief
    5. Sound design essentials for updating live service mobile games
    6. Lawfirm considers false advertising suit over Diablo Immortal
    7. Scenario raises $6m ahead of AI-powered art engine early access
    8. Report: Ubisoft CEO addresses "the ball is in your court" comment in staff meeting
    9. Legal trends for the games industry to watch in 2023 | Opinion
    10. Detroit: Become Human sells 8m units | News-in-brief
    11. Microsoft laying off 10,000
    12. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak sells 5m copies | News-in-brief
    1. Study: Loot box labels inconsistently applied
    2. Game Changers | Dr. Mick
    3. What do we want to see from the games industry in 2023? | Podcast
    4. Activision Blizzard claims NetEase rejected proposal to extend China partnership
    5. European games market struggled in December as new releases faltered | European Monthly Charts
    6. European Parliament votes to take action against loot boxes, gaming addiction, gold farming and more
    7. BGFG acquires N4G, TechSpy and more
    8. Elden Ring wins best game at the New York Game Awards
    1. Carry1st raises $27m in funding
    2. The Last of Us TV show debuts with 4.7m viewers
    3. Microsoft plans to add AI capabilities into every product
    4. Unity lays off nearly 300
    5. French union calls for half-day strike at Ubisoft Paris
    6. NPD: US game spending dipped 5% to $57bn in 2022
    7. Taking Syberia into uncharted territory
    8. Four years and 70 issues later: Why Wireframe magazine is closing down
    9. FIFA 23 ends God of War Ragnarok's run at No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    10. Six reasons why 2023 will be huge for video games (and six reasons why it won't)
    11. House of Lords calls on UK government to better support creative industries
    12. China's games market drops for the first time in two decades
    13. Nintendo Switch becomes best selling console ever in France
    14. Devs object to Indian government lumping video games in with gambling
    1. Game Changers | Marilou Lopez-Aguilera
    2. EU will reportedly object to Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal
    3. Stadia controllers to get Bluetooth support
    4. Report: New YouTube policy leads to increased demonetisation of games content
    5. Valve's assets from Portal, Half-Life 2, and more leak online
    6. Government needs to strengthen support for growing UK games industry | Opinion
    7. Awesome Games Done Quick raises $2.6m | News-in-Brief
    8. NetEase reportedly disbands team behind Blizzard games in China
    9. The Last of Us TV show | Critical Consensus
    1. Analysts lower sales targets for Callisto Protocol
    2. Justin Roiland facing domestic violence charges
    3. The Chinese government is set to take shares in Tencent
    4. Game Changers | Dhayana Sena
    5. Pitting developers against one another | This Week in Business
    6. Google and Nvidia reportedly share concerns over Microsoft/ABK with FTC
    7. Xsolla opens Kuala Lumpur office | News-in-brief
    8. The transition to live services continues | Opinion
    1. John Smedley to leave Amazon's gaming division
    2. Finji CEO: Subscriptions are simultaneously "awesome and terrifying"
    3. Bohemia’s war against Arma 3’s misinformation misuse
    4. Deep Rock Galactic has sold 5.5m units since launch | News-in-brief
    5. Japanese players spent $2.9 billion on boxed games and consoles in 2022
    6. Saudi Arabia increases Nintendo stake to 6%
    7. European console and PC game sales fall 7.1% in 2022
    1. Xbox and Bethesda developer direct set for January 25 | News-in-brief
    2. Ubisoft lowers expectations, cancels three unannounced games
    3. Data.ai: Global mobile game revenue dipped 5% to $110bn in 2022
    4. Xbox to roll out 'carbon aware' update to reduce the environmental impact of gaming
    5. What can we learn from newly enacted salary transparency laws?
    6. Game Changers | Jennifer Lufau, Afrogameuses
    7. Testronic parent Catalis Group acquires Secret 6
    1. Activision Blizzard refuses to acknowledge Proletariat union
    2. Giga Fun Studios raises $2.4m in seed funding round
    3. Tips and tricks for building a QA portfolio
    4. What's next for in-app purchases, in-game ads and mobile monetization
    5. Frontier lowers financial expectations after F1 Manager underperformance
    6. Playground Games leaders form new AAA studio Maverick Games
    7. Number of UK games companies up 31% since 2016
    8. ERA: games remained biggest home entertainment industry in the UK in 2022
    1. Callisto Protocol developers left out of credits
    2. Game Changers | Rosie Taylor, Safe In Our World
    3. Apple reportedly set to unveil AR/VR headset this year
    4. FIFA 23, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and God of War Ragnarok tops UK December charts | UK Monthly Charts
    5. Microsoft pro-union ad seems to seek goodwill for Activision Blizzard acquisition
    6. God of War Ragnarok stays at the top | UK Boxed Charts
    1. NetEase acquires Canadian game studio SkyBox Labs
    2. New Year's Resolution 2023: Sell to people who want to buy | This Week in Business
    3. The future of publishing | Playable Futures Podcast
    4. Wizards of the Coast reportedly cancels "at least" five games
    5. Microsoft calls FTC unconstitutional
    6. Dwarf Fortress sold just shy of 500,000 units in December | News-in-brief
    7. Everyone hates games and we don’t care (but we should) | Opinion
    1. After 13 years, Games Done Quick founder Mike Uyama departs from organization
    2. Lawsuit against CD Projekt Red over Cyberpunk 2077 settles for $1.85m
    3. FTC seeks to ban non-compete clauses
    4. Vampire Survivors dev says clones "forced our hand" on mobile port
    5. Months after Mages reported a $4.7m loss, Chiyomaru Shikura steps down as chairman
    6. UK games sales dropped 6% in 2022 and console sales plunged 29%
    7. Video game sales evade strong economic headwinds (for the time being)
    8. Wireframe magazine to shut down
    9. CMA extends deadline for Microsoft/Activision Blizzard investigation
    10. Sony announces accessibility controller Project Leonardo, teases PSVR 2 launch line-up
    1. EA confirms that data storage issue corrupted Madden NFL 23 franchise saves
    2. Gearbox snags Captured Dimensions
    3. Nvidia cloud gaming service heading to vehicles
    4. How to get better game capture for your trailer
    5. Further layoffs reportedly made at ByteDance in China
    6. FTC: No "substantive" settlement talks under way with Microsoft
    1. Zzap!64 magazine and Crash magazine co-founder Roger Kean has died
    2. Zenimax QA workers form union
    3. Building on metaverse successes. How Gamefam’s Roblox strategy delivered a triumphant year
    4. Marvel Snap amasses $30m in global consumer spending
    5. China regulators to license 44 foreign games for domestic release
    6. Analysts offer predictions for 2023 in games
    7. Dropzone and IK developer Archer Maclean dies aged 60
    8. Chile approves Microsoft Activision Blizzard merger
    9. Square Enix aims to grow internal development in 2023, despite selling Western studios
    10. Yuji Naka formally charged with insider trading accusations
    1. God of War Ragnarok ends 2022 at No.1 | UK Boxed Charts