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October 2016 Archive

    1. Dovetail secures 'multi-million pound investment' for new online platform
    2. Round 3 of the UK Games Fund pitching opens to devs
    3. Swery retires from Access Games
    4. Welcome to the New Era: Games as Media
    5. “The fans are going to win”
    6. Xbox One tops UK console sales for second consecutive month
    7. Targeted companies call for SAG-AFTRA voice actors strike to end
    8. Titanfall 2 disappoints as Skyrim and Battlefield 1 impress in UK charts
    9. Oculus recruiting over 100 people ahead of augmented reality expansion
    10. “In games, people shy away from life and death and love and sex”
    11. THQ Nordic purchases NovaLogic's assets
    1. Kongregate expands to Steam, "exploring opportunities" in premium
    2. Warren Spector: "I couldn't care less about maximising profitability"
    3. "You end up putting holes in your wall for a $800 product so you can see a cube"
    4. Boston developers join forces for children's charity Humble Bundle
    5. Newzoo: Top 25 games firms made $34.5bn in H1 2016
    6. Pokémon Sun and Moon is the most pre-sold game in Nintendo's history
    7. Pay attention to risk-taking Nintendo, Microsoft and Bethesda
    8. Microsoft blows open the VR race with a quiet bombshell
    9. OnePlay acquires Desura and Indie Royale
    10. Nintendo: "We have no interest in switching our customers"
    1. Nintendo Switch screen is 720p, will support multi-finger gestures - report
    2. Digital growth slows to 5% in September - Superdata
    3. The new is here!
    4. Imagination Vs. Immersion
    5. Switch targets Japan's TV-less youth
    6. Oculus & Kaleidoscope announce VR art fund DevLab
    7. King closes Singapore studio Nonstop Games
    8. Quantic Dream experimenting with virtual reality
    9. Mobcrush raises another $20 million for mobile streaming
    10. Stranger Things' Shawn Levy is the new Uncharted director
    1. Will Microsoft bundle a VR headset with Scorpio?
    2. Microsoft takes on Oculus, Twitch in new Windows 10 update
    3. Nintendo Switch to ship 2 million for March
    4. Cage: “Games should be about what players feel, not what they do”
    5. aXiomatic invests in eSports rec league
    6. Capcom sales drop 9.4% in half-year figures
    7. “No reviews means no possibility of negativity”
    8. EGX Rezzed 2017 to add new Powered by Unreal Engine zone
    9. Sale of Seattle Mariners stake keeps Nintendo in the black
    10. BAFTA Breakthrough Brits 2016 announced
    11. Simplygon goes free for indies and educators
    12. Keywords Studios acquires Player Research in deal worth £1.3m
    1. Microsoft vets form Drifter Entertainment
    2. Nintendo Switch media coverage: Good, but not great
    3. Tequila Works: The Reason of Rime
    4. “Stop thinking like a developer and put yourself in the public's shoes”
    5. Is GAME really in trouble?
    6. SAG-AFTRA strike draws more than 250 to EA offices
    7. Layoffs strike Gameforge as publisher abandons mobile
    1. Nintendo: Switch video does not represent actual game footage
    2. How to create a successful developer livestream
    3. Nintendo desperately wants its audience to Switch back
    4. Peak Games suing Hasbro for game cloning
    5. Battlefield 1 knocks FIFA from the UK's top spot
    6. GAME stores charging for PlayStation VR demos
    7. "This is a war on the middle class"
    8. The Room franchise has passed 11.5 million sales
    1. When do kids stop being kids?
    2. Sony: We still believe in console generations
    3. "It's not the game, it's the gun"
    4. CastAR hires PlayStation veteran Peter Dille as CMO
    5. Pokémon Go is the fastest mobile game to pass $600m in revenues
    6. PlayStation VR sells 50,000 units in Japan during launch week
    7. Nintendo Switch heralds the end of the handheld era
    8. NPD: PS4 Slim and Xbox One S fail to prevent US sales decline
    9. SAG-AFTRA now on strike against EA, Activision, Warner Bros., more
    10. Xbox surges as Microsoft's gamble pays off
    1. Xbox One won US market share in Q1, says MS
    2. "Who else but die-hard Nintendo fans will buy the Switch?"
    3. Nintendo Switch officially revealed
    4. "Making your games inclusive is complicated and fraught with frustration"
    5. Nintendo prepares to unveil the NX - Here's what we know
    6. expands UK team with two veteran editors
    7. HTC Vive has sold more than 140,000 units - report
    8. Pokémon Go is just the beginning of an absurd copyright struggle in AR
    1. Mixing dynamic narrative with dynamite
    2. Outside Xbox launches multi-platform channel, expands team
    3. $850m raised towards Tencent's Supercell acquisition
    4. Valve pushes back against Washington State skin gambling claims
    5. Ex-Zynga VP's VR animation studio Baobab secures $25m funding
    1. Kabam offered $800 million for Vancouver studio - Report
    2. DeNA shutters Western business as games "did not meet expectations"
    3. Mobile hits need new content 3-5 weeks post-launch - Nielsen
    4. Red Dead Redemption 2 to sell 12 million in fall quarter - Analyst
    5. Inexperience as an advantage
    6. PlayStation VR launch demonstrates Sony's PR expertise - ICO
    7. "There are not as many questions. We have more freedom now"
    8. CBS turning Candy Crush into TV game show
    9. Brynley Gibson joins Curve Digital to lead VR push
    10. NPD: Price is biggest barrier to higher DLC sales
    11. Game companies say SAG-AFTRA strike would harm its own members
    12. United Front Games reportedly shut down
    13. Razer bolsters audio IP with THX acquisition
    1. Battlefield 1: Critical Consensus
    2. VR won't be to games what 3D was to movies - Survios
    3. FIFA 17 holds off Gears of War 4 in the UK
    4. Voice actors' guild sets October 21 strike date
    5. The Indie View: How to Survive the Internet
    6. PlayStation VR had "many hundreds of thousands" of pre-orders
    1. Sony to publish at least five smartphone games in 2018 - report
    2. Jobs roundup: World of Warcraft swaps game directors
    3. VR We There Yet?
    4. MaxPlay cuts most of its team in move towards licensing
    5. Microsoft celebrates international Xbox One success
    6. The merits of Star Citizen's development openness
    1. CCP cracking down on EVE Online gambling sites
    2. MTG acquires 35% of InnoGames for €90 million
    3. Valve follows Oculus' lead with new Vive controller prototype
    4. Pre-tax profits down 81% at Game Group
    5. Why one Chinese publisher believes PSVR will propel it in the West
    1. Power to the People
    2. eSports taking viewership away from real sports - Newzoo
    3. "We've heavily invested to make the best premium games out there"
    4. IndieZone finalists announced for Develop:VR
    5. YouTube points the way forward for monetising video content
    6. 6 reasons to use game analytics and real-time marketing in premium mobile games
    1. Oculus suspends Gear VR support for Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    2. Critical Consensus: Gears of War 4 offers spectacular, familiar pleasures
    1. Jam City: We're "halfway towards an IPO"
    2. John Carmack says VR devs are "coasting on novelty"
    1. Reboot InfoGamer puts VR in the spotlight
    2. Oculus lowers the price of a VR-ready PC by half
    3. "If people say that's console wars, I think they're wrong"
    4. VR's crazy week punctuated by a Palmer Luckey no-show
    5. Is PSVR Sony's quietest launch ever?
    1. "This industry is not going to protect us. We have to learn to protect ourselves"
    2. Oculus Connect: Touch price, new headphones and big games
    3. Consumer spend on VR to hit $11.2 billion by 2020 - IHS Markit
    4. Not A Game: Industry Labour Practices May Be Headed For a Big Change
    5. NGD Studios eyes AAA development with Red Katana acquisition
    6. "We're definitely at the point where something's gotta give"
    1. Ubisoft ends partnership with Limbic Entertainment
    2. Valve threatened by Washington State Gambling Commission
    3. PS4 Skyrim, Fallout 4 getting user mods after all
    4. Blizzard, Starbreeze vets land $5m investment for VR studio
    5. Critical Consensus: PlayStation VR
    6. "We are now a reference for Brazil. We are proud to be"
    7. Kerbal Space Program team suffers eight departures
    8. GameON: Ventures conference heads to MaRS for 2016
    1. Google Daydream to sell over 14m units by 2020 - SuperData
    2. Google Daydream VR headset launches in November for $80
    3. VR hardware will grow to $50 billion by 2021 - Juniper
    4. BAFTA names VR advisory group
    5. Digital Homicide owner cancels lawsuit against Steam users
    6. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - what next for the games industry?
    1. "The mission of an indie team should be survive to its first game"
    2. eSports teams attract more outside investment
    3. FIFA takes UK #1
    4. Overwatch is 2016's most popular Twitch game