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Doodle Jump developer appoints new Chief Licensing Officer

Lima Sky has named Eric Karp to a new position within the company

Doodle Jump developer Lima Sky has hired Eric Karp as the company's new chief licensing officer. Karp will work with founder Igor Pusenjak to license Lima Sky's properties for other merchandise. His first task will be to work with Fremantle Media Enterprises to license Doodle Jump to other partners.

"There have been endless opportunities to license Doodle Jump," said Igor Pusenjak. "However, we held back because of concerns about uneven product quality. With the right curators now in place, I can't wait to show the world the amazing newDoodle Jump products."

"It's no secret that Doodle Jump is the last untouched powerhouse brand that has emerged from the world of smartphone gaming and apps," said Eric Karp. "Three straight years at the top of the charts and over 40 million downloads is the result of a carefully developed content strategy. Lima Sky listens closely to its millions of Doodle Jump fans. It's crucial that 'Doodle' and company find their way into the real world in the right way."

Prior to his new position at Lima Sky, Karp helped Moshi Monsters developer Mind Candy establish its Western market presence. He will be attending the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas on June 12-14 to talk with potential partners.

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