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March 2021 Archive

    1. Sandbox & Co. acquires edutainment company Fingerprint
    2. Sega reportedly accuses SteamDB of Yakuza piracy
    3. Finji's goal: Be less scrappy
    4. How to measure and address your carbon footprint | Green Games Guide
    5. 505 Games buys Ghostrunner IP for €5m
    6. Mobile games revenue growth remains higher than pre-pandemic levels
    7. Manticore Games raises $100m for user-generated content platform
    8. Tencent helps bust "world's biggest" cheating operation
    9. Sumo revenue jumps 40% as it eyes more acquisitions
    1. Graffiti Games raises $1.5m in funding
    2. CD Projekt moving to parallel development
    3. The Game Developer's Playlist: Tex Murphy, with Jean Leggett | Podcast
    4. Bloober Team withdraws from acquisition talks
    5. What's wrong with the UK talent pipeline and how to improve it
    6. Tokyo Game Show 2021 will be online
    1. Activision Blizzard names Armin Zerza CFO
    2. PAX East cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic
    3. EA announces new PGA Tour title
    4. Siobhan Reddy: "Progress has been made, but the issues haven't gone away"
    5. Former Famitsu editor arrested for fraud
    6. Super Mario 3D All-Stars sales spike 276% in final week | UK Boxed Charts
    7. Sony shuts down old web version of PS3, PSP, Vita store
    8. Anthem director leaves BioWare
    9. Call of Duty Warzone stat-tracking site shuts down after cease and desist from Activision
    10. Capcom ships 4m copies of Monster Hunter Rise
    11. Sega is Metacritic's publisher of the year
    12. Nexon invests $874m in Bandai Namco, Konami, Sega and Hasbro
    13. Gfinity is no longer for sale
    14. Nordisk Games acquires 30% stake in Supermassive
    1. Palace intrigue on the GameStop board of directors | This Week in Business
    2. Bandai Namco shares sales for top three Tales games
    3. Big changes to your team
    4. Ad quality is a UX challenge
    5. Learn how to make great game trailers at GI Live: Online
    6. PUBG Mobile's lifetime revenues pass $5bn
    7. Balan Wonderworld's day one patch to remove epileptic triggers
    8. UKIE releases Green Games Guide to help companies take action against climate change
    9. Sony has a responsibility to preserve its gaming history | Opinion
    10. Hades wins Best Game at BAFTA Games Awards 2021
    1. Ghost of Tsushima to receive film adaptation
    2. IGDA appoints new members to board of directors
    3. Dispelling the myths of breaking into emerging markets
    4. Genshin Impact passes $1bn on mobile
    5. Cloud gaming expected to hit $1.4 billion in revenue this year
    6. Monster Hunter Rise | Critical Consensus
    7. Reggie Fils-Aime to leave the GameStop board
    8. Five things to consider when building games for future players
    9. PUBG Mobile passes 1bn downloads
    1. Psyonix making Rocket League spin-off for mobile
    2. MTG acquires Bloons studio Ninja Kiwi
    3. Ikumi Nakamura launching her own studio
    4. Frost Giant Studios raises $5 million
    5. The difference in game dev for love or money
    6. Keywords Studios reports strong 2020 with €373.5m in revenue
    7. HiDef raises $9m for metaverse project
    8. Making marketing mistakes or the art of failing properly
    9. New studio Ashborne Games forms under THQ Nordic banner
    10. Record year for Razer generates $1bn in revenue
    11. Final Fantasy XI mobile reboot officially cancelled
    12. Rec Room closes $100m funding round
    13. Five areas not to compromise when creating a game video
    14. Tobias Sjögren named permanent CEO of Starbreeze
    1. GameStop full-year sales down 21%
    2. Sony reportedly closing PS3, PSP, Vita digital stores
    3. Amazon Games opens Montreal studio
    4. 2K acquires HookBang games business
    5. Sumo Group's Carl Cavers joins GI Live: Online line-up
    6. Deep dive: Behind-the-scenes data on a Steam F2P game
    7. NFTs? No f***ing thanks | Podcast
    8. German games market reaches record high of €8.5bn
    9. Upgraded Nintendo Switch reportedly using latest Nvidia graphics chip
    10. Xbox Live becomes Xbox network
    11. What next for games education and early careers post-COVID?
    12. Microsoft among suitors for Discord in reported $10b deal
    13. Niantic to make Nintendo AR mobile games
    1. Razer sets 10-year sustainability goals
    2. Blizzard: "We want women shaping the future"
    3. ByteDance acquires Moonton Technology
    4. Capcom: “We're still shipping over 1m Resident Evil 7 units annually almost four years after its launch"
    5. IronSource going public at $11.1 billion valuation
    6. Media Molecule's Siobhan Reddy to receive BAFTA Fellowship
    7. Hades launches at No.7 as Animal Crossing reclaims top spot | UK Boxed Charts
    8. Terraria has sold 35m copies across all formats
    9. Valve blocks Super Seducer 3 from Steam
    1. Stop normalizing abusive fandom | This Week in Business
    2. Activision Blizzard preps for layoffs at European offices
    3. The Long Dark passes 5 million copies sold
    4. Gotham Knights delayed to 2022
    5. Incredibuild secures $140m in funding
    6. How Phoenix Games helps studios establish their next hit
    7. Twitch permanently bans Ali 'Gross Gore' Larsen after sexual assault allegations
    8. Dead Cells has now sold 5m copies
    9. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut classification rejected in Australia
    10. Pandemic drives UK games market to record £7bn year
    11. Super Nintendo World is a milestone for gaming | Opinion
    12. Starbreeze signs €50m Payday 3 deal with Koch Media
    1. Sony jointly acquires fighting game tournament Evo
    2. What has Square Enix Montreal been doing for the last five years?
    3. Gamescom goes hybrid because "it's worth still trying to make it possible"
    4. Discover the secrets behind Human: Fall Flat's 25 million sales at GI Live: Online
    5. Sony unveils PS5 VR controllers
    6. The Bala brothers' guide to finding the magic
    7. Stratosphere Games raises over $2.5m for Project MiniCiv and mobile publishing
    8. Geo-blocking in the games industry -- a closer look at Valve's EC fine
    9. Embracer Group raising over $890m for even more acquisitions
    10. Keywords Studios acquires 85% interest in Tantalus Media
    1. Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick reportedly due to receive $200m payout
    2. Game companies condemn anti-Asian hate crimes
    3. EA Play joins Xbox Game Pass for PC tomorrow
    4. Developing for fandom at every level
    5. 97% of UK games vacancies are based in offices despite pandemic
    6. Five tips on being a better producer
    7. Tencent, Sony, Square Enix invest in cloud gaming company Ubitus
    8. EA will soon release new technology to tackle racism and toxicity in FIFA 21
    9. Accessibility in games is advancing -- now marketing needs to catch up | Opinion
    10. Riot Games investigation finds no evidence of misconduct or sexual harassment by CEO
    1. Activision Blizzard lays off 50
    2. Google Play revenue cut lowered to 15% on first $1m
    3. PlayStation invests in Jade Raymond's new independent studio Haven
    4. Animal Crossing breaks Nintendo's European sales record
    5. My.Games takes minority stake in Espresso Publishing
    6. Were free-to-play fears unfounded? | Podcast
    7. Revealed: Here are the finalists for the Indie Publishing Awards
    8. Spider-Man: Miles Morales scores its first No.1 as PS5 stock levels improve | UK Boxed Charts
    9. 2K acquires PGA Tour 2K21 studio, signs Tiger Woods
    10. Getting closer to simulating the real world: Applying ray tracing in games
    11. Rockstar pays $10,000 to modder who fixed GTA Online loading times
    12. Trufan raises $2.3m and acquires
    13. Team17 sees 2020 revenues soar after record number of game launches
    1. Chess category booming as Twitch hours watched in February grew 82%
    2. Capturing the Spanish Golden Age in Puerto Viejo
    3. Why the founders of Kolibri Games are leaving their idle goldmine
    4. Sony closing PlayStation Communities on PS4
    5. Delisted horror game Devotion on sale direct through Red Candle Games
    6. PS5 and Switch sales spike in February | UK Monthly Boxed Charts
    7. EA confirms "one or more" accounts involved in FIFA Ultimate Team scandal
    8. Surviving Mars hits five million players
    9. Star Citizen reaches $350m in crowdfunding after record 2020
    10. Enthusiast Gaming launching new esports site Upcomer
    1. EA's problem with the Ultimate Team sales scandal | This Week in Business
    2. Capcom reportedly mandated in-office working after security breach
    3. Stellaris tabletop game hits £1m on Kickstarter in 24 hours
    4. US game spending jumped 35% in February, says NPD Group
    5. Evercade's Oliver Twins Collection has raised £11,000 for National Videogame Museum
    6. GameStop's meme stock rallies don't fix its decline | Opinion
    7. PC and console games sales surged across Europe in February | EMEAA Charts
    8. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team racks up 35m downloads
    9. THQ Nordic forms Alkimia Interactive for Gothic Remake
    10. Good games get bad ratings
    1. EA College Football reportedly won't launch until 2023
    2. Indie breakout Loop Hero sells 500,000 in first week
    3. Super League Gaming acquires Mobcrush
    4. Phil Spencer stresses exclusivity in ZeniMax deal
    5. Best Places To Work Awards is coming to North America
    6. Little Nightmares 2 has sold more than 1m units
    7. A talk with the rainmakers of Silver Rain Games
    8. Midgame Fund aims to boost Dutch developer ecosystem
    9. Global console market reached record high of $53.9bn in 2020
    10. Rockstar Leeds founder Gordon Hall dies
    11. EA investigating allegations of employee selling rare FIFA Ultimate Team cards
    12. Roblox closes first day of trading with $38b market cap
    13. Sumo Group launches publishing arm called Secret Mode
    1. Rogue raises $2.5m in Series A funding
    2. Humble Bundle raised over $30m for charity in 2020
    3. Phoenix Wright aces the visual novel genre | Why I Love
    4. Industry legend Warren Spector joins GI Live: Online
    5. What do Stadia's struggles mean for game streaming?
    6. HTC unveils two Vive trackers
    7. Are we entering the new era of mobile social gaming?
    8. Epic Games takes legal action against Google in Australia
    1. RektGlobal acquires social media talent agency TalentX Entertainment
    2. Epic acquires Capturing Reality
    3. German legal reform to set new standards for loot boxes
    4. Wings Interactive unveils new round of funded games
    5. Microsoft confirms some future Bethesda games will be Xbox, PC exclusive
    6. Gaming copes with mobile/social anxiety | 10 Years Ago This Month
    7. Newzoo anticipates global esports market will grow to $1.08b in 2021
    8. EA did the Wright thing | Podcast
    9. StoryFutures Academy and InGame announce winner of Immersive Game Lab
    10. Omeda Studios closes $2.2m round of funding
    11. Loot boxes to generate $20bn by 2025
    12. Creative Assembly to launch UK scholarships promoting diversity
    13. Fundamentally Games: “We want to shake up what it means to be a publisher”
    14. TinyBuild launches £340m IPO
    1. GameStop establishes committee to help transform it "into a technology business"
    2. V1 Interactive is officially closing its doors
    3. Global esports, game streaming markets to reach $3.5b by 2025 - Juniper
    4. Academy resources to champion women in games
    5. Zynga pledges $100,000 to Girls Who Code
    6. Cloud gaming firm Blade seeking investment after filing for bankruptcy
    7. Creating a diverse workforce | UKIE #RaiseTheGame report
    8. Japan's Super Nintendo World to open on March 18
    9. GAME parent Frasers Group criticises “worthless” government relief package
    10. Microsoft's Zenimax acquisition approved by EU
    11. Square Enix bans thousands of Final Fantasy 14 players for real-money trading
    12. Zombies, Run dev Six to Start acquired for $9.5m
    1. Mario games shine and Yakuza re-enters Top 40 | UK boxed charts
    1. EA taking racism more seriously | This Week in Business
    2. Beyond Control: What's next for Remedy?
    3. UK competition watchdog to investigate Apple
    4. Seth Schiesel joins Xbox as director of executive communications | Jobs Roundup
    5. Games Education Summit reveals 2021 speakers
    6. Arizona bill aims to prevent Apple, Google from blocking third-party payments
    7. Hogwarts Legacy designer quits Avalanche following public backlash
    8. Three months in, Game Pass is Microsoft's ace in the hole | Opinion
    1. Valve ends production on rebooted Artifact
    2. Mortal Shell sales pass 500,000 copies
    3. ESA commits $1 million to support Black Girls Code
    4. Theorycraft Games secures $37.5m in Series A funding
    5. Best practices for designing an effective user interface
    6. My.Games represented 38% of's revenue in 2020
    7. Oculus, Thunderful, My.Games and more join GI Live: Online
    8. PS5 and Xbox Series sold 800,000 consoles in the UK last year
    9. Grads In Games is now a non-profit company
    10. EA bans FIFA player following racial abuse towards ex-footballer Ian Wright
    11. SELL: French industry's record year not just about COVID
    12. 'Dynamic Difficulty' loot box lawsuit against EA dropped
    13. Nintendo will reportedly unveil 4K OLED Switch this year
    1. Motorsport Games acquires racing simulation tech firm Studio397
    2. Nacon accuses Frogwares of "sabotaging our investments" in The Sinking City
    3. Valheim has sold more than 5m copies
    4. Less than 15% of Twitch user reports last year led to enforcement actions
    5. Are Steam followers the best predictor of success for unreleased games?
    6. Zynga acquires Echtra Games
    7. UK spending on video games reached £4.4 billion in 2020
    8. Storror bets on Kickstarter to make a "pure parkour" game
    9. Frogwares issues DMCA takedown to remove The Sinking City from Steam
    10. Government funding helps UK games firms create hundreds of job placements
    11. Blasphemous has passed one million players
    12. Layoffs reported at Hardsuit Labs
    13. French games market reaches record high of €5.3bn | France Annual Report
    14. Lumikai leads $1.5m investment round in All-Star Games
    1. The next generation of PlayStation VR | Podcast
    2. Square Enix taps Forever Entertainment for remakes
    3. Sony's controller tech is literally bananas | Patent Trawling
    4. Vungle acquires GameRefinery
    5. Epic acquires Fall Guys outfit Tonic Games Group
    6. Ubisoft partners with Belgian Pro League for blockchain-based fantasy football game
    7. PlayStation Store drops movies and TV shows
    8. Gotta cash 'em all: How Pokémon became the world's biggest games franchise
    9. The Last of US Part 2 secures a record 13 BAFTA nominations
    10. TiMi Studios joins Playing for the Planet Alliance
    11. Balancing data and creativity: Is there a magic formula for hypercasual games?
    12. Crying Suns reaches 1m players across mobile and PC
    1. Sinking City dev claims its publisher is selling a hacked copy on Steam
    2. Nacon blames Frogwares for feature-lacking Steam version of The Sinking City
    3. EA delays Need For Speed so Criterion can help with Battlefield
    4. Dream Games secures $50m Series A round
    5. Seriously appoints Petri Järvilehto as CEO
    6. Returnal, Skyward Sword and the value of video games | Opinion
    7. Roblox's strategy to focus on catering to older users
    8. Google reportedly paid $20m for Ubisoft ports on Stadia