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June 2013 Archive

    1. Xbox One exec: Hardware specs are "meaningless"
    2. Ignition GM to head up B27 Japan
    3. Nintendo prevails in Triton patent lawsuit
    4. GameHorizon expands with Investment Summit, confirms return to Newcastle in 2014
    5. Glu Mobile producer joins NaturalMotion as product lead
    6. The Last of Us conquers Japanese chart
    7. Nintendo and Smartphones: No New Leaf
    1. Google said to be developing game console
    2. Xbox One gets Unity
    3. Kabam sees "small" layoffs as company shifts to mobile
    4. Xbox One policy changes get thumbs up from Ubisoft
    5. Atlus parent company files for bankruptcy
    6. EA's Wilson: Origin is not about transactions, it's about service
    7. Sony: "It's not the decline of consoles, it's the decline of a generation"
    8. Desilets: "Eventually AAA games will make money again"
    9. Microsoft removes developer charges for 360 patching
    10. Applications open for Kinect for Windows dev kits
    11. Latest Source SDK adds Mac, Linux, Occulus Rift support
    12. How to Gamify Giving: Playmob's new model for charity
    1. Todd Hollenshead leaves id Software
    2. Inafune: Managing expectations key for global co-development
    3. Nvidia Shield delayed to next month
    4. Yoichi Wada now Square Enix chairman
    5. Sony opens PlayStation Vita Indies Games category
    6. BAFTA extends deadlines for games awards and new breakthrough prize
    7. Xbox One policy reversal "impressive" says Will Wright
    8. Activision: Microsoft has to prove Xbox One's premium price is worth it
    9. Retailer GMG offers instant credit for online trade-ins
    10. Jagex sales top £50 million
    11. No headset in the box for Xbox One
    12. Crytek refuses to comment on Trion relationship following Warface silence
    13. Growing pains: Are big studios doomed to fail?
    14. Australia refuses classification to State of Decay
    1. ESRB expands mobile app privacy program
    2. Zynga spent $310 million on acquisitions
    3. Naughty Dog accused of swiping Last of Us art
    4. Ouya boss apologizes to backers for unshipped consoles
    5. PS4 and Xbox One high volumes no problem for AMD
    6. VP of publishing Rob Dyer latest exec to quit Zynga
    7. Australia's new age rating system bans Saints Row IV
    8. Free-to-Play Marketing: Positioning and Proposition
    9. Minecraft PC sales hit 11m
    10. Söderlund: DICE begged for Battlefront
    1. Zynga China studio head leaving
    2. Steam Trading Cards leaves beta on June 26
    3. EA's timing argument thrown out in Madden lawsuit
    4. Nordic Games acquires two from Atari
    5. Sony: Most gamers "don't want to buy online right now"
    6. 49Games heads launch Hexagon Game Labs
    7. CCP CEO: "A big company can become very dumb, very quickly"
    8. World of Tanks and the Free-to-Play Console War
    9. The Last Of Us holds on at #1
    10. Whore Of The Orient secures $200,000 in funds
    11. Microsoft to invest $700m in Iowa data centre
    12. Ellen Page: The Last Of Us "ripped off my likeness"
    13. Double Eleven signs with Pixel Junk developer Q Games
    1. Indie dev skips PAX citing Penny Arcade artist's comments
    2. Superdata: Digital game sales down in May
    3. Sexuality a touchy subject - Suda 51
    4. Square Enix names Crystal Dynamics boss as new head of studios
    5. Warframe dev: Mid-size studios dying off
    6. Hirshberg: "We want to be wherever gamers are"
    7. Ignition co-founder starts mobile studio
    8. Phil Fish backs away from Xbox for Fez 2
    9. Double Eleven splits from Sony XDev as it continues publishing push
    10. G.I.R.L. Scholarship winner announced
    11. Xbox Entertainment Studios hires new chief design officer
    12. End of the Golden Age: Are Games Consoles Too Generic?
    13. War Z renamed Infestation: Survivor Stories
    1. Xbox 180: Microsoft pulls back from the brink
    2. Microsoft "prepared to lower price" on Xbox One next year - Pachter
    3. Nvidia Shield available June 27 for $299
    4. Skulls of the Shogun dev rails against Microsoft Studios
    5. Roundtable: Retreating across the Rubicon
    6. Tickets now available for GamesIndustry Summer Party
    7. GamesIndustry International strikes ChinaJoy media partnership
    8. Zynga acquires Spooky Cool Labs
    9. Donkey Kong dominates Japanese charts
    10. Steam working on shared game library [Rumor]
    11. Xbox One news good for GameStop
    1. Microsoft abandons Xbox One restrictions
    2. IGN's ex-EIC stepping down
    3. Role-Playing: Xbox chief Don Mattrick
    4. Nintendo patent suit victory upheld
    5. Witcher 3 dev on next-gen, avoiding an "average, crappy game"
    6. Fast and Furious 6 game draws 17 million in first month
    7. Wii U marketing too relaxed - Nintendo
    8. Nintendo targets Steel Diver for free-to-play
    9. Warren's Mailbag: Publishers using Metacritic as a "weapon"
    10. SCEE funding Gamer Camp scholarships
    11. Watch Rezzed sessions online this weekend
    12. Mark Cerny to keynote Develop 2013
    13. Gamestick ship-date delayed until August
    14. Sony: PlayStation 4 has given Vita a shot in the arm
    15. Film director de Rakoff joins Jagex team
    16. Gunpoint finds pre-order success after 64 seconds
    17. King thought to be prepping IPO
    18. Nvidia to license graphics tech portfolio
    19. Gamevil pledges $130m for global expansion
    20. How To Open Up The Treehouse
    21. Respawn founders had tense relationship before West's departure
    1. Zampella: Titanfall "not gunning for Call of Duty"
    2. Ken Levine writing Logan's Run
    3. Crytek shows off The Collectibles for iOS
    4. Activision ups licensing partnerships to 150
    5. EA says Ignite engine needs to be adjusted for PC
    6. Sucker Punch co-founder: "We want to do one thing at a time"
    7. Exient opens Leamington Spa studio
    8. GAME to open Xbox specific store in London
    9. High 5 Games acquires Electrotank's assets, IP and team
    10. State Of Decay reaches 500k sales
    11. Former Playfish boss calls new consoles "a distraction"
    12. Avalanche Studios: Traded games are "too short"
    13. Oculus VR raises $16m in series A funding
    14. E3 attendance up 5 per cent
    15. 3DS System update adds paid DLC to StreetPass
    16. Third Point raises Sony stake as it pushes for spin-off
    17. Molyneux: The industry must expand or die
    18. Official launch for Women in Games International Montreal
    1. E3 buzzkill: Game sales at US retail plummet in May
    2. WBIE: We're a believer on Wii U
    3. Portable gaming to top $12 billion in 2013
    4. ESA calls for more digital sales transparency
    5. Hitman developer cuts half of staff, refocuses on series
    6. Dead Space not dead, Visceral working on "something else"
    7. Sony increases PS4 sales projections post-E3
    8. Call of Duty: Ghosts not necessarily Wii U bound
    9. Paradox to hand over Salem next month
    10. Iwata: "We don't care about what other companies are doing"
    11. The Last Of Us scores UK #1
    12. Square Enix opens mobile studio in Indonesia
    13. Sony not expecting third party DRM measures
    14. Ubisoft working on Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Rabbids films
    1. Bleszinski: AAA numbers don't work with used and rental games around
    1. Xbox One sharing groups not restricted to family
    2. Moore: Next-gen could see more innovations before launch
    3. Lanning: Why do we need publishers for Xbox One?
    4. EA confirms dissolution of Danger Close
    5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf breaks eShop records
    6. 21 launch countries listed for Xbox One
    7. Nintendo: Quality the best deterrent against used games
    8. Vlambeer suffers E3 theft
    9. Apogee suing Gearbox over Duke Nukem
    10. Microsoft to open stores within 600 branches of Best Buy
    11. The Xbox One Question: Why Did Microsoft Do It?
    12. Xbox One has power of 10 Xbox 360 consoles, says Microsoft
    1. E3 brings $40 million to Los Angeles
    2. SGN Acquires Mob Science
    3. Full developer session unveiled for Rezzed
    4. Miyamoto wants to retain product nature of games
    5. 100,000 players for Prison Architect
    6. Xbox One check-in will need "kilobytes, not megabytes"
    7. Guillemot: Nintendo needs to sell more Wii U, quickly
    8. Spielberg, Lucas and Del Toro talk games
    9. Microsoft: "We believe the digital world is better"
    10. Yoshida: The PS4 has the capacity for cloud-processing
    11. Fragmentation not that big of a deal - Nvidia
    12. Nintendo preps free-to-play title
    1. Xbox One's E3 showing "very unprofessionally done," says Molyneux
    2. Sony: PlayStation business needs to be profitable this year
    3. EA looking at customers through ARPU lens
    4. Team Fortress 2 Workshop pays out $10m to contributors
    5. Tomodachi Collection still on top in Japan
    6. Massive hires entire Southend Interactive team
    7. SCEE's Ryan: Retailers a factor in DRM plans
    8. Yoshida: The Last Guardian is still alive
    9. King drops in-game ads
    10. Command and Conquer dev: GLA was "pretty offensive"
    11. Sony: PS4 price is a challenge to rise of smartphones
    12. Mattrick addresses Xbox One online concerns
    13. Moore: EA undecided on DRM
    14. PS4 confirmed to be region free, but PSN must be paid for
    15. Nintendo's Miyamoto: All this talk about our earnings is "silly"
    1. Michael Bay Ghost Recon movie in the works
    2. Consumer demands for next-gen have changed - EA's Soderlund
    3. Gamelab adds Supercell, Rovio to mobile programme
    4. Roundtable: E3 through a distant lens
    5. PS4 sends Sony stock north while Microsoft slides
    6. Watch Nintendo's E3 broadcast again
    7. PS4: Jack hammers it home to leave Microsoft with a bloody nose
    8. Ubisoft CEO: Used games have “been good for the industry”
    9. Star Citizen passes $10m, motion capture studio to be opened
    10. PS4 $399, no used game restrictions
    1. Ubisoft conference headlined by Tom Clancy's The Division
    2. Xbox One price a "double-edged sword" says analyst
    3. Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror's Edge headline EA E3 showing
    4. Xbox One coming in November for $499
    5. Harrison: "Nobody has been more committed to indies than Microsoft"
    6. PS4 to launch with 3 models, most expensive at $599 [rumor]
    7. Microsoft confirms commitment to 360 with new SKU
    8. Rovio appoints Nokia vet as new COO
    9. Watch Sony's E3 press conference again
    10. Watch Ubisoft's E3 press conference again
    11. Watch EA's E3 press conference again
    12. GungHo and Supercell in cross-promotion deal
    13. GRID 2 retains UK number one, with Remember Me securing 3rd
    14. State of Decay sells 250K copies in 2 days
    15. Twitch introduces open tool-set for video broadcasting
    16. Investigation into Trendy Entertainment reports mismanagement, sexism
    17. Watch Microsoft's E3 press conference again
    18. Petroglyph to close Battle For Graxia
    19. EA's Gibeau: EA Partners is open for business
    1. Assassin's Creed creator sues Ubisoft
    1. Mad Catz readying Android console
    2. Privacy concerns won't hurt Xbox One, says Bushnell
    3. DICE Europe to debut in September
    4. NPD: $3.5 billion spent on games in Q1 2013
    5. Analysts say it's "unlikely" that publishers will block used games
    6. Diamonds Among the Rubble, says Former Zynga PM
    7. Kent Hudson's novel approach
    8. New design director for The Awesome Game Studio
    9. Interplay picks up FreeSpace IP from THQ
    10. Win free passes to Gamelab in Barcelona
    11. Creative Assembly Game Jam planned for Rezzed
    12. CCP: Dust 514 is driving PS3 sales
    13. Cryptic Studios opens new division in Seattle
    14. How to Make Something Unreal
    15. David Brevik: Fun And Profit In Marvel Heroes
    16. Expect confusion to reign at E3 2013
    1. Xbox One requires online connection, no fee for used games
    2. Amazon "reaching out to everyone" for Indie Games Store
    3. DeNA and Spicy Horse team up for mobile Hell Invaders
    4. Skylanders "proved the viability" of Infinity to Disney
    5. New Guildford office for Pitbull Studio
    6. Unreal Engine 4 Partner Program enlists Oculus, Nvidia, and Autodesk
    7. Respawn's TitanFall to hit Xbox One, PC
    8. Kobojo names new CEO
    9. NBA Live 14: EA's plan to rebound from failure
    10. Jagex promotes Riaan Hodgson to COO
    11. Rezzed adds Ubisoft games to line-up
    12. PlayHaven acquires for undisclosed sum
    13. Josh Mosqueira appointed as Diablo III game director
    14. E3: Microsoft, Sony unlikely to clarify used games policies
    15. Tomodachi Collection hits 1 million sales in Japan
    1. Nintendo should be on every platform - Eidos life president
    2. Free and mobile gamers outnumber all other segments - NPD
    3. Jellyvision changes name to Jackbox Games
    4. Twitch partners with ReedPOP to stream convention content
    5. Critical Consensus: The Last Of Us
    6. Sega embracing "disruptive" Ouya with Sonic
    7. Playtox raises $3m for MMOs
    8. Update: Nintendo not ceasing supply of 8GB Wii U to UK
    9. Microsoft takes Xbox One meetings in Hollywood
    10. OMGPOP team "relieved" after studio closure
    11. Humble Indie Bundle 8 breaks $2m barrier
    1. Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter cancelled
    2. Ex-IGN EIC takes Chair
    3. Ubisoft Quebec appoints new executive director of development
    4. Wikipad coming to US on June 11
    5. Double Fine's Massive Chalice achieves funding goal
    6. Patrick Liu: "We could kill the industry if we don't get more inclusive"
    7. Matt Nava: From Journey to Giant Squid
    8. Wargaming focuses on "free-to-win"
    9. Kickstarter to headline Games Invest 2013
    10. EToo aims to be the alternative E3
    1. Microsoft would exit the games business before selling Xbox division
    2. Zynga cuts 520 employees, closes New York and Los Angeles offices
    3. Assassin's Creed IV and Destiny lead 2013 Into the Pixel collection
    4. Xbox unit should be sold in Microsoft restructure, says analyst
    5. Pachter: PlayStation 4 to sell for $349, Xbox One $399
    6. Eve Online and Dust 514 offline after DDOS attack
    7. Kixeye raises $50,000 for veterans with Battle Pirates bundle
    8. Upgrading to new consoles could generate $2.5bn in credit at GameStop
    9. Insomniac's Fuse bombs in UK chart, only managing 37th on debut
    10. Code Avarice: Valve "pulled the rug out from under our feet"
    11. Andrew Scott, Oculus co-founder, killed in police chase
    12. CCP Games: Risk vs. Reward
    13. The Wester Front: Paradox CEO on life as a niche publisher