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September 2019 Archive

    1. Shawn Layden departs Sony Interactive Entertainment
    2. Zynga advises users to change passwords following data breach
    3. One year in, Dragalia Lost revenue surpassed by Pocket Camp again
    4. Bungie: "Our vision is to become a multi-franchise entertainment company"
    5. Esports BAR returns to Miami this week
    6. The Podcast: A tale of two Nintendos
    7. Switch Lite added to Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit
    8. Entries open for BAFTA Young Game Designers
    9. Duke Nukem 3D composer sues Gearbox, Pitchford, and Valve
    10. Tencent acquires minority stake in Funcom
    11. Cuphead hits 5m sales in two years
    12. Oculus to be "more Microsoft than Apple" on VR software preservation
    1. FIFA 20 and Xbox One dominate UK charts
    2. JournoDevSwap 2019: Day Three
    1. Minecraft Earth "couldn't have been made two years ago"
    2. JournoDevSwap 2019: Day Two
    1. Link awakens at the top of the EMEAA charts this week
    2. US reportedly considering restrictions on investments in China
    3. JournoDevSwap 2019: Day One
    4. Can game makers rise to meet the challenge of climate change?
    5. FIFA 20: Critical Consensus
    6. Facebook's new VR chat app will feature paid in-game hosts to model community behaviour
    7. Switch Lite takes aim at a broader demographic | Opinion
    8. Oculus' John Carmack calls Gear VR "a missed opportunity"
    9. NBA 2K League gets its first Chinese team
    1. Logitech acquires Streamlabs for at least $89m
    2. Ubisoft opens new Vietnam studio
    3. Nathan Vella leaving Capy Games
    4. Big Fish Games pledges $225k toward National Breast Cancer Foundation
    5. Strong Museum awarded $700k for exhibit on gaming's cultural impact
    6. Mario Kart Tour downloaded over 10m times globally in its first day
    7. ESL, Dreamhack partner with Nielsen for esports data
    8. Fig CEO: "The Kickstarter model sets game developers up to fail"
    9. Frogwares games pulled after split with Focus Home Interactive
    10. Hinterland, Ubisoft, EA and Bungie join Reboot Develop Red line-up
    11. Sumo Group turns loss to profit in H1 2019
    12. Improbable acquires The Multiplayer Guys
    13. The former Witcher developers making a mobile game about travel and humanity
    14. Tickets now on sale for EGX Industry Party 2019
    15. One Special Day returns for a fourth year
    16. Lab Zero Games: From killer girls to inner worlds
    17. PlayStation starts selling console hardware direct to consumers
    18. App Annie acquires mobile analytics firm Libring
    19. Enthusiast Gaming completes complex merger with Luminosity
    1. Oculus adding hand-tracking to Quest
    2. Absurd:joy aims to "invent a genre of content no one has ever seen before"
    3. Walgreens suing AtGames for breach of contract
    4. The value of communities where LGBTQ+ is the default
    5. Nintendo Switch Lite sells 13,500 units in first week in the UK
    6. Yacht Club Games bids farewell to Shovel Knight
    7. LVP raises $80m in seed funding for video game startups
    8. Nintendo experiments with subscription through Mario Kart Tour's Gold Pass
    9. Bandai sues AtGames over Ms. Pac-Man mini arcade cabinet
    10. Google Stadia completes Investment Summit speaker line-up
    11. New Kickstarter from CastAR's Jeri Ellsworth raises $560,000 on day one
    12. Switch Lite shifts 160,000 units during first week in Japan
    1. Dead Cells reaches 2.4m units sold as Motion Twin establishes new label
    2. Microsoft launches Project xCloud public test next month
    3. Sauropod Studio closes, laying off around 20
    4. MTG invests in emotional regulation app Mightier
    5. Unit 2 Games launches £100,000 fund indie development
    6. Pride Run developers: "We didn't expect so much resistance"
    7. Meet the best places to work in the UK video games industry
    8. Manticore Games raises $30m for accessible development platform
    9. TurboPlay's grand ambition to be the Spotify of games
    10. Jobs roundup: Daniel Clough appointed general studio manager at Bossa
    11. Immutable raises $15m for blockchain card game Gods Unchained
    1. Nicalis delists Ittle Dew 2 from console storefronts
    2. Gearbox names Dan Hewitt its chief communications officer
    3. Google announces Play Pass subscription service
    4. Games professor accuses Kingdom of Loathing designer of abuse
    5. The Podcast: No-one Online Cares About The Pie Charts
    6. Rockstar veteran Jeronimo Barrera joins Nimble Giant Entertainment
    7. Borderlands 3 is the fastest selling game in 2K's history
    8. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening topples Borderlands 3 in UK Charts
    9. Niko Partners: Cloud gaming revenue to reach $3bn in Asia by 2023
    10. Nintendo Switch Lite: Critical Consensus
    11. Best Places To Work Awards UK 2019: In Pictures
    12. French court rules country's Steam users can resell their games
    13. PUBG becomes first mobile battle royale to surpass $1bn revenue
    14. PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia and more sign up to United Nations climate change initiative
    1. Pokemon GO just saw its best month since 2016
    2. New releases, led by Borderlands 3, shake up EMEAA charts
    3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare expected to be US best-selling title of 2019
    4. Suspect arrested in conjunction with World of Warcraft DDoS attack
    5. Unity acquires deltaDNA
    6. Epic paid 505 Games parent over $10m for Control PC exclusivity
    7. Revealed: The 2019 Best Places To Work Awards winners
    8. Is it time to retire virtual currency? | Opinion
    9. Meet the best places to work in the UK video games industry 2019
    10. Esports investment: Building resilience in a volatile space
    11. HTC appoints Yves Maitre as new CEO
    12. Influencers and E3: Invasion of the tweens | Opinion
    13. Dragon Quest Walk downloaded 5m times in its first week
    1. Link's Awakening: Critical Consensus
    2. ESA welcomes Gina Vetere as senior vice president
    3. Steam Labs adds two more experiments: Deep Dive, Community Recommendations
    4. Take-Two: Next-gen won't see dev costs spike
    5. Ustwo: Apple Arcade "unshackles the finances" from mobile gaming
    6. Best Places To Work Awards 2019: How happy are UK game developers?
    7. Square Enix, Makers Fund and more join UK Investment Summit
    8. Unheadlined Goose Game interview
    9. NBCUniversal shuts down game publishing arm
    10. Getting the best from your audio department
    11. Summer games drought slowed inflation in the UK
    1. Google Stadia Founder's Edition is nearly sold out
    2. Reggie Fils-Aimé joins New York Videogame Critics Circle board
    3. XY Gaming announces $2.5m funding round
    4. The 57 years of unseen work that built Cyberpunk 2077's Night City
    5. Anti-bullying advocates assess what's wrong in games
    6. PlayVS lands another $50 million
    7. Keywords acquires TV+Synchron Berlin for €2.8m
    8. Twitch sexual content crackdown causing confusion
    9. Twitch acquires Internet Gaming Database
    10. Microsoft donating 100% of X019 ticket sales to SpecialEffect
    11. Indie game pricing is in a familiar death spiral | Opinion
    12. Bioware, Beamdog devs unveil Summerfall Studios
    1. Mixer rolls out ads across both first-party and partnered content
    2. Apple Arcade soft launches early, to surprise of some developers
    3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offering cross-platform play in all modes
    4. Rockstar Games launches its own storefront
    5. League of Legends hits 8 million peak concurrent players a day
    6. Newzoo: Android games will earn more revenue than iOS games in 2019
    7. Ex-King, Z2 devs launch Starform
    8. Where do you go from Doom?
    9. Vivendi, Riot veterans announce gaming broadcast network, VENN
    10. UKIE partners with Alzheimer's Research UK for Journo/Dev Swap game jam
    11. Football Manager boss Miles Jacobson calls for an end to plastic packaging
    12. Kickstarter accused of "union busting campaign" by former employees
    13. Knights and Bikes TV show in the works
    14. E3 2020 pitch shows move towards celebrities, consumers and influencers
    15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate wins big at the Japan Game Awards
    1. Gears 5 tops 3 million players in first week
    2. Scopely opening Japan office
    3. How PES wants to level the playing field
    4. Second person gets prison sentence in fatal swatting case
    5. Full programme revealed for Best Places To Work Awards UK
    6. EMEAA charts: Slam dunk for NBA 2K20 in launch week
    7. The Podcast: A Turning Point For Loot Boxes?
    8. PlayStation 4 has sold 30m units in the US, analyst reveals
    9. How to develop for a licence (successfully)
    10. Xbox joins Investment Summit UK line-up
    11. Swedish games industry generated €1.87bn in 2018, employs almost 8,000 people
    12. Borderlands 3 PC doubles 2's peak concurrent users at launch
    13. Borderlands 3 is the biggest UK boxed launch of 2019
    1. Steam changes recommendation algorithm
    2. Discord pulls free games from Nitro
    3. NPD: US game sales drop 18% in August
    4. Making Madden a spectator sport
    5. BetaDwarf raises $6.6m to develop new loneliness-busting genre
    6. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne ships 2.5 million
    7. Can Nintendo learn from its mistakes with Mario Kart Tour? | Opinion
    8. PewDiePie pulls $50,000 pledge to Jewish anti-hate group
    1. ESA "strongly disagrees" with UK DCMS loot box report
    2. Nicalis president accused of unprofessional conduct
    3. TIGA: Government should "urgently" carry out research around loot boxes and gambling
    4. Dignitas CEO: Soccer, basketball, and esports will be the major sports of the future
    5. Improbable acquires Scavengers developer
    6. Nintendo's new fitness game is Ring Fit Adventure
    7. Gayming Magazine to host week-long live event
    8. Electronic Arts responds to DCMS committee calls for loot box regulation
    9. Vive Cosmos arrives on October 3 for £699
    10. 2K will donate up to $500,000 to blood cancer research in WWE marketing campaign
    1. Parliamentary committee recommends banning loot box sales to children
    2. Nintendo sues ROM site
    3. No longer Adrift: How Bossa reset course after closing its biggest project
    4. What we can learn from... Nordic developers
    5. Gears 5: Teaching an old COG new tricks
    6. Nordeus launches free co-working space for students and start-ups
    7. GameStop: PS5 and Project Scarlett won't shut us out with digital sales
    8. Capcom wins patent lawsuit against Koei Tecmo
    1. Disney reportedly planning sale of gaming division FoxNext
    2. GameStop to close 180-200 "underperforming" stores globally this year
    3. GameStop Q2 global sales down 14% as company pushes "Reboot"
    4. Mike Rose: Indie developers are pricing their Steam games too low
    5. World of Warcraft viewership on Twitch jumped 84% last month
    6. Multiplay founder Craig Fletcher running for Parliament
    7. Apple Arcade launches September 19
    8. Why Ubisoft isn't abandoning its open worlds
    9. UK High Court orders ISPs to block Switch hacking sites
    10. Starbreeze applies for third extension on reconstruction period
    11. Home Office confirms games roles will be added to UK occupation shortage list
    12. PUBG creator and PUBG Corp CEO to speak at View Conference
    13. EA readying cloud gaming technical trials
    14. Bossa, Miniclip, BFI, MTG and more join UK Investment Summit
    15. Veloce Esports headed for series A investment after angel round
    16. BAFTA tweaks games categories as 2020 nominations open
    17. Team17 draws up acquisition hit list as revenue jumps 97%
    18. UK regulatory roundup: Where we are and what lies ahead
    1. Critical Consensus: Borderlands 3
    2. John Justice: "We are trying to implement cross-progression with every title on Stadia"
    3. Steam rejects LilithSoft visual novel featuring rape scenes
    4. Drivetime raises $11m for games drivers can play on the road
    5. Everspace 2: Rockfish's not so difficult second album
    6. The Podcast: Boulevard of Broken Dreamcasts
    7. Valve updates experimental Steam Labs features
    8. The exciting uncertainty of esports' future
    9. Pokémon Masters made $26m in its first week
    10. raises $9 million in new funding
    11. Transperfect acquires game services firm MoGi Group
    1. UK Charts: NBA 2K20 is No.1 in poor sales week
    1. Gears 5 launch delayed in China
    2. Crunch not needed for live ops game dev, says Zynga producer
    3. Celeste developers form new studio
    4. Rainbow Six Siege reaches 50m players
    5. Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures tops EMEAA chart
    6. Igniting a Chinese fighting game revolution
    7. BoomTV acquires American Video Game League in bid to expand collegiate esports
    8. The ins and outs of funding your next game
    9. Niantic agrees to combat trespassing Pokémon Go players
    10. Nintendo teases Switch peripheral focused on physical exercise
    11. WoW Classic reminds us of all we've lost | Opinion
    12. VRChat secures $10m Series C funding
    13. Valve kept quiet on Epic exclusives following Metro Exodus backlash
    14. AppLovin invests in Belka Games
    1. Tim Schafer: "I don't know if it makes sense to have a publisher within a publisher"
    2. Nexon Korea union holds demonstration one year after formation
    3. Marry everything: The satisfying sandbox of Fit for a King
    4. Gears 5: Critical Consensus
    5. The (not) new Russian games store taking on Epic and Steam
    6. Best Places To Work Awards 2019 UK finalists revealed
    7. Crash Team Racing was the UK's best-selling game in August
    8. Team Rocket event pays off for Pokémon Go
    9. VR firm MWM Immersive expands into games publishing
    10. Sledgehammer Games is opening a studio in Australia
    11. Ikumi Nakamura departs Tango, ZeniMax
    1. Nintendo adds SNES titles to Nintendo Switch Online
    2. Disney, Marvel, and a decade of missed opportunity
    3. Project xCloud to use SK Telecom exclusively in Korea
    4. Steam Library overhaul to focus on organization, events
    5. Chris Charla: "Discoverability may be harder to solve than investment"
    6. How to make 80-hour adventures for blind gamers | Opinion
    7. UKIE launches UK diversity census
    8. The best-selling games product on Amazon last month was a Switch screen protector
    9. Eurogamer at 20: Adapting to a changing industry
    10. Nintendo is the new lead partner for Digital Schoolhouse
    11. to host non-violent games panel at EGX
    1. ESL and Dreamhack merging CS:GO tourneys to form ESL Pro Tour
    2. What convinced Ubisoft to launch its own subscription service?
    3. Yves Guillemot on the thin line between politics and entertainment
    4. The tricky relationship between Steam wishlists and sales
    5. FIFA boss David Rutter promoted to head of EA's European Studios
    6. Virtuos opens offices in Montreal and South Korea
    1. Industry needs to sit up and take notice following abuse allegations | Opinion
    2. Annapurna Pictures reportedly wipes $200m in debt
    3. Mobile, PES and esports: The three pillars of Konami
    4. ISFE launches new esports branch
    5. Chucklefish responds to allegations that it exploited Starbound's contributors
    6. PlatinumGames scores first UK No.1 with Astral Chain
    7. Playful raises $23m in Series A offering
    8. Homeworld 3 crowdfunding campaign isn't actually about funding
    9. PEGI aware that NBA 2K20 gambling imagery may be "too close for comfort"
    10. Beat Games Studio is now funding new VR games
    11. Huya takes $30m minority stake in ESL