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July 2014 Archive

    1. Kabam and Alibaba Group sign China publishing deal
    2. The9 and Qihoo 360 enter joint venture for Firefall
    3. PS4, Xbox One doubling last gen sales - NPD Canada
    4. Streaming games success is elusive
    5. RockYou borrows $10m for recycled titles
    6. Candy Crush Saga confectionary range launches
    7. Gearbox responds to Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit
    8. Heroes star launches iOS superhero title
    9. Indie game Maia makes $1m
    10. PlayStation Now open beta begins
    11. Putting Japanese game creators back in the pole position
    12. Grand Cru's grand vision for mobile gaming
    13. 3BlackDot responds to concerns over YouTube promotions
    14. Mastertronic applies for CVA to avoid Winding Up Order
    15. Smartphone game revenue doubled in Asia in 2013
    16. Capcom sees drop in revenues and profit, but stays in the black
    17. GaymerX founder says NIS America backed out of sponsorship
    18. Games revenue up 96% for Sony, year on year
    19. Glu to acquire Cie Games
    1. GungHo sees revenue of $432 million in latest quarter
    2. Yokai Watch 2 holds top spot in Japan
    3. Layoffs at GameSpot
    4. JuiceBox raises $2.54m in seed round
    5. Koch Media Acquires Homefront IP
    6. Xbox One hits China September 23
    7. Destiny beta boasts 4.6 million players
    8. Happion Labs: ID@Xbox is "absolutely worth it"
    9. Submissions open for Unreal Engine 4 contest at EGX 2014
    10. Japanese console market down 16 per cent in 2013
    11. Nintendo records quarterly loss of nearly 10bn Yen
    12. "There are a lot of ways you can mess up VR really easily"
    1. 20m watched 2014 International Dota 2 Championships
    2. The Computer Games Journal acquired by Springer
    3. EA launching Xbox One subscription service
    4. PewDiePie remains king of YouTube with 351m views in June alone
    5. Upper One and E-Line complete merger
    6. Microsoft facing antitrust probe in China - report
    7. Gust to merge with Koei Tecmo
    8. Gameloft revenues flat in Q2
    9. ESL: We've had conversations with every publisher
    10. Devolver, Ninja Theory and Blizzard added to DICE Europe roster
    11. Clothing brand Diesel in trademark dispute with Dieselstormers
    1. China Telecom signs on for Xbox One launch
    2. Bravely Default tops 1 million sold
    3. Glowstick Games and Rocket 5 Studios are Indie Prize USA Best In Show
    4. ESPN to expand eSports coverage - Report
    5. Payola more common for traditional press than YouTube - Survey
    6. The price of premium
    7. Watch Jade Raymond and Ben Cousins on the next big thing
    8. Watch Dogs still #1 in UK
    9. BAFTA to add Persistent Game and Original Property awards
    10. ChangYou sees revenue and profits tumble
    11. Trademarks: Where you stand and what you should be doing
    1. Square Enix CTO departs
    2. Samsung Ventures Invests in GamePop
    3. Kuju launches Startups Fund
    4. Crytek addresses financial situation
    5. New executive producer for EVE Online
    6. Stoic: Apple is frustrated with App Store pricing
    7. VCAP: a welcome move for anti-piracy efforts
    1. "PC is decimating console, just through price" - Romero
    2. Facebook committed to long-term future of Oculus VR
    3. Trials Fusion sells 1 million
    4. Why free-to-play should be like Disneyland
    5. GOG adds first Linux games
    6. Watch Vlambeer's 17 lessons for indie developers
    7. Gameforge reshuffles board
    8. PS4 to get 3D Blu-Ray support
    9. Twitch's new 'Host Mode' allows users to broadcast other streams
    10. GameSalad acquires Together Games
    11. Defiant Development: F*** free-to-play
    12. Sony agrees to $15m of reparations for PSN hack
    13. Youkai Watch 2 still number one in Japan
    1. Boss Key reveals senior hires
    2. Lionsgate invests in Next Games
    3. Double Fine's new adventure: Publishing
    4. European Women in Games Conference set for September 10th
    5. The new burning platform?
    6. Nvidia Shield tablet will launch on July 29
    7. Kickstarter suspends West Games' Areal campaign
    1. Video Games Mentor Network partnerships decided
    2. Apple sales up 6%
    3. 1.1 million Xbox consoles shipped last quarter
    4. EA improves revenues and profit in Q1, delays Dragon Age
    5. Game dev salaries drop
    6. "Influencer-driven collective" 3BlackDot puts YouTubers & devs under one roof
    7. PC and console market will decline - Report
    8. Report: Wii U purchasing intent surges by 50% following E3
    9. Yahoo buys Flurry
    10. New UK anti-piracy scheme issues four warnings then...nothing
    11. Bungie pays Halo composer $95k over dismissal
    12. Dota 2 team pockets $5 million at The International
    1. Looking for hits with Indie Piñata
    2. Warner Bros. nabs Space Invaders film rights
    3. Facebook's Oculus acquisition closed today
    4. Monument Valley sells a million
    5. Tango sets up $25 million game dev fund
    6. PCGA becomes Open Gaming Alliance
    7. Bleszinski: Trade shows "a model that's eventually going to die"
    8. That which does not kill you...
    9. Bigpoint returns to mobile with Little Worlds acquisition
    10. Watch Richard Lemarchand explore the future of games
    11. GameHorizon adds Nintendo, Chris Lee and Alice Taylor to Investment Summit
    12. Watch Dogs clocks fifth week at UK number one
    13. Winterkewl releases Yogventures budget breakdown
    1. Crytek engineer joins id Software
    2. Eutechnyx restructuring business
    3. BlackRock director joins Apple board
    4. Changyou appoints new finance director
    5. Bleszinski's Boss Key hires COD developers
    6. Microsoft cutting 75% of full time Xbox EMEA staff - report
    7. GamesIndustry Summer Party photos have landed
    8. EU praises Google, laments Apple over in-app purchases
    9. The Old Republic earned $165 million last year - report
    10. YouTube games media loses its shine
    1. Next-gen systems drive US game retail in June - NPD
    2. ESPN to stream Valve's Dota 2 championship
    3. Microsoft confirms Xbox Entertainment Studios closure
    4. Atari prepping LGBT-themed Pridefest
    5. Lucy James back at GameSpot
    6. PS3 hacker GeoHot joins Google
    7. Winterkewl cancels crowdfunded Yogscast game
    8. Microsoft cutting 18,000 jobs
    9. Harmonix: People felt insulted when we turned to Kickstarter
    10. Machine Zone valued at $3 billion - report
    1. Xbox One sales double after Kinect cut
    2. Vivendi considered firing Kotick
    3. iOS still the top platform for mobile revenue
    4. Yokai Watch 2 sells 1.3m in opening week
    5. When free-to-play isn't the best option
    6. Modders are developers - it's time to stop treating them differently
    7. Former dictator Manuel Noriega is suing Activision
    8. 5th Planet Games raises $3 million
    1. Oculus VR will cancel eBayed pre-orders
    2. "Devs will see mobile as revenue they can only ignore at their peril"
    3. Industry runners raise £10K for SpecialEffect
    4. Brittany Vincent joins MMOBomb
    5. GameStop: "Most of our digital revenue comes from our brick-and-mortar stores"
    6. Motiga lands $20 million in funding
    7. Sony looking to pick up Wii audience
    8. Call of Duty talent forms Reload Studios
    9. Nexon, Wargaming backing new London Venture Partners fund
    10. Microsoft preparing for big round of layoffs - report
    11. Blizzard will launch Diablo III in China
    12. Watch Dogs back on top in the UK
    13. Volition plans to add 100 people to its team
    1. Harmonix's Drake joins PlayStation
    2. Writers' Guild names new games chair
    3. EA hires eBay exec Ken Moss as CTO
    4. New CFO for media company Future
    5. Imaginary Games wins CMF funding
    6. New audio studio for Improbable
    7. David Goldfarb leaves Overkill to build own studio
    8. EA DICE: "You could market research any product to death"
    9. BAFTA Young Game Designers gets first female winner
    10. Raspberry Pi gets an overhaul
    11. Mind Candy is looking for a new CEO
    12. Homefront game director leaves Crytek - report
    13. Sony considering an Early Access programme
    1. PS4 doing "okay" in Japan - Sony
    2. Keiji Inafune: From Capcom to Kickstarter
    3. MOBAs dominate PC in June, but WildStar starts strong
    4. Glu Mobile Kardashian game set for $200 million annual revenue
    5. FTC suing Amazon over children's in-app purchases
    6. Where have Japan's gamers gone?
    1. Blizzard working to improve inclusivity - Morhaime
    2. Watch Dogs pushes Ubi sales up 374%
    3. Gameloft pushing quality over quantity
    4. Microsoft CEO commits to Xbox
    5. GameStop plans to offer capital for exclusive content
    6. Guild Wars 2 has sold 3.8m in China
    7. Akiba's Trip PS4 fails to trouble Japanese chart
    1. Duggan joins Zynga board of directors
    2. Games markets in Mexico, Argentina heating up as Brazil cools - Superdata
    3. Plan to use retail Xbox Ones as dev kits scrapped - Report
    4. Richard Bartle: "Free-to-play has a half-life"
    5. Oculus working on Samsung's VR headset - Report
    6. Mobile could push games to $100 billion by 2017 - Digi-Capital
    7. Sony: "The first impression of VR has to be good"
    8. 85 per cent of top grossing apps are games
    9. Curse Inc. raises $16 million in funding
    10. Free-to-play is the future - Gree
    1. Nexon takes stake in Bleszinski's Boss Key
    2. PlayStation, Zynga vet joins Tapjoy
    3. DRM not the way to fight piracy - Paradox
    4. nDreams appoints Sonic boss as new VP of marketing
    5. EA taking notes from Supercell, King, Gungho
    6. Kinect for Windows pre-orders now open
    7. PS4 fails to inspire Japanese market
    8. UK tax breaks voted the best in Europe
    1. Psycho Cycles wins UKTI-supported "Le Game Jam"
    2. Oculus announces virtual reality conference, acquires RakNet
    3. Bleszinski opens Boss Key
    4. TIGA and Google publish extensive report on UK games funding
    5. Sniper Elite 3 retains UK no. 1
    6. Hackers claim to have penetrated Wii U's defences
    7. Koch Media denies 'For Sale' rumours
    1. FIFA 14 and UFC demos being charged for on Xbox One
    2. Oh Bibi raises €3 million in funding
    3. Digital Extremes to be acquired by Perfect World
    4. Oculus halts dev kit shipments to China
    5. Cable appoints Livingstone as Creative Industries Champion
    6. Peering Behind the Curtain
    7. Staff walkout at Crytek UK over unpaid wages - report
    1. Majesco avoids Nasdaq delisting
    2. Appeal of smart toys spans globe - Report
    3. Rob Pardo leaves Blizzard
    4. Miyamoto laments gaming's "creative immaturity"
    5. Plants vs Zombies 2 producer joins Oculus
    6. Gamer resistance to digital decreasing - Ubisoft
    7. Bossa appoints Ian Livingstone, Andy Payne, David Lau-Kee as advisors
    8. Watch Dogs sold 95k in Japan last week
    9. Oculus Rift development kits pass 100,000 sales
    1. PC Games: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times
    2. Ubisoft expands Quebec studio to head production on new Assassin's Creed
    3. Chily Fachler joins Green Man Gaming as EVP for Tech
    4. Yoshida: I don't understand people who only want AAA
    5. Submissions open for the Leftfield Collection at EGX London
    6. ASA deems Dungeon Keeper ads "misleading"
    7. Remode team returns with Strike Gamelabs
    8. Farmville producer joins Bigpoint
    9. Airtight Games shuts its doors - report
    10. Riot closes League Of Legends chat rooms
    11. Million-dollar mobile budgets are very common now- Chillingo
    12. Evolve wins E3 Best of Show
    1. Ubisoft wins Uplay DRM patent suit
    2. PS4 TV ad spending tops Xbox One by 70%
    3. Watch: Aj Grand-Scrutton at GameHorizon 2014
    4. Core gamers uncomfortable with industry growth - Moore
    5. New studio OtherSide Entertainment launches
    6. Twitch - 1 million channels and rising
    7. Amazon Appstore Developer Select comes to the UK
    8. Ouya trials $60 All-Access Pass
    9. Globo acquires Sourcebits