August 2013 Archive

    1. SimCity Mac launch runs into problems
    2. Plants vs Zombies 2 downloads have already exceeded original
    3. Endless Space wins best game at Unity awards
    4. PlayStation Store adds mobile billing
    5. Industry must ditch "private club" mentality - Murasaki Baby dev
    6. Majesco gets Nasdaq grace period
    7. The Running Dead: How Six to Start Kept Ahead of the Pack
    8. 3D or not 3D - Nintendo's handhelds power forward
    1. Facebook and Unity: 90 million gamers can't be wrong
    2. Cie Games looks to out-rev CSR Racing
    3. Valve working to fix Greenlight bottlenecks
    4. Microsoft forms European Xbox publishing team
    5. EA charity Humble Bundle launches, $3m raised so far
    6. Social media has changed how games are played - EA Games exec
    7. Xbox One: The Last Microsoft Console?
    8. Fils-Aime gives "meh" to PS4, Xbox One launch lineups
    9. Majesco Entertainment launches indie publishing label
    10. EA's Moore: "Microsoft has been very aggressive with us, as had Sony"
    11. Super Robot Wars is Japan's #1
    12. Roundtable: Is Nintendo sounding a retreat?
    13. GamesAid cyclists raise £5000
    1. Rhode Island suit against 38 Studios head Schilling can proceed
    2. Sony Online Entertainment lays off staff
    3. Guild Wars 2 marketed more like HBO or Netflix than Call of Duty
    4. Xbox co-founder says Ouya criticisms unfair
    5. Wii U price cut, 2DS don't solve problems - Pachter
    6. Facebook leveraging Unity to attract core game devs
    7. Saints Row IV sells over 1 million copies in first week
    8. Unity unveils new publishing initiative
    9. Nintendo: "We don't want to walk away" from 3D gaming
    10. Nintendo cuts Wii U by $50, announces 2DS handheld
    11. PS4 challenge will be meeting demand, says Sony
    12. Unite 2013 Keynote - Watch It Here
    13. Futurlab: Sony is a "New breed of business development"
    14. Bethesda seeking exemption from online multiplayer charges
    15. King files cloning lawsuit against 6Waves
    16. Cerny: 3 or 4 years before devs will get the best out of PS4
    1. Critical Consensus: Sexism dings Killer is Dead
    2. Titanfall, Battlefront replacing Medal of Honor in EA shooter cycle
    3. Nintendo aims for 5 million Japanese 3DS sales this year
    4. Developer Dilemma: AAA Adjusting to Indie Life
    5. Saints Row IV leads all new UK top 3
    6. Vlambeer signs up for ID@Xbox
    7. Call of Duty Endowment launches award for non-profits
    1. Critical Consensus: Rayman Legends
    2. GDC Europe breaks attendance record
    3. Free-to-play coming to every major EA franchise - Moore
    4. Bungie: Destiny can surpass Halo, sit alongside Star Wars
    5. Gamescom draws 340,000
    1. Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter falls short
    1. Ouya: Marketing, PR execs sound off on controversial ad
    2. Gamescom sells out
    3. Square Enix to make more persistent online games
    4. One giant leap: Developing and marketing Kerbal Space Program
    5. League of Legends dev opening NY office
    6. EA reaffirms strong relations with Sony, Nintendo
    7. Ballmer to retire as Microsoft CEO
    8. Ubisoft Blue Byte gears up for mobile push
    9. Tretton: "The lowest priced system isn't always successful"
    10. Xbox One vs. PS4: Competition at last
    1. Two-thirds of whales are males
    2. GameStop expecting "largest console launch in history"
    3. Free-to-play set to take off on consoles?
    4. GameStop sales down 10%, profits halved
    5. Get Luckey: Oculus Rift and the unexplored territory of VR
    6. Socialspiel secures €200k angel funding, appoints new CEO
    7. Sega leads alliance of Japanese mobile devs - report
    8. Disney Magic Castle still on top in Japan
    9. Andrew House positive about dual console launch
    10. Disney to shutter Toontown Online
    11. Google offering skippable YouTube style ads for online games
    12. Latest Ouya ad meets with widespread derision
    13. Harrison: consoles still "generate the majority of the money" for industry
    1. The audience is the key challenge for the game industry, not technology
    2. Microsoft responds to Sony jab on policy reversals
    3. Big Fish cuts 49 staff, "realigns" over 70 as Vancouver office shuttered
    4. Vita makes more money for more devs, says Sony
    5. League of Legends hacked
    6. Pubs don't want games for Nintendo systems right now, says n-Space
    7. Bethesda bucks trend with subscription model for The Elder Scrolls Online
    8. Are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on divergent paths?
    9. Sony's Gara: 20-year high for UK PlayStation pre-orders
    10. Call of Duty: Ghosts format upgrade to cost $10
    1. Ubisoft, Sony and New Regency working on Watch Dogs movie
    2. PS4 launches Nov. 15 in North America, Nov. 29 in Europe
    3. 33 Games on PS4 by the end the of year
    4. Twitch partners with Sony for PlayStation 4
    5. PlayStation Vita price cut to $199, €199
    6. Watch Sony's Gamescom press conference
    7. Plants vs. Zombies 2 downloaded 16 million times
    8. Rift sales up, player counts "way up" with switch to free-to-play
    9. Watch EA's Gamescom press conference
    10. New management for Eurogamer Benelux
    11. Microsoft confirms 23 games for Xbox One launch day
    12. Cage: The future of games is meaning
    13. FIFA, Fable and Fighter Within star at MS Gamescom briefing
    14. Microsoft details long-awaited Xbox One self-publishing plans
    15. Harrison: Xbox One indie publishing "a valuable on-ramp for talent"
    16. EA offering money back guarantee for Origin purchases
    17. Microsoft lets slip forthcoming demise of Games for Windows Live
    1. Minecraft creator only working on smaller games now
    2. Production model doomed Age of Empires Online, says dev
    3. launches indie outreach
    4. Enemy Front dev says market is ready for new WWII shooters
    5. Critical Consensus: Disney Infinity
    6. Oculus VR launches demo sharing platform
    7. NCsoft unveils Wildstar's "play to pay" business model
    8. Payday 2 steals UK number one from Minecraft
    9. 12GB Flash-memory PS3 goes on sale in US
    10. The Celebrification of Developers
    1. Halo novelist joins Amazon Games Studio
    2. GameStop has "at least 10 years of runway left" - Pachter
    3. Nissan enters eSports arena with team sponsorship
    4. Arkane working on Prey 2 reboot - report
    5. Disney spent over $100m on Infinity development - report
    6. Sony developing online TV service - report
    7. PopCap CEO defends move to free-to-play
    8. Microsoft to close PC marketplace
    9. Microsoft: Imported Xbox Ones will work
    10. Epsilon eSports drops Team Impact after trash talking
    11. Miniclip joins GameHorizon Investment Summit
    12. Mobile drives U.S. digital revenue to $1.1 billion in July
    13. eSports: This time, it's for real
    1. Nintendo 3DS, NCAA Football can't save US retail game sales in July
    2. IGDA may establish harassment support group
    3. Dan Porter reportedly ready for new mobile startup
    4. Skylanders best-selling action figure in US, Europe year-to-date
    5. Trion Worlds confirms closure of Guildford office
    6. Nintendo lessens loss in 3DS patent dispute
    7. Activision expecting "a lot of creativity" around second screen in next-gen
    8. PlayStation Plus subs to generate $1.2 billion for Sony by 2017
    9. Dishonored director: These kinds of games have always been hard to sell
    10. Southeastern Conference and the Big Ten say no to EA licensing
    11. Disney Magic Castle holds Japanese #1
    12. Koch Media: When the Saints come marching in
    1. n-Space names EA vet Dan Tudge as new president
    2. App spending to hit $75 billion by 2017
    3. Xbox One delayed in eight markets
    4. Former Steam boss Jason Holtman lands at Microsoft
    5. Critical Consensus: Saints Row 4
    6. Retail isn't going away - Ubisoft digital head
    7. Slant Six closes Galactic Reign
    8. Dota 2 tournament gets 1 million concurrent viewers
    9. Kickstarter founder: "Think before you stretch"
    10. Three more senior execs leave Zynga
    1. $200 PS3 headed to North America
    2. Layoffs at Crystal Dynamics
    3. Fargo's goal: Make an "unbelievable" game without a publisher
    4. The Evolutionary Edge of Going Indie
    5. Search for a Star winner lands job at Boss Alien
    6. Leap Motion passes 1m app downloads, SDK hits 25,000 users
    7. King closes five games to concentrate on big hits
    1. Xbox One won't require Kinect after all
    2. July retail sales set to slide again
    3. Molyneux defends Xbox One strategy
    4. New iPhone reveal set for Sept. 10
    5. End times for walled gardens
    6. Game music: The next generation
    7. Iwata blames software, not price, for Wii U sales
    8. Piranha Games raises $100,000 for cancer charity
    9. Rise of the Triad remake profitable after 1 week
    10. Minecraft holds on to #1
    11. BAFTA Ones to Watch 2013 nominees selected
    1. Amazon reportedly readying Android console
    2. Cory Barlog back at Sony Santa Monica
    3. Sony: PS4 losses will be nothing like those of the PS3
    4. Developers Without Borders
    5. Mobile game market growth, opportunity
    6. Nvidia sees revenues and profits drop in Q2
    7. 2014 Independent Games Festival opens submissions
    8. Trion World closes San Diego office
    9. Nexon's Japanese business booms in strong Q2
    10. GameHorizon 2014: Save the date
    11. Microsoft reverses stance on Xbox One headset
    12. Live events give Gree game a 600% revenue boost
    13. Former id creative director joins Oculus VR
    14. Gates and Semple leave Valve
    15. What does "success" look like to Nintendo?
    1. Trion Worlds names Scott Hartsman CEO
    2. Sega sets its sights on Rome
    3. Iwata explains Nintendo's refusal to work on rival platforms
    4. Amazon expands digital games service to UK
    5. Nintendo sues
    6. Endless Space leads nominations at Unity Awards
    7. Gamer Network forms partnership with Global Radio
    8. Starbreeze in profit on Payday 2 pre-orders
    9. Critical Consensus: The Drowning
    10. Disney Magic Castle takes number one in Japan
    1. Nintendo still selling Wii U at a loss
    2. Ubisoft gets Hasbro console license
    3. Carmack joins Oculus VR
    4. Wii U "not on our radar" - Bethesda
    5. Demiurge Studios adds Looking Glass founder to board
    6. Nordeus appoints Google vet as customer relations exec
    7. Glu Mobile in the red after tough Q2
    8. Creative England launches £1m GamesLab fund
    9. Zattikka enters administration, sells assets
    10. Ex-Zynga devs form Kidcore in Mainz, Germany
    11. Majesco investing in online casino market
    1. Disney Interactive sales down 7%, losses growing
    2. Xbox co-founder warns publishers may vanish
    3. Violent Content Research Act draws ECA ire
    4. Call of Duty dev: We want Battlefield 4 to succeed
    5. Mobile pricing discouraging, frustrating - Lee Perry
    6. Virgin Media to launch Games Space in London
    7. Naughty Dog surprised by gender roles backlash
    8. Zynga shutters four OMGPOP games and web portal
    9. Saints Row producer attacks porn promotion
    10. Sony rejects entertainment spin-off
    11. Square-Enix cuts quarterly losses by 75%, remains in red
    1. A culprit for cloning
    2. Ex-Monolith devs form Blackpowder
    3. Crytek hacked
    4. Innovation threatened by rising cost of AAA, says Raymond
    5. Elysium director talks Halo film failure
    6. Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter successful
    7. Sega among Atlus bidders - report
    8. Minecraft 360 retains UK #1, Pikmin crashes to 15th
    9. Ouya issues store credit to Kickstarter backers
    10. EA raises $18K for AIDs foundations
    11. Gary Briggs is Facebook's first CMO
    12. Lanning: Hey Buddy, can you spare some shelf space?
    13. Jesse Schell: Xbox, PlayStation and the Innovator's Dilemma
    1. Activision Blizzard sued over Vivendi buyback
    2. Wargaming opens Austin studio
    3. EverQuest Next to kick off "Emergent Era" of MMOs
    4. Xbox One GPU speed bumped up
    5. CD Projekt Red launches Krakow studio
    6. Carmack criticises "fundamentally poor" Kinect interactions
    7. Drowning not waving: Ben Cousins on shooting, money and horror
    8. Enough of the games media “shock jocks”
    1. Activision's Kotick confident next-gen will bring new innovation
    2. Activision Blizzard sales flat, but profits up
    3. Blizzard admits it's overhauling Titan project
    4. Nintendo is trying to make what people want, not art - Iwata
    5. Wolfenstein: The New Order pushed to 2014
    6. Square Enix re-commits to AAA
    7. The Greatest Generation
    8. Holodeck: Holy Grail or Hollow Promise? Part 2
    9. PS4 to be playable at Eurogamer Expo 2013
    10. Outcast devs form new studio
    11. RealNetworks acquires Slingo for $15.6 million
    12. Gree closing Tellit messaging service
    13. Physical media is like "having a dead body handcuffed" to Xbox One
    14. Phoenix Wright takes number one in Japan
    15. Sony PlayStation revenues flat, Y-o-Y, thanks to currency shift