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July 2015 Archive

    1. Kelly Wallick appointed IGF Chair
    2. Nvidia issues recall notice for Shield Tablets
    3. HTC invests $10 million in VR dev community
    4. Loading the DICE: GM Patrick Bach
    5. "AR will be the biggest technological revolution in our lifetimes"
    6. Fergal Gara resigns as managing director of SCE UK
    7. Sega narrows its losses in games in Q1
    8. "If I'm truthful, I think our player group is...obsessive would be a word"
    9. When guarantees go wrong, developers get hurt
    1. EA beats guidance but sales slip
    2. Marvel: Contest of Champions tops $100 million revenue
    3. More layoffs at Kixeye - Report
    4. Mobcrush makes hires from Apple and Google
    5. Simpsons: Tapped Out vet founds icejam
    6. Developing nation: Colombia's evolving indie scene
    7. GitHub raises $250 million at $2 billion valuation
    8. CPI continues to climb on iOS and Android
    9. Tobii launches $1 million fund for eye-tracking PC development
    10. Capcom's arcade business drives strong Q1
    11. Sony sells 3m PS4 in Q1 as operating income jumps 350%
    12. Rocket League scores 5 million downloads
    1. Five Nights At Freddy's movie gets Poltergeist director
    2. Jagex offers Runescapers chance to support WWF
    3. SpeedRunners hits $3.25 million in sales
    4. Yo-kai Watch Busters holds Japanese #1
    5. Xbox committed to slow growth in China
    6. Gunjin Games secures $1.3m following oversubscribed funding round
    7. ICO Partners: Major projects mask general decline in Kickstarter funding
    8. Indie games should be cheaper - Zeboyd
    9. Yager Productions GMBH files for insolvency, staff wages secured
    10. Wii U edges past 10 million sold in fiscal Q1
    11. Ouya's "Free The Games" devs haven't been paid - report
    12. Nexon to publish free-to-play Titanfall in Asia
    1. Gameloft's Q2 sales see 12% growth
    2. Motiga hires new head of publishing for Europe
    3. Spil Games hires Bigpoint, Ubisoft vets
    4. How intelligent in-game ads can change free-to-play
    5. Razer acquires Ouya assets and team
    6. Bethesda: "We made a sh*tload of Pip-Boys"
    7. BAFTA Young Game Designers winners announced
    1. Digital Bros opens China office
    2. GREE opens new studios in Berlin, Melbourne
    3. Sony XDev and Square-Enix Collective confirmed for Games Investment Summit
    4. RealNetworks selling Slingo and Social Casino businesses
    5. Nintendo is closing TVii service for good
    6. China lifts full console ban after 15 years
    7. EA's Söderlund on Star Wars
    1. Del Toro and Kojima planning next project
    2. Smite hits 10 million players
    3. MENA: "Everybody leaves. We need people to come back"
    4. London Venture Partners invests in Klang Games
    5. Xbox One's resurgence is great for the industry
    6. ESL cracks down on drug use in eSports
    1. Life Is Strange sells 1 million copies
    2. Ex-Witcher 3 dev founds Fool's Theory
    3. Lords of the Fallen 2 loses exec producer
    4. Industry must adapt to gamers as performers, not consumers - Outpost
    5. 22 new jobs at ZeroLight as sister firm Eutechnyx downsizes
    6. NetEase investing millions in mobile indies
    7. Qualcomm to cut 15 per cent of its workforce
    8. Gfinity offering over $110,000 in prizes at EGX eSports tournament
    9. Twitch ditches Flash for HTML5
    10. John Smedley steps down as Daybreak CEO
    11. PlayFab opens an office in Berlin
    12. SGN scores $130m Netmarble Investment
    1. Microsoft to tackle revenge porn on Xbox Live
    2. Yo-kai Watch Busters is Japanese #1
    3. Certain Affinity hires Corey May
    4. New IP can't be judged until the third game - Square Enix head
    5. Nintendo triumphs in handheld patent suit
    6. SuperAwesome raises $7 million in Series A round
    1. Apple revenue up 33% year-on-year
    2. Mojang chooses Minecraft movie director
    3. Nokia unveiling new VR project next week
    4. Xbox revenue grows 27% in Q4
    5. Trion Worlds hires GameSpot writer
    6. GREE International lays off 30% of workforce
    7. Project CARS Wii U version cancelled
    8. Mobile the new battleground for live streaming
    9. Miyamoto unlikely to succeed Iwata, say analysts
    10. Edge Case Games secures £850,000 funding
    11. summer party: in pictures
    12. Women in Games conference sets date for September 2
    13. Gamer Network adds Mod DB and Indie DB to portfolio
    14. Threes! dev Asher Vollmer shows ad-supported release doubled income
    1. Epic names Big Data VR Challenge winner
    2. GameStop to acquire ThinkGeek
    3. Is there a moment in my game worth sharing?
    4. Game companies must temper expectations for Chinese market
    5. Design Research: Ignore it at Your Peril
    6. Rory McIlroy puts EA back at UK #1
    7. EVO Tournament attracts record viewer numbers
    1. $60 million settlement approved in EA-NCAA athlete suits
    2. renews partnership with Ukie for careers content
    3. Over 4,000 pay their respects at Iwata's funeral
    4. Shenmue 3 breaks Kickstarter video game record
    5. Brighton Game Collective: Grassroots Development
    6. Enterprise-first gives Hololens the best possible start
    1. PS4, Batman lead 18% jump in US retail game sales - NPD
    2. Broken Age to break even for Double Fine
    3. Scopely appoints Bernard Chen as new GM
    4. Goodgame Studios appoints new head
    5. US digital game sales up 18% in June - Report
    6. Oculus acquires Pebbles Interfaces
    7. Marmalade opens second European studio
    8. MENA: Starting an industry from scratch
    9. Dontnod and Creative Assembly impress at the Develop Awards
    10. Keywords Studios acquires Kite Team
    11. Yo-Kai Watch Busters sells 700,000 units in Japan
    1. Pitchford dismisses vocal detractors
    2. Wada aims to give cloud tech a silver lining
    3. Yager dropped from Dead Island 2 after 3 years
    4. Kojima's name removed from Metal Gear Solid V cover
    5. Microsoft: First version of HoloLens won't be for games
    6. Hi-Rez Studios to debut MOBA eSports on console
    1. EA offers game streaming through Comcast
    2. Apple is China's top brand device - Newzoo
    3. GameAnalytics launches indie publishing initiative
    4. Marketing has come apart - EA CMO
    5. Fatshark moves towards self-publishing with new COO
    6. Polystream appoints Bruce Grove as CEO
    7. Ubisoft: "You need to find the golden nugget"
    1. Games deals fell 89% in first half of 2015 - Digi-Capital
    2. Satoru Iwata: An industry mourns
    3. Jade Raymond heads up new EA studio, will work on Star Wars
    4. Miyamoto reacts to Iwata's untimely death
    5. F1 takes UK number one
    6. New team for German language site
    7. Obituary: Satoru Iwata
    8. Investigating Her Story
    9. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has died at age 55
    1. iOS game revenues show top 20 dominate - Newzoo
    2. "It's down to having to be in the top 10 to actually turn a profit"
    3. Michael Eisner to keynote Casual Connect USA
    4. Time study: boys think women are over-sexualised in games
    5. Starbreeze acquires Payday film rights
    6. If consoles can't crack China, their future is limited
    1. Space Engineers dev launches AI spinoff
    2. Ubisoft's Q1 sales suffer with tough comp against Watch Dogs
    3. Twitch outranks YouTube in $3.8bn gaming video market - Superdata
    4. Logitech unveils new Logi brand identity
    5. "We seem to like making completely new things"
    6. Disruptor Beam gets new CMO
    7. Facebook CTO advises "patience" on VR experiences
    8. Soderlund: EA "can't just be a company that's only about gigantic big things"
    9. Ella Romanos founds Altara Games
    1. Daybreak CEO rages at hacker on Twitter
    2. Gameloft New York office to close - Report
    3. Homophobia, sexism, racism reduced to 2% of League of Legends matches
    4. Fire Emblem Fates holds Japanese #1
    5. Microsoft cutting 7800 jobs, mainly in mobile
    6. PlayStation Now will give new long tail to industry, says Sony
    7. "Starting your own business is a lot of fighting yourself"
    8. Pre-owned marketplace Gameflip launches today
    9. Marmalade adds Ben Drury to board
    10. Wozlla raises $2 million for HTML5 development
    11. Riot invests $30 million in Curse Inc.
    12. Fallout and Uncharted clean up at E3 Critic Awards
    1. Indie studio AtomJack closes
    2. Samantha Ryan new head of EA Mobile
    3. ARK sells 1m, studio partners with Epic
    4. eSports marketeers NCompass announce new hires
    5. We've lost the trust of older fans - Sega CEO
    6. Project M: The Mobile Gold Rush Gets Real
    7. BBC's free Micro-Bit computer gets final specs
    8. Microsoft offers $100k grants for HoloLens research
    9. Gree funds SE Asian mobile dev Touchten
    1. NME goes free, adds game coverage
    2. Star Citizen executive producer leaves
    3. Minecon breaks records with 10,000 attendees
    4. Mad Catz expresses "substantial doubt" about future
    5. Square Enix pulls Mac Final Fantasy XIV from sale
    6. Ourpalm acquires Animoca stock for $2.3 million
    7. Sony: For VR to make progress people who make content have to make money
    1. UK industry stabilises as start-up and closure rates fall
    1. It's Good to Talk
    2. GunsGamesGiving event lets you shoot for a good cause
    3. Inafune: Kickstarter is "confidence-building" for Japanese devs
    4. Corporate crowdfunding might not be all bad
    1. 2015 G.I.R.L. Scholarship winners announced
    2. Reactions to Nintendo's E3 "not that unfavorable" - Iwata
    3. Boss Fight opens new Austin office
    4. People care about the game, not the publisher - WBIE head
    5. Twitch analysis shows E3 schedule not maximizing viewership - EEDAR
    6. European devs are moving from mobile to PC
    7. Ed Vaizey to keynote Develop
    8. Fallout Shelter shatters the dogma of core gamers hating F2P
    1. Funcom reboots LEGO Minifigures Online as pay-to-play
    2. Magic Leap adds Vevo co-founder as CCO
    3. New investor for Zupcat
    4. Fire Emblem Fates is new Japanese #1
    5. KamaGames to add 100 jobs
    6. Xbox One, PS4 sales "disappointing" in China - Report
    7. Australia sees surge in banned games
    8. Microsoft wants to see Minecraft in the classroom
    9. Sony launches a crowdfunding platform for internal projects
    10. MAG Interactive acquires Delinquent
    11. Modern Times Group acquires majority stake in ESL for €78m
    12. Minecraft just hit 20 million sales on PC
    13. EA's Moore: "A lot of publishers just throw stuff up against a wall"