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October 2012 Archive

    1. Xbox 360 aims to capture Wii owners this holiday
    2. Sons of Anarchy creator asks Rockstar to handle game tie-in
    3. Careers in Games: PR and Journalism
    4. Molyneux sets November 7 launch date for Curiosity
    5. Halo franchise has generated $3 billion since launch
    6. Medal of Honor brand may be dead, says Pachter
    7. Critical Consensus: Assassin's Creed 3
    8. EA: "We've reached an end of an era"
    9. Borderlands 2 ships 5m, boosts Take-Two sales
    10. EA's Moore: Pre-owned the "right of gamers and the right of our retailer"
    11. Christian Donlan joins Eurogamer staff
    12. 343 Industries: We have a personal responsibility for how our games come across
    13. Sandy shuts down Activision data centres
    14. GAME hosts Assassin's Creed III midnight launches
    15. Capcom's six-month revenues up 55 per cent
    16. Careers in Games: Funding and How to Get It
    1. Windows Phone 8 SDK released
    2. Google Play reaches 700,000 apps
    3. EA admits that Medal of Honor: Warfighter disappointed
    4. Activision Publishing's Minneapolis office hit by layoffs
    5. Microsoft sells 4 million Windows 8 upgrades
    6. EA beats Q2 estimates as Battlefield 3 Premium sells 2 million subscriptions
    7. Disney acquiring Lucasfilm
    8. Nintendo offers rebates for digital sales
    9. Grand Theft Auto V confirmed for spring
    10. Square Enix lowers forecasts
    11. Darksiders II "struggling" to hit 2 million break-even point
    12. Sandy rains out Assassin's Creed III launch parties
    13. Activision reveals Activate mobile-social platform
    14. UKIE and TIGA submit proposals for tax relief test
    15. Staff cuts as Ghost Recon Commander cancelled
    16. At Valve "three people can ship anything"
    17. Habbo Hotel parent company to axe 60 jobs
    18. Project Copernicus creative director joins SOE's Vanguard
    19. Windows Phone 8 arrives with the promise of games
    20. Games Education: Get in the Game
    21. Tech Focus: The New PlayStation 3 Hack
    22. Hawken publisher raises $18 million in funding
    23. Apple reveals management shakeup
    24. Google Nexus 10 coming for $399 in November
    1. Tablets used mostly for gaming
    2. Nintendo depending on third parties for Wii U
    3. Activision not worried about Skylanders saturation
    4. Bleszinski wants to fix Resident Evil
    5. LAUNCH Conference hosts £25K PlayStation Mobile contest
    6. Sony on PS3: "It's not what you buy, it's what you're buying into"
    7. Fargo: Succeed or fail, I'll return to Kickstarter
    8. Cohort veterans launch Beartrap Games
    9. Warfighter shoots down FIFA
    10. SpecialEffect's Donegan nominated as Digital Hero
    11. Hotline Miami dev offers aid to pirates
    12. Introversion: Consoles are "second class customers"
    13. Careers in Games: Being An Indie
    14. Introversion: Doing Time
    1. Anonymous threatens Zynga
    1. Silicon Knights staff now fewer than 5 - Report
    2. G4 cancels X-Play, Attack of the Show
    3. Halo 4 Microsoft's most expensive game ever
    4. Single player is a "gimmick" says mid-core developer
    5. GameStop launching Kids concept stores
    6. BAFTA Scotland nominees announced
    7. Gamigo now owned by Samarion S.E.
    8. New CEO for Ngmoco
    9. Amazon sales are up, but posts first net loss since 2003
    10. Microsoft relaxes Windows 8 store policy on 18 rated games
    11. New GameHorizon details to be unveiled on December 5
    12. Financial pain is inevitable as Nintendo faces its toughest challenge
    13. PlayStation Plus has become a "nice weapon in our arsenal" says Sony
    1. Apple reports record Q4 results, as iPhone sales jump 58%
    2. Call of Duty MW3 dethroned by Minecraft on Xbox Live
    3. AOL has no "gaming appetite" says former Joystiq EIC
    4. Layoffs hit Turbine
    5. Polygon: What's the Angle?
    6. EA: Tablet adoption to climb at never-seen-before rates
    7. Assassin's Creed III Ubisoft's most preordered game ever
    8. Bo Andersen retiring from EMA
    9. DICE Summit introduces new format, bigger venue
    10. Civilization MMO coming to Asia
    11. Iwata: Wii U "will be sold below cost"
    12. Journey wins GameCity Prize 2012
    13. HMV's Nicole Ward joins VSC board
    14. Gree snaps up card game dev for $173m
    15. Zynga's road forward: Better games, more often
    1. Wii U attach rate outlook "highly unrealistic" says Pachter
    2. Star Citizen crushes Kickstarter goal in under a week
    3. SGN consolidates and names new president
    4. Zynga Q3 results not as bad as anticipated
    5. EA weighs in on Zynga cuts
    6. Sony scores a victory in PSN hack suit
    7. Nintendo looks to spark Wii sales with Just Dance, Skylanders bundles
    8. ESRB rolls out no-cost ratings for downloadable games
    9. Tech Focus: iPad Mini and the Fourth Gen iPad
    10. Critical Consensus: Surface
    11. iPad Mini: Developers unfazed by pricing look towards tablet dominance
    12. Facebook revenue up 32% year-on-year
    13. Zynga payments to Facebook down 20%
    14. Nintendo cuts full year projections to ¥6bn despite slowing losses
    1. Zynga CEO confirms 5% staff reductions, studio closures
    2. Microsoft expands $99 Xbox 360 with contract offer
    3. $329 iPad Mini announced
    4. Bigpoint cuts 120 jobs, CEO leaves role
    5. Photo Tour: Inside Blizzard Entertainment
    6. PS3 hacked again
    7. Assassin's Creed III Wii U "exactly the same" as other versions
    8. Square Enix signs long-term Unreal Engine deal
    9. Schafer speaks out over industry's routine job cuts
    10. League of Legends final attracts 8.2 million unique viewers
    11. Google report claims 50 per cent of tablet users play games
    12. Accelerator Joystick Labs ends funding
    13. Sony Europe signs new Brighton start-up Wish Studios
    14. StoryNexus: Writing Fantasy
    1. Nintendo patent suit dropped
    2. How MOGA Unlocks The Core for Mobile
    3. Assassin's Creed film goes to New Regency
    4. Medal of Honor: Warfighter "likely to be a major disappointment"
    5. Big Fish appoints exec to oversee free-to-play business
    6. New head of entertainment group at Future
    7. Brasil: Point Of No Return
    8. Brasil Game Show: 100,000 Gamers Can't Be Wrong
    9. Gamestation website to close
    10. GTA: "Max Clifford made it all happen"
    11. Joe 'MaD' Madureira leaves Vigil games
    12. Brathwaite and Hall kill Kickstarter RPG project
    13. PS3 firmware update 4.30 to end Folding@home involvement
    14. Tantalus: Industry can't promise job security
    15. PAX expands outside the US with Melbourne show
    16. Batch of Rocksmith PC boxes shipped without CD keys
    17. Skylanders Giants can't topple FIFA
    18. Haunts: The Manse Macabre development in trouble
    19. HMV appoints new business relationships manager
    1. EA CEO says decline of social games overhyped
    2. Assassin's Creed III: Ubisoft faces "uncomfortable" truths
    3. Project Eternity: How Chris Avellone Blew By $4 Million on Kickstarter
    4. Twitter, Facebook pulled from Xbox Live
    5. Broadband speed holding industry back, says Eidos head
    6. Elder Scrolls lead designer joins Turbine
    7. Sony delays UK PlayStation Store relaunch
    8. Zynga settles Kobojo lawsuit
    9. Hookshot Inc wins big at GMAs
    10. Sensory Sweep Studios head sentenced to a year in prison
    11. CoD Elite: Lessons from Activision's failed experiment
    1. CD Projekt RED sends RedKit tool into closed beta
    2. Wii U "easier" to develop for, says Vigil designer
    3. Xbox business sees operating income plunge 94% in Q1
    4. Nintendo investigating Foxconn underage labor
    5. 38 Studios auction tallies $180k
    6. Chris Roberts' Star Citizen goes Kickstarter
    7. 85% of social players quit after one day
    8. Laura Fryer leading Epic Games Seattle
    9. Big Fish launches free-to-play on PC and Mac
    10. Nihilistic Software reforms as digital focused nStigate Games
    11. 8-Bit Funding ceases updates
    12. Best Buy tablet will retail for $250 - report
    13. 3DS and Square Enix rule Japanese charts
    14. Underage interns discovered in Foxconn factory
    15. Black Sheep: Why the Bodycount developer went back to the bedroom
    16. Valve adds software category to Steam Greenlight
    17. Club Penguin co-founder leaves Disney
    18. Starhawk dev hit with layoffs
    1. Infinity Blade: Dungeons not shipping until 2013
    2. Outlast brings indie survival horror to PC in 2013
    3. MechWarrior Online nets $5 million in preorders
    4. FarmVille 2 nears 50 million monthly users
    5. iPhone 5 "most difficult device" to make
    6. NCsoft Europe COO launches new studio
    7. Presidential debate draws 100,000 on Xbox Live
    8. Profits and sales fall for Intel
    9. Kuju: Poor developer royalties "scandalous and wrong"
    10. Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 skin for Minecraft made with Mojang approval
    11. Obsidian Kickstarter closes with nearly $4 million
    12. Mizuguchi joins faculty at Keio University
    13. Kixeye: "Zynga is burning to the ground"
    14. Ubisoft in legal battle with Black Eyed Peas
    15. UKIE launches major business models research project
    16. Tech Focus: Extreme Resolution Gameplay
    17. League of Legends and Riot's Play for Global Domination
    1. Xaviant buys 50 percent stake in Dungeon Blitz dev
    2. PS3 "could lose more market share" without price cut
    3. IGN going up for auction
    4. iPad Mini unveiling expected at October 23 event
    5. Xbox 360 bundles get $50 price cut
    6. Microsoft lists Surface starting at $499
    7. Halo 4 more desired than Call of Duty on Xbox 360 - Nielsen
    8. Microsoft begins rolling out Xbox 360 update
    9. Microsoft lays off Lionhead employees
    10. Turtle Beach acquires distributor Lygo International
    11. Project Eternity Kickstarter breaks Double Fine record
    12. Roundtable: Saving PlayStation Vita
    13. Vivendi CEO joins Activision board
    14. Obituary: Mike Singleton
    15. ESA joins Children's Miracle Network for Extra Life 2012
    16. BioShock Infinite team loses two more
    1. Steam Greenlight approves second wave
    2. Call of Duty Elite going free is "following Battlefield Premium lead"
    3. Zynga suing ex-CityVille GM
    4. Activision: Setting Call of Duty Elite free is "best for our business"
    5. Publishers: LGBT Equality is "Civil Rights Issue of Our Time"
    6. Nintendo cuts Wii price to $129
    7. Critical Consensus: The Unfinished Swan
    8. ImaginEngine closes, 25 lose jobs
    9. Dishonored UK's biggest new IP launch of 2012
    10. Spry Fox wins ownership of Yeti Town as part of Triple Town settlement
    11. Bohemia devs' release delayed
    12. Xbox Music launches with 30 million songs
    13. Origin download code giveaway costs EA dear
    14. Taipei Assassins win $1m League of Legends World Championship
    15. How We Evolve Fun
    1. Microsoft spending more than $1.5 billion on Windows 8 rollout
    2. PLĀOR signs former Zynga Poker lead designer
    3. Temple Run dev looks for gold with two-year W3i partnership
    4. Zynga CEO hints at potential for taking company private
    5. Borderlands 2 sells 1.4 million copies on consoles in US
    6. Guillermo del Toro shopping InSane
    7. Consoles will be niche, says EA founder
    8. NBA 2K13 sets first week franchise sales record
    9. Developers question the ethics of F2P design at GDC Online
    10. League of Legends: 32 million monthly active players
    11. 6Waves and Spry Fox settle out of court
    12. Diversity of games platforms: the pros and cons
    13. Who's afraid of the big bad Windows?
    14. PlayStation Store revamp coming late Oct
    1. Game industry sales down 24% in US during September - NPD
    2. Xbox 360 sells 270,000 units in US during September
    3. 3DS game sales up 89% in September
    4. People Can Fly vets are Astronauts now
    5. 23% of app gamers only play on mobile
    6. "Pure play" not working anymore, says Defiance dev
    7. iPhone now owned by 40% of US teens
    8. Stuart Black goes solo with new indie studio
    9. Gaikai sued by T5 Labs
    10. New Californian Jagex studio breaks cover
    11. Sony shrinks European marketing teams from ten to one
    12. More than 5m PS3s sold in UK
    13. Raph Koster wins Legend award at GDC Online
    14. Grantoo gets funding and EA Canada CTO
    15. Windows 8 Marketplace will not sell PEGI 18 rated games
    16. CCP: Dust will outlive PlayStation 3
    17. Zynga's user engagement way down
    18. Zynga can be saved with advertising, says Pachter
    1. Sony's Strategy In a World Without Kevin Butler
    2. Kickstarter opens up for the UK on Oct 31
    3. iPhone 5 hit by supply issues
    4. Doodle Jump toys and games heading worldwide
    5. AAA games shifting to free-to-play, says Happy Wars dev
    6. Square Enix defends high mobile game prices
    7. 100 Day Game Project winners launch onto app store
    8. Gears of War movie marches on
    9. Resident Evil 6 secures first place on Japanese chart
    10. Chris Roberts returns to gaming with ambitious space sim
    11. Treyarch defends Call Of Duty Engine
    12. Riot Games wins suit
    13. THQ Australia to close with 18 job losses
    14. IGN launches Xbox Live app in UK
    15. OnLive assets sold for $4.8m
    16. The OS Factor and the Rise of Transmedia Gaming
    1. Valve opens doors to prospective playtesters
    2. Microsoft Digits tracks your hand in real-time
    3. Why Apple's tight App Store management is a good thing
    4. Layoffs at Backbone
    5. Americans to spend more this holiday season
    6. How FIFA can score with mobile users
    7. Critical Consensus: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    8. Fils-Aime: Nintendo TVii is a "better mousetrap" for consumers
    9. Supercell's iOS games earning $500,000 a day
    10. Secret World designer: MMO needed to be more commercial
    11. Zynga Poker GM is seventh executive to resign in a month
    12. Glu partners with Probability for mobile gambling
    13. Zynga's Cityville 2 in closed beta
    1. Obsidian promises mod support for Project Eternity
    2. Battlefield: Bad Company television show in production
    3. Microsoft Points optional in Windows 8
    4. Gree launches program to support indies
    5. Apple suppliers prep for 10 million iPad Minis
    6. Star Wars Angry Birds crossover hatched
    7. Game industry needs new consoles to reverse sales declines - Pachter
    8. Foxconn strike halts iPhone 5 production
    9. Mobile "eroding" demand for PC social gaming
    10. Resident Evil 6 fails to topple FIFA 13 in UK charts
    11. Critical Consensus: Dishonored
    12. M&A activity in games break all records in 2012
    13. Sony sues Kevin Butler actor for breach of contract
    14. Marvel Heroes: No Nickel and Dime Operation
    15. Giving It Away: Boss Alien And The Future Of Free-to-Play
    1. Atlus bringing Kalypso titles to the US
    2. Gree signs four more indies in North America
    3. Maine politician attacked for playing games
    4. Zynga now an acquisition target, says analyst
    5. Words With Friends creators leaving Zynga
    6. Zynga stock slammed following slashed outlook
    7. Rhianna Pratchett: Rewriting Lara Croft
    8. "Water resistant" Xperia tablet withdrawn from sale
    9. Rockstar forms new animation unit with Technicolor
    10. Dontnod: Now is the time for new IP
    11. Guild Wars 2 gets seven live dev teams
    12. Sony's steep learning process
    1. Zynga slashes 2012 forecast, up to $105 million in losses for Q3
    2. Super Mario 3D Land and more heading to 3DS eShop
    3. First free-to-play Xbox 360 game debuts next week
    4. Microsoft showing Surface off on Oct 25
    5. Elsword's US publisher becomes KOG Games
    6. GameMaker exec: "Consoles have become a barrier to creativity"
    7. Facebook hits 1 billion monthly users
    8. Xseed hires ex-Atlus exec
    9. Wargaming, Gloops join ESA
    10. Roundtable: Our Best Bets in Gaming
    11. Resident Evil 6 ships 4.5 million
    12. Warcraft subscriptions pass 10m following Pandaria release
    13. December goal for Minecraft documentary
    14. Gundam beats Dead or Alive to top the Japanese charts
    15. CrowdStar appoints Jeffrey Tseng as its new CEO
    16. Four fired from Kixeye over racism claims
    17. Creative director departs Bioware
    18. No Doubt settles Activision lawsuit
    19. 343 Industries: Halo 4 and the untapped power of Xbox
    1. NBA Live 13 was planned as XBLA title
    2. Xbox Music service coming October 26
    3. Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski leaves Epic
    4. Bethesda establishes Battlecry Studios in Austin
    5. FIFA 13 sells 4.5 million in five days
    6. Resident Evil 6 patch breaks PS3 downloadable edition
    7. WoW designer: Single player games are dying
    8. iPad mini now being mass produced - report
    9. Bad Piggies Rovio's fastest chart-topper yet
    10. AbleGamers Foundation to open permanent arcade
    11. Kixeye hit by racism allegations
    12. Steel Media acquires 148Apps
    13. Fils-Aime points to MiiVerse as Wii U's killer app
    14. Tech Evolution: How Devs Pushed Consoles To Their Limits
    15. Game Industry Legends: Rob Pardo
    1. ESA honors Newell at Nite to Unite 2012
    2. Motorola drops Apple patent complaint
    3. Resident Evil fans and Capcom fighting over franchise like "two parents"
    4. Women own 60 percent of mobile market
    5. Steam opens non-game section
    6. Secret World "not going free-to-play anytime soon"
    7. Left 4 Dead series sales top 12 million
    8. New Brighton studio for Mediatonic
    9. World of Tanks reaches 40m registered users
    10. Critical Consensus: Resident Evil 6
    11. Reverb Publishing backtracks on feline PR stunt
    12. Adult site welcomes Explorer on Xbox
    13. Phil Harrison becomes NFTS governor
    1. EA refutes Oddworld acquisition attempt, suggests Lithium for Lanning
    2. Chasing Aurora dev finds Wii U more "indie-friendly" than Wii
    3. Xbox Live gets exclusive launch for Syfy series
    4. Nippon Ichi opens new studio in Osaka
    5. Xbox 360 Minecraft sells 4 million
    6. 38 Studios failure won't see federal charges
    7. Zynga launches Hasbro-produced board games
    8. Mind Candy adds ex-MTV CEO to board
    9. Hideo Kojima: 25 Years of Metal Gear Solid
    10. Oddworld: Spending $30m on games, not Ferraris and private jets
    11. GameStop launches employee charity
    12. Nexon acquires mobile dev Gloops
    13. VG247 sees 1.1m unique users in September
    14. FIFA 13 hits top spot with 1m sold
    15. Yoshida: Sony surprised and disappointed by third party support for Vita
    16. Introversion's Prison Architect paid alpha raises over $100,000