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Nintendo policies not beneficial to developers says Baldur's Gate distributor

Beamdog's founder says Nintendo's policies have ensured Baldur's Gate won't be coming to Wii U

Beamdog founder Trent Oster, leader of the team behind the recently announced Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, has indicated that the game won't be coming to the Wii U due to the developer's previous experiences with Nintendo. Beamdog is distributing the title, which is being developed by subsidiary Overhaul Games.

"We don't do Nintendo development. Our previous experience with Nintendo was enough to ensure there will not be another," said Oster in his first tweet.

Oster indicated that previous efforts left Beamdog less than enthused with Nintendo.

"The result [of previous experiences] is a belief that Nintendo isn't a good platform for developers. The Wii is a toy, not a console," he added.

Oster even outlined his specific issues with Nintendo's policies regarding digital releases. Overhaul and Beamdog did a remake of MDK2 for WiiWare last year, but apparently the project was not pleasant for the distributor.

"My problems with Nintendo are: requiring 6000 unit sales before payment, a certification process that took us 9 months and a 40mb limit," he said.

So, don't expect any more Beamdog titles for Nintendo's platforms any time soon. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will be coming out for PC, Mac, and iPad sometime in Summer 2012.

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