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Rovio devs form new HTML5 studio

"If we play our cards right we just might end up with the next Angry Birds"

Antti Stén and Tuomas Erikoinen have departed Rovio to launch their own studio, Boomlagoon, in Helsinki.

The new company will build web and mobile games with HTML5, and is currently looking for investors.

"Through our experience of seeing multiple startups, we've gained the necessary skill set for founding and running a company with high values on all departments of the company," Stén told GamesBeat.

"Our core skills are in game development but we've also had the opportunity to study fields such as PR, branding, recruitment, business negotiations, leading teams, HR, and networking."

CCO Stén spent his time at Rovio building the server infrastructure for Angry Birds, while CEO Erikoinen was the lead artist on the franchise.

"We know a thing or two about successful games and high volumes and we'll use this knowledge to spawn something very cool and new," Stén continued.

"If we play our cards right we just might end up with the next Angry Birds."

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