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Google unveils augmented reality headset "Project Glass"

Augmented reality glasses are now in public testing

Google has started public testing of augmented reality glasses known as "Project Glass."

The internet giant posted an introductory video to Google+ that showcases many of the headset's functions. Google wants the tests to "start a conversation" that will help it to improve the product.

Project Glass features a near-transparent video screen that transmits information in front of the users' right eye.

The video suggests that the user will be able to receive information - both contextually and on-demand - about their location, the weather conditions, and reminders from their schedule, presumably through integration with Google's other products, like Google+, Google Maps, Gmail and others.

Specific examples featured in the video include instant alerts for incoming mails and texts, the ability to dictate responses (and voice control in general), and a function that projects arrows on to the real world to help the user reach a destination.

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Google hasn't released any information regarding pricing or release date.

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