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DICE appoints Bach as temporary CEO

Swedish developer announces replacement as Karl Magnus Troedsson takes paternity leave

Patrick Bach has taken over the role of CEO at Swedish developer DICE on a temporary basis.

He will hold the position for 4 months to replace Karl Magnus Troedsson, who currently on paternity leave. Bach's usual role is that of executive producer.

"We will be trying to spread out the tasks of the CEO on a number of people. I will of course be responsible for the results but we will split the daily tasks," Bach told MCV.

DICE is proactive in encouraging employees to strike the right work life balance, especially when it comes to maternity and paternity leave.

"I think it is a bit unique at a big company and certainly in the gaming industry, but we want the people working at DICE to see their job as a long time investment," said Bach.

DICE is currently focused on DLC for popular EA shooter Battlefield 3.

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