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Fight My Monster reaches one million players

The social trading card game is pulling in the kids and keeping them entertained

The developers of Fight My Monster have announced that they've reached 1 million registered players in the under-13 demographic. The UK-based social trading card game claims four times the engagement of competitor Moshi Monsters and twice that of Facebook among kids in the region.

Players have created more than six million cards and fought 32 million battles. The average player age is 10.4 and the average play session is 41 minutes.

"I think the reason we've grown so fast is that we're not a virtual world. We're an online trading-card game. Most of our direct competition is very much the former or a clone of the former," Fight My Monster chairman Dylan Collins told GamesBeat.

Fight My Monster's direct competitors include games like Skylanders and Monkey Quest, developed by giants like Activision and Nickelodeon. According to Collins, those competitors have spent $35 to $50 million trying to pull in boys under the age of 13.

"We've done it with what they spend on a good night out. $150k, to be exact," said Collins.

The Fight My Monster team has raised $2.1 million in funding with investors from Greycroft Partners and eVentures. All from a team that only recently hired a fifth employee.

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