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Amazon trounces Google Play in Android app revenue

Flurry data indicates average revenue per user more than three times that of Google's own marketplace

According to new data from Flurry, the Amazon AppStore is significantly outperforming Google's own Google Play service in terms of revenue generated per user.

Both marketplaces sell Android apps, but Amazon's retail muscle has made a considerable difference in getting users to spend money.

Setting the average revenue per user from the market-leading iTunes AppStore as 100 per cent, Flurry estimates that Amazon's users generate 89 per cent of that amount, with Google Play languishing far behind on 23 per cent.

Despite 250 per cent year-on-year growth in Android device activations - there are now more than 300 million Android devices in the world - developers have struggled to monetise apps developed for the platform.

Last month, Google united its various online storefronts - Google Books, Google Music and the Android Market - under the cloud-based Google Play service in an attempt to improve the rate of commerce.

However, spurred on by the success of the Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon has quickly surpassed Google as the premier vendor of Android applications.

Flurry's survey was conducted from a sample of 11 million DAUs over 45 days between January and February 2012.

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