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iPad Wi-Fi model cleared for sale in China

Developers take note: iPad is about to get an even bigger audience

A Wi-Fi version of Apple's new iPad has finally been cleared for sale in mainland China, according to a report by AllThingsD. The China Quality Certification Center has granted the model the Complusory Certification needed in the region. This follows Apple CEO Tim Cook's visit to China to work with partners and government officials.

The company hasn't announced the launch date for the new iPad in China yet, but the market is Apple's second largest in the world. According to 2011 IDC estimates, the iPad holds a 70 percent market share for tablets in the region.

Apple is still fighting a legal battle with Chinese tech company Proview over the iPad trademark. Hejun Vanguard Group, a consultant for Proview's creditors, said it's willing to pursue the case for "five, ten years or even longer."

"We will see how long the biggest company in the world can exploit the law and intellectual property rights in China," it said to Reuters.

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