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Facebook offers incentive for first time buyers in games

You can get $5 worth of Facebook Credits for the price of $1 if you have never bought any credits before

Facebook has announced a promotion whereby users who have never bought Facebook credits can make a one-time purchase of $5 worth of credits for $1. Only about five percent of gamers on Facebook have ever bought anything using Facebook Credits up until now.

Facebook developers will be able to implement a new widget wherein users who haven't previously paid for virtual goods will see in-game icons promoting the offer.

"New Payer Promotions are offers that encourage game players to make a first-time purchase using their credit card or PayPal account," writes Facebook Engineer Pratap Pv. "These offers are sponsored by Facebook, and early data shows that about 20% of the users who make that first-time purchase come back to spend more within a month."

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