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Tim Schafer: "We'll do another big game"

The man behind Psychonauts is not giving up on AAA big budget titles

Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions have moved away from big budget titles in recent years, instead focusing on smaller games like Costume Quest, Stacking and the unique Kinect experience that is Happy Action Theater. But deep down, Schafer still has a passion for making huge AAA games.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International back at DICE, Schafer commented, "We have four teams and all it takes is to put two of them together to have a team the size that we made Psychonauts or Brutal Legend with."

He continued, sidetracking himself with his own humor: "We're not really moving away from... all the things I was saying about size issues, if that's not too provocative, size issues, that sounds dirty. Ok, now everything I say is going to sound dirty... this is just taking an ugly turn."

Schafer then revealed, "I still like to make big fantasy worlds and I think we'll do another big game again. We're actually at DICE here pitching a pretty big game, so it's not about size, it's about what you do with it. There I go again - ah, forget it. It's about creativity, as I told my many lovers [laughs]."

We commented to Schafer that there seemed to be a parallel between himself and other developers like David Jaffe, who moved away from the big budget games to work on smaller, downloadable offerings. Now Jaffe may be preparing to work on a big game again as he launches his new San Diego studio, and Schafer seems eager to as well.

That said, Schafer still recognizes all the negatives that come with the grueling development schedule necessary to craft a blockbuster AAA game.

"Those kinds of games like God of War or Brutal Legend are a pain in the ass to make. It's incredibly stressful. You tear out your hair. You don't see your family. You make a lot of enemies to get something done. And you definitely see, like, I want to make something like Costume Quest or Calling All Cars as like a, 'aahh...', it's just so nice to [get a breather]. But then you do start thinking about like a Brutal Legend - making that world and all those characters and stuff was... it's fun to make something big."

Whether or not Schafer's next big game will be a new Psychonauts remains up in the air, but given his massive success on Kickstarter you can be sure he'll at least have the support of his fans.

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