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ngmoco's chief publishing officer has resigned

Simon Jeffery tells us that he's moved on to consulting in the social/mobile space

GamesIndustry International has learned that Simon Jeffery has stepped down recently from his position as chief publishing officer at mobile publisher ngmoco. The company did confirm the move with us but did not mention a replacement.

Jeffery, the former Sega of America president, told us that he's "doing some consulting and advisory work...mainly focusing on social/mobile, and helping developers move into and/or succeed in the space."

Jeffery has a long history in the games business, with 25 years of experience. In addition to Sega, he's had stints at EA, LucasArts and Virgin Interactive.

Jeffery joined ngmoco in 2009 right when the mobile publisher was really beginning to take off. He specifically signed up to oversee the (at the time) new Plus+ Publishing group at ngmoco. A year or so later, after continued growth, Japanese social giant DeNA purchased ngmoco for $400 million.

For more on ngmoco's strategy please read our recent interview with Neil Young.

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