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Epic Games China undergoes name change for first title

Yingpei Games reveals its first title from new North American publisher Delkans

The developer formerly known as Epic Games China has announced its first title, a third-person PC shooter. Yingpei Games is the developer's new brand, though Epic still retains a minority stake in the company. Their inaugural game, Mercenary Ops, is being released in North America by fledgling publisher Delkans. Mercenary Ops is powered by Unreal Engine technology.

Up until this announcement, many assumed that Yingpei was Epic Games China, a complete subsidiary of Epic Games. In fact, the studio's homepage URL is still at, and "ying pei" apparently means "epic" in Mandarin Chinese. Epic Games has since clarified its relationship to the studio.

"When they first launched the studio we clearly gave them Epic's blessing to call themselves Epic Games China. We were ready to have a more on-the-ground presence in China to reach those developers with our technology more effectively, not to mention we wanted to learn more about that market's needs and its growing talent base," an Epic Games spokesperson told Joystiq.

"They changed their name in 2010, can't recall which month. We didn't make a big fuss over it because our working relationship hasn't changed. They use our tech, they sell it, they make their own games, nothing new to report."

Mercenary Ops publisher, Delkans Publishing, also stepped in to explain the situation.

"Delkans Publishing, a new North American game publisher, wants to clarify that Mercenary Ops is being developed by Yingpei Games, Ltd., which is formerly known as Epic Games China. Yingpei Games, Ltd. is going through a transitionary phase and will continue to garner support from Epic Games and utilize their Unreal Engine 3 technology. Delkans Publishing will provide further background information on the developer, Yingpei Games, Ltd. in the coming weeks. Delkans Publishing apologizes for any confusion," said the new publisher in a statement.

Mercenary Ops is planned for a summer 2012 launch in North America and Europe.

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