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Update: Play.com 'leak' image thought to be fake

Monster Hunter listed by retailer, but no GTA, Tales or Final Fantasy


It has emerged that the image in question in the story below, purporting to be screengrabs from the Play.com website, is very likely a fake.

Whilst Monster Hunter Portable 3 does have a listing at the online retailer, the other games do not and never did.

The image is thought to have originated with 4Chan, before being sent to news outlets, quickly propagating to numerous sites, including GamesIndustry International.

Apologies for the error - the story below remains unadulterated.

Original story

An error on the Play.com website has lead to four unannounced Vita titles being advertised for pre-order, including Monster Hunter Portable 3 and GTA: Vice City Nights.

All of the listings apart from Monster Hunter 3 had been removed at the time of writing, but a screengrab of the offending page shows the games in question.

Whilst none of the games will come as a complete surprise for consumers, with both Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter 3 already tipped as hot system sellers, Vice City Nights has, until now, been kept under tight wraps by Rockstar and Take-Two.

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