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Zynga acquires Tomb Raider dev Buzz Monkey - report

Veteran console and handheld developer will become Zynga's 18th satellite office

Zynga recently completed the acquisition of Oregon-based game developer Buzz Monkey, TechCrunch reports.

The deal will bring all 50 of Buzz Monkey's employees into the fold, and turn the studio into Zynga's 18th satellite office - the traditional route for many of Zynga's smaller acquisitions.

Buzz Monkey Software was founded in 2001 by veterans of Tribes developer Dynamix. Since then, the studio has largely worked on console and handheld projects, including several Tomb Raider and Tony Hawk games.

However, Buzz Monkey has also worked with Zynga on several projects - FrontierVille chief among them - and the deal is likely motivated by Zynga's desire to add diversity to its portfolio.

The exact price of the acquisition has not been released, but it was not substantial enough to require an SEC filing.

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