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Molyneux says authors should stand by their decisions

The founder of 22Cans wants developers to stand by their work

In an interview with GameSpot AU, 22Cans founder Peter Molyneux said that creators needed to stand by their work and "take the rough with the smooth". The question was framed around the controversy surrounding the ending of Mass Effect 3, with Bioware releasing the Extended Cut ending for the game this week.

"BioWare are the authors, they are the creators of this world," he said. "They entertain millions of people and we have to put our trust in them. If they believe in what they did, they should stand by that. There has been many times where I've watched films or read books and felt cheated at an ending. It's just today that you can say that about a computer game and then give feedback and that feedback can create a controversy."

"I think that we as authors of stories and entertainment have to stand by our decisions and justify them and take the rough with the smooth. If people don't like it, you can't just go and change it because if you have any sense of authorship, you're playing through a plan."

Molyneux believes the industry has progressed to the point that development is endless. The idea that games are becoming an ongoing service has been mentioned by other executives before.

"That being said, nowadays there is no end of development anymore. You used to release a game and that was it, you were done. It was in the box. Now, you release a game, and there is this possibility and technology that allows you to change it."

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