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Imagine merges Xbox 360 titles

X360 and 360 Magazine join together, first issue July 11

UK publisher Imagine has merged its two Xbox 360 titles, with X360 and 360 Magazine coming together under the X360 brand.

The first issue of the new look publication will go on sale July 11.

"Having been involved with both magazines throughout the last five years, it would be fair to say that X360 and 360 Magazine have always occupied their own individual niche; there have always been elements each has realised with greater effectiveness than the other," said Dan Howdle, who will lead the new team as editor.

"The new X360 combines the power of these unique strengths into one highly desirable whole. I could not be more thrilled at being a part of the team that's going to make X360's future a reality."

In the last round of ABC results 360 Magazine's circulation had fallen to just 9,335. X360 had also seen a drop, from 24,090 to 20,695.

"By merging these two magazines, we have a chance to better focus ourselves on creating exactly what is needed is push the X360 brand forward," added editor in chief Rick Porter.

"Ultimately, we're now in a position to create the best possible package for the Xbox 360 gamer, and ensure the X360 brand goes from strength to strength in the challenging single-format magazine market."

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