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SSX reboot had "successful launch", Syndicate "didn't pay off"

Frank Gibeau outlines how EA's brand revivals panned out with more coming in the future

Electronic Arts released new versions of SSX and Syndicate as a revival of several classic brands this year. EA Label boss Frank Gibeau told CVG that while the results of the revivals differed, the publisher is still keen to bring back "numerous brands."

"I think SSX was a very successful launch for us and there was some online innovation there that really showed why it made sense to bring that back," said Gibeau.

"It's done well and you'll probably see more in the future. There are numerous IPs that I think about all the time like Command & Conquer and Sim City - which is a brand we've brought back after seven years."

Syndicate - which was reinvented as a FPS - did not fare as well.

"Syndicate was something that we took a risk on. It didn't pay off - it didn't work," he said. "But in general it doesn't change my appetite for wanting to go look in the library and see what we have and maybe bring back some IPs for the next-generation. That's the nature of the business; some stuff works, some stuff doesn't."

EA has SimCity and Command & Conquer returning in 2013.

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