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Schafer "scared" for publishers

Double Fine head predicts dev migration to crowd funding

Crowd-funding success story Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert of Double Fine have explained what they think Double Fine's recent experience with Kickstarter mean for the big publishers.

"I'm a little scared, well, for them, because I see a lot of resistance to it. 'Well, that's someone else's business - we don't want to be in a race to zero,' or something like that," Schafer told Gamefront.

"I think they're going to see a lot of migration from developers and fans to more open environments like that, for sure."

Double Fine's pitch for an adventure game raised $3,335,265 from 87,138 backers, and inspired a number of other game developers to skip the publishing pitch and look for funding from the community instead.

"I think they (publishers) are going have to (change the way they interact with players) because the world is changing and small developers are getting these personal relationships with their fans and people that play the games, and I think the really big publishers need to embrace that or they're really gonna miss this whole kind of revolution that's happening right now," added Gilbert.

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