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Fargo: Kickstarter could save middle-size devs

Interplay co-founder on the importance of the crowd funding model

Brian Fargo, Interplay co-founder, inXile head and the man who just raised $3 million on Kickstarter for a Wasteland sequel has evangelised the crowd funding platform in a recent interview.

"I saw an opportunity with Kickstarter that this could be the thing that saves the middle-size developer," Fargo told Game Informer while discussing progress on Wasteland 2.

"You've got this huge gap now. You've got the big triple-A developers, who typically have these housekeeping deals with the publishers where they'll keep feeding them these 10-30 million-dollar projects and keeping them alive. Then you've got the small little indies doing their stuff, which is great, but they're just two or three or four or five people. When I say mid-sized, I mean 15-20 people. I'm not talking about a huge company."

inXile's success with the funding platform will allow it to add extra features to the RPG, with the possible addition of mod tools and support for Mac and Linux.

"I saw [Kickstarter] as a way to save the mid-sized developer, us included, so I dropped everything and jumped on it."

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