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EKG: Devs to get a cut of pre-owned sales too

US retailer will share pre-owned profits with publishers and developers

EKG, the online game retailer that wants to share its sales with publishers is extending the deal to developers too.

"After receiving quite a bit of feedback from both game consumers and industry folks we have decided to split the 10 per cent pre-owned game rebates - so to share 5 per cent of the used game selling price with the publishers and 5 per cent with the developers," founder Mike Kennedy told GamesIndustry International.

"This would be anywhere from around $1-$2.5 per game going to both pubs and devs, each time one of their games changes hands in our marketplace. We will be discussing this with pubs and devs this week at E3."

When GamesIndustry International spoke to Kennedy in May he explained that he hoped sharing revenue with publishers would help preserve boxed games for future generations.

Kennedy also had news on the distribution side of things.

"We are in discussions with a couple large street retailers about distributing our new games in their stores across the USA via point of purchase kiosks," he said.

"These are retailers who currently don't have any video game presence and will benefit from the added traffic coming into their stores. Essentially, gamers can mail their games into us and pick their new games up on the street."

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