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CCP: Eve Online could live 30 years

MMO has triple the people working on it today than it did at launch

CCP heads have revealed they're planning a long and healthy life for space MMO Eve Online, and they're backing it up with an expanding team of developers.

"We believe in making virtual worlds, and they don't have a shelf life," producer Jon Lander told Massively.

"We want this game to be around in 10, 20, 30 years. We want a Dust 10-year anniversary, and this universe is constantly growing."

Free-to-play PS3 title, Dust 514, is a multiplayer shooter that will tie into the Eve Online universe.

Creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson added that the games was close to breaking its all-time subscriber record, 9 years after launch.

"We have three or four times as many people working on EVE today compared to launch. The development team has grown along with the revenue. We've never scaled down or switched over to a live team or a skeleton team," continued Olafsson.

Lander also spoke to GamesIndustry International in May as part of an exclusive interview.

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