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Aardvark Swift's Search for a Star winner named

Daniel Collinson takes home top honour in competition

Daniel Collinson from the University of Central Lancashire is this year's winner of the Aadvark Swift Search For A Star competition.

Collinson recently gained a 1st in BSc Software and Games Development, and will be presented with his Search For A Star award at the Eurogamer Expo in September by industry veteran Ian Livingstone.

Adam Yaxley from the University of Warwick won the Rising Star Category. He's currently looking forward to a placement at Havok next year before continuing his MEng in Computer Systems.

The competition is open to final year or masters students with a knowledge of C++, and sees them face technical questioning, a coding task set by Relentless Software and a panel interview to probe further into their passion for games.

For more information on the competition, see the official site.

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