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New European accelerator launches

GameFounders looking for ten gaming start ups for three month scheme

New Estonian company GameFounders has launched, and the accelerator is looking for 10 gaming start ups to work with.

"GameFounders is the 'magic potion' for game developers. We provide you with the help, knowledge and contacts to let your game take off," said GameFounders.

"We have investors and mentors who count the value of their businesses in billions and active players in tens and hundreds of millions. They know how to get there. They know how to make a game addictive, how to publish and market and most importantly, how to monetise it. And they are glad to share their knowledge with you."

They're offering 15,000 in investment, 3 months of development support with mentors and access to investors and contacts in return for 9 per cent of the companies that join the scheme. The site currently lists mentors from Zynga, Visceral Games and Epic Games.

Interested parties should apply by July 10 at the GameFounders website. GameFounders reports it has already had applications from 10 countries, including U.S. and Brazil.

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