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Replay and Al Lowe not looking to sue Wisecrack over Sam Suede

Al Lowe confirms his intention not to sue studio, relays that things are OK between companies

Yesterday's reports over a possible legal battle between Leisure Suit Larry publisher Replay Games and Sam Suede developer Wisecrack seem to be incorrect. While the news did comment on Replay Games founder Paul Trowe's anger at Wisecrack, designer Al Lowe has weighed in on the claims.

"I want to clarify with the media, the public, and the Kickstarter community what's been in the press lately about my relationship with Wisecrack Games," began Lowe in a statement on Replay's website. "I have no intention of suing Wisecrack, which has my permission to use my name and likeness regarding my involvement with Sam Suede.

"While I am proud of the work I did on Sam Suede back in 2006, when I left the project the game's design was nearly complete but the text, where the humor lies, was barely started. I not involved in any way with Wisecrack's current production of Sam Suede."

Wisecrack had previously stated that they did in fact have Lowe's written consent to use the game design, and that things had broken off between the two groups amicably.

Lowe continued, "I am currently actively involved with Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Reloaded. I also am not personally involved in any legal action against Wisecrack and wish them well implementing my game design without me."

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