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Ex-GAME CEO: UK retailers aren't managing customer base

And Ian Shepherd says even his former employers are guilty of it

Ian Shepherd, formerly the chief executive of the GAME retail chain, has criticised the customer management of UK retailers, and included the games retail chain in that group.

"I'll go out on a limb and assert that there is no retailer in the UK properly managing its customer base in the way I've described, including the ones I've worked in," he said on his personal blog.

The revelation came as he discussed the reliance of UK retailers on "footfall" when it came to customer numbers, rather than the more important equation of customer numbers, loyalty and spend.

"Even reducing defections of valuable customers by a tiny amount, or encouraging some lower value customers to get more engaged and spend more, could literally double the profit of many high street retailers."

Shepherd stepped down from his role as GAME CEO at the end of March as the company went into administration.

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